Weight Loss Blog 2015

Weight Loss Blog 2015

Weight Loss Blog 2015

Weight LossWeight Loss Blog 2015

  • There are 100s of myths about things that can help you to lose weight.
  • There are 100s of myths about things that can cause you to gain weight.
  • But if either of the myths were true than a person trying to lose weight will disappear after some time in the effort to lose weight. That will be the case if person keeps on losing weight endlessly or
  • The things which cause to gain weight will make a person explode after some time. That will be case if keeps on adding weight.

But that does not happen. Why?

Weight Loss Blog 2015

That is the body’s defence system. At one time the body does not do things endlessly. It has checks and stops after every effort to help a person not get into undesirable situation.

Few days back I started experimenting with consumption of sugar to lose weight. I advised people to eat 1/2 tea spoon of sugar after every hour. People were supposed to eat about 3-4 tea spoons of sugar in 24 hours. Each spoon has about 15 calories. So total added calories were 45 to 60 in 24 hours. That was supposed to pep up the metabolic system. I have been hearing that weight gain is mainly due to poor metabolic system of the person. The results were on expected lines. People who tried the concept lost 2-3 kg weight in first 4-5 days. Then further weight loss stopped. In fact people got back 50% of the lost weight in next 2-3 days.

Weight Loss Blog 2015

It also caused water gain. Loss of stamina etc. Suddenly it struck me that this is due to natural defence systems of the body. I advised a person of 21 years of age to start adding salt 1/4 spoon of salt to his water after 4-5 days of sugar consumption. The results shocked me. The person started losing weight and his weight went beyond the previous lowest recorded weight in 48 hours.

The most important thing was more shocking and convincing. After any weight loss program the person is saddled with lose skin. But in case of that person his skin started coming off. There was newer and tightened skin underneath.

It is suggested that one should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water on days when there is increased sugar consumption. That will take care of any excess sugar in the body.

The other important thing about the body is that – in case we start consuming any new thing – say amla – it gives lot of benefits. Whatever we consume after a long time it accepted by the body very well. The consumption of new thing also prepares the body for any excess consumption after 2-3 days.

The excess body weight is thought to be due to FAT accumulation in the body. If we eat sugar on empty stomach, that should increase the FAT burning in the body without causing any adverse effect. So eating sugar before any mild exercise may help in reducing weight.

One of the ideal regimen could be to eat one meal overloaded with carbs (sugars), second meal overloaded with FATs and 3rd meal overloaded with proteins.

The above regimen will help the body get rid of excesses in the body in a much better way.

Very mild exercises along with the above regimen will help lose weight rapidly without any side effects. These mild exercises should be repeated for 1 minute every hour. The information about the weight that you can expect to lose and the facts associated with the weight loss are given in the end.

I still can not believe that this way the weight loss can be carried on till a person reaches the weight that he wants. There is a flip side to this theory.

Whether the person will be able to manage the weight after he reaches the desired weight.

If that happens – this world will be much more happier.

Logic Behind the above regimen

Weight Loss Blog 2015

Average consumption of an adult is 2100 to 2500 calories in a day (24 hours). There are 1440 minutes in a day. That makes it 1.5 calories per minute. An overweight person already has poor metabolic system. What does that mean?

Poor metabolic system – means that the body can not produce enough calories to take care of the energy requirements of the vital organs and systems – The body needs energy (calories) FOR HEART, LIVER, BRAIN, BLOOD CIRCULATION, KIDNEY FUNCTION, TO MAINTAIN BLOOD TEMPERATURE ETC.

It is not possible for an overweight person without exception willpower to exercise and burn even 200-300 calories a day. Even if he manages to exercise the immediate impact of the exercise will be on vital organs. The energy available to them will get reduced to provide extra energy for exercise. That will cause further damage to the vital organs and health in general. So that is no good.

Dieting is also more harmful. The immediate impact is on vital organs. The energy available to vital organs is reduced.

If the person who wishes to reduce weight gets extra calories which are not to be digested/ processed (digestion is very energy intensive process) his resting metabolic rate and functioning of the vital organs will improve. The only thing to take care is – that at any point of time hte consumption of sugar should not exceed the point at which it may be required to be converted into FAT. Because that is a energy intensive process and will deprive the vital organs of energy.

Weight Loss Blog 2015

Calculations to prove that the above weight loss has better chances of succeeding

Weight Loss Blog 2015

  • The weight gain is due to low metabolic rate.
  • Average intake is 2100-2500 calories in 24 hours. That means a person burns 1.5 calories per minute even when sleeping.
  • A person burns 85% sugar and 15% FATs while resting. While doing moderate exercise a person burns 50% FATs. And a person can exercise for long periods of time.
  • Doing intensive exercises burns 85%FAT and 10% sugar and 5% proteins. Exercises which burn 25% FATs are very good. These will not cause any fatigue.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours. So increase in resting metabolic rate by 0.2 calories per minute will help a person burn 288 extra calories per day.
  • By burning 3500 extra calories a person loses 400 gram weight. Very mild exercises every hour for 1 minute can results in extra calorie burning of 0.5 per minute. That is 720 calories in 24 hours. But that is very tiring if the body has to take this extra calorie need by converting FATs.
  • I would suggest to consume at least 100 calories by eating sugar to keep fatigue at bay.
  • When we take any thing in excess, the body digests / absorbs that very well. If we stop taking the thing in excess the body still processes that particular thing as if it is in excess. Every major function of the body has a memory. If we drink 10 to 15 glasses of water the urine output will increase on day 1. If we stop drinking water on day 2 – even on day 2 the urine output will be more.
  • Any person who is on a mission to reduce weight and FAT can try – to consume only carbs on day 1. FATs on day 2 and Proteins on day 3. Better and safer way will be to take one meal of each of carbs, FATs and Proteins. Or still better take one meal each by eating these days in excess.
  • Always remember no body has lost FAT by reducing the FAT consumption. No body has cured himself of diabetics by limiting the intake of carbs. No body has cured himself of high blood pressure by limiting salt.
  • An engine which runs on a fuel has an ideal mix of fuel and air. At ideal mix the vehicle gives better average. Means it burns more energy. In our body we have carbs, fats and proteins to burn. Unless we have ideal mix of these we will not get the best results.
  • When we exercise, we force our body to burn fuels in different mix ratios. During exercise we may hit the ideal mix of fuels. But only for some time. Later body returns to poor mixing of fuels. Most of gains are offset later.
  • The symptom of Poor metabolic rate is lethargy, laziness and poor stamina. These all happen after exercise. If we add carbs at a time when we feel low on energy we push our bodies towards ideal mix of fuels. But excess of carbs at any point of time will force our body to convert some into fat. Regular storage of carbs into fats also consume energy lowering our metabolic rate in general. Small quantities of sugar give a better control to handle low metabolic rate without causing excess of carbs. Reducing food intake is no solution to increase our metabolic rate.
  • Any way – adding salt to water once in a week is strongly recommended by me. This will beat the defence system of body which stop the weight loss after some time.
  • Gujarati people use sugar almost in every dish. The percentage of Gujarati people being obese is much less then people of other states.
  • People put on weight after 30 yrs of age. The sugar consumption of people fall after age 30 due to job, family commitments and health concerns. Some people lose weight after 50. That could be due to loss of vital organ processes. That is the sign of weakness and loss of strength.

Weight Loss Blog 2015


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