Vaccines and AIDS

Could Vaccines cause increase in AIDS and Cancer?

I think so.

Let us look at what is Inflammation –

Now also look at some of the Foods that are considered Anti-Inflammatory –

Now also look at some of the Foods that are considered Inflammatory –

I strongly disagree with these Anti-inflammatory or Inflammatory lists.

Inspite of heightened awareness programs about inflammatory and harmful foods the diseases keep growing faster then science and developments in science. We need to look at – WHY?

I personally feel – there is no good or bad food. Good and bad are the quantities in which these foods are taken or not taken.

FATs, Carbohydrates, Milk products are very essential and important for the body. But the problem happens when we eat them in larger quantities.

Anything which is not used in the body in a given period of time, is inflammatory to the body. Body will always prefer the fresh and best food over old and stale food.

Let us say our body needs 2 cups of tea daily. Now tea is supposed to be Anti-inflammatory. But if one consumes 10 cups of tea, the rest of the 8 cups of tea will not be used by the body. May be that will be stored in the body for use on a later date. But we keep consuming 10 cups of tea every day. The result will be – permanent non-use of tea in the body.

Any thing which is not used up in the body, has to be excreted. Excretions as well stores of unwanted foods in the body cause inflammation.

What these vaccines are supposed to do in the body, at the point of time when they are delivered in the body. Nothing. Unless that particular virus strain or bacteria causes the use of that particular vaccine, it will have no use.

So the vaccines may become permanent source of inflammation in the body. Any inflammation will cause Antibodies production.

Now we need to go back and look at what is AIDS.

Too much inflammation and Antibody production causes AIDS. That has been logically explained in the previous post. Please look at that.


I think that cancer is not far off from AIDS.

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