Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight 75.8 kg.

Steps 21263

Time 3 hours 50 minutes

Calories 2446

Distance 12.4 km

Missed the target by 300 grams.

Possible reasons – Excess water intake, excess sugar intake, less sleep.

Will try to cover up tomorrow.


2 Large size Aloo Pranthas – 500 calories

200 gram curd with 3 spoons sugar – 250

Biscuits – 100 calories


3 Roti with Fried Manchurians and rice – 600 calories

Calf Muscle cramps continue. Keeping in view that I am sports person and used to playing for more than 2 hours at a time, the muscle cramps indicate that I am burning much more calories then the app is showing. But results matters.

I think I should scale down my target. It is difficult to lose 10 kg weight by 30th April 2016.


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