What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

The leading web site lists the causes of bed wetting –


  • The child cannot hold urine for entire night. If this is the cause then cure has to shorten the night.
  • The child does not wake up when his bladder is full. If this is the cause then cure has to be – do not allow the child to sleep through the night.
  • The child produces large amount of urine during evening and night. For this cause the bed wetting children have been suggested not to drink fluids during evening and night hours. Last 100 years have gone by without any improvement in the incidence of bed wetting.
  • The child has poor day time¬†toilet habits. This is funniest of all.

And to top all the bed wetting is inherited. So the cure of disowning the parents is not possible.

There is still more funnier cause Рpoor bladder control. This cause is the reason for diabetes and hypertension which is killing 40 to 50% of the people of this world. And this is likely to go up. This is something like you have a vessel to store water at your home and it is over flowing. Now instead of turning off the tap these scientists will tell you that you have a smaller vessel and you should wait till the vessels grows and the over flowing of fluids will stop on its own.

Urine is Liquid/ consists of fluids.

So there is fluid mis-management in the body.

This should be the cause. And this should be cure.

Anything beyond this is not scientific.

Now look at some of the drugs available and own admitted performance stats of these drugs.


And these drugs have lot of side effects besides having no curative effect on bed wetting. Children have been reported to have died due to these drugs. But governments are doing nothing about such practices by pharma companies. It was shocking for FDA to issue to caution to the parents while giving these medicines to children.

There is no independent study to prove the efficacy of these drugs.

Cut short the crap.

click on www.healthyindianow.in for perfect fluid management of the body and get rid of the bed wetting in 48 hours.

This click will make sure your child lives a healthy and trouble free life.




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