Migraine Cure and Aging Process

Based on initial experiments with Migraine, I concluded that Migraine is caused due to low or high blood sugar and is a part of the defence system of the body.

Now the next big question is – How to know the high or low blood sugar?

Again my initial tests indicate that Blood sugar tests available in the world are not useful at all. Blood glucose is maintained or adjusted by releasing sugar from cells. Whatever sugar is released from the cells as part of adjustment system is bad for health and part of inflammation process. Any inflammation process is harmful for the body but is essential in particular situations.

Thumb rule is ¼ to 1 spoon of sugar every hour. Start with ¼ spoon of sugar every hour. If you feel tired or any head ache after 7 days, increase the amount of sugar to ½ spoon every hour. Once you have found the right amount of sugar for your body you will be surprised to find that you are losing weight. The skin is shinning. That you are always in happy and positive mood. Depression and insomnia are over. You will never get migraine.

And hopefully you will never die if you follow the basic principles of health.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water with ¼ spoon of salt once in 6 months. That will remove all toxins from your body.

Eating sugar will take care of most of the diseases of health and will keep your body in top gear.

Once in 3 months – Do the following water routine for 48 hours.

On day 1  – Drink 200 ml water every hour. Do not drink water with meals. So 12 x 200 = 2400 ml total water intake in the day,

On Day 2 – No water or any other liquid. That will make it 36 hours without any liquid.

The above 3 routines will not allow you to be sick at any time in your life. You will never be required to take any medicines for life. The above will slow down the aging process drastically.

Diabetes (Blood Sugar) Cure

Some Thoughts

  • During night the body works to remove the waste and carry out other repair activities.
  • First thing in the morning everybody goes to toilet for passing stool and urine.
  • Stool and Urine is the result of night time activities of the body.
  • If during night our body does not perform best, the stool and urine will not completely remove the waste from the body.
  • That will be called toxin build up in the body.
  • The functioning of vital organs will be hampered if there are not enough blood sugar resources.
  • Lack of sugar causes insomnia and constipation.
  • Lack of sleep means less time for repair. So to remove the same amount of toxins from the body, it will require higher blood sugar.
  • Constipation will also result in increase in toxin build up in the body.
  • To clear toxins from body, one needs to increase water intake.
  • Higher water intake causes reduced concentration of sugar per unit of blood, causing further problems for a diabetic. It results in increased insomnia and depression.

Some Scientific Studies

  • During night our body survives on blood sugar only
  • Sugar stored in cells or tissues and other places is not used during night.
  • Sugar is only cure for gangrene
  • High Blood sugar causes lot of health conditions. But people with Diabetes do not consume sugar. So it is wise to say that lack of sugar intake causes those health conditions rather then the other way.

Things that should have been answered long back

  • Diabetics have poor digestion and metabolism. They consume less sugar, then why they keep reporting high blood sugar. From where they are getting this excess sugar. (To my mind the excess sugar can come from cells of tissues. That is the reason for burn out of tissues of foot and other skin related issues.)
  • The sugar that comes from cells cannot be absorbed by insulin produced by human body otherwise it will not serve the purpose.
  • The sugar that comes from cells as a defensive system is marked as coming from cells and is not usable by insulin produced by human body.
  • Why Diabetics urinate more often?
  • Do the diabetics urinate larger volumes of urine then normal people? I do not think so.
  • Why Diabetics are low on stamina? When they have more sugars to burn they should have more stamina than a normal person.
  • Why Diabetics need to eat more often? Do they overeat?
  • Does overeating results in high metabolic rate in Diabetics?
  • If overeating in Diabetics does not result in higher metabolic rates, then it must result in high inflammation rates.
  • Does drinking high amounts of water increase the metabolic rate? If not then why restricting the water intake could not be a possible solution to Diabetes?

Some Known Things

  • If an organ of the body is not used for a long period of time, the performance of that organ comes down. Example – after bone fracture and cast for 6 weeks.
  • Diabetics do not consume enough sugar but their blood sugar remains high.
  • One can easily conclude that this excess blood sugar comes from cells of the body.
  • It is easy to come to above conclusion – diabetics are thirsty and hungry most of the time. They are weak and easily tire out.
  • Diabetics urinate often. Removing waste from the body as often as possible.


  • Increase the concentration of blood sugar without increasing sugar intake. That is done by alternating between high water intake and no water intake.
  • No water intake days will increase in sugar concentration and hence aid in repair functions of the body.
  • Water intake days will help in removing the waste generated by higher sugar concentration in previous days.
  • Slowly increasing sugar intake. Take 1/4 spoon of sugar every hour for 15 days.
  • After 15 days increase the sugar intake to 1/2 spoon every 2 hours for next 15 days. The amount of sugar will remain same but high intake of sugar stimulate natural insulin production so that should help.
  • In no case soft drinks spiked with very high sugar should be taken.
  • Sweet fruits should not be consumed except in very small portions giving about the same amount of sugar as 1/2 spoon to 1 spoon in every hour.
  • In 2-3 months the body would have learn to manage blood sugar levels.


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Diabetes and Migraine

The following Web Sites mention that low and high blood sugar levels cause headaches / migraine







But diabetics do not know that migraine could be due to diabetes. If you study the above web sites you will understand that diabetes is caused due to poor metabolism of carbohydrates.

What is the point in going to school if such simple facts so essential for good health have to be withheld from public?

Now you need to know the cause and cure of diabetes. Click on this link – http://healthyindianow.in/category/diabetes/

And keep reading till you get to know the train of my thought process.

It is simple and pure fun to treat diabetes. Enjoy reading and be healthy.

Insomnia and Sugar

Insomnia and Sugar

Insomnia and Sugar

My maid is about 65 year old. She suffered from Chronic insomnia and is on medicines for a long time.

Insomnia and Sugar

3 days back I told her to eat 1/2 spoon plain white sugar 6 to 10 times in a day.

That very day she was able to get good sound sleep. No more medicines.

This was 4th straight tests on insomnia.

You can wait till more than 100 people have reported the results of sugar on insomnia.

Inflammation, Cancer and AIDS

Whole world will die of cancer and AIDS if people do not start looking at inflammation from my perspective.

But nothing to worry about. There is lot of time for people out there to form an opinion.

30-40 years back it was claimed that calcium and vitamin D3 is good for bones. But results after 40 years show that people have poor bones now they they had 4- years back. The predictions for next 20 years are scary.

Same is true with every other supplement and mineral being introduced. The only difference now is that the results are out much faster.

Omega 3 and 6 have been thrown down the drain in less then 5 years now.

Recommended Daily Allowances and Inflammation process is to blame for every thing. The way the world looks at inflammation is wrong.

RDAs are fixed in most unscientific basis. People take money from pharmaceuticals and would not mind forming any RDAs. Soon this money and RDA will kill most of the corrupt.

Inflammation is the process which removes the excess of minerals, vitamins from the body.

Inflammation process is very dangerous process in that – Inflammation not only removes excesses from the body. Inflammation causes the body to shut down to anything that is in excess in the body.

The moment calcium deposits go beyond the demands of the body, it stops absorbing any calcium at all. RDA will then kill the people.

Same is true with sugar and salt. There are minimum and maximum amounts of every thing that the body needs. When ever the supply in the body breaches these minimum and maximum amounts the availability of these minerals and vitamins to the cells (which carry out the basic metabolic process of the body) becomes zero.

That causes cancer, AIDS and every other conceivable disease on the earth.

Diabetes – Major cause of infertility among men

One of the health complications of Diabetes is infertility. And it is a major cause of concern. More than 50% of Indian men suffer from infertility caused due to diabetes.

Diabetes is the result of cells giving up sugar to help in inflammation process of the body.

Diabetes is characterised by frequent urination. Body is trying to get rid of the toxins stored in the body. Frequent urination is the defence system of the body.

At times diabetes cause diarrhea when frequency urination clear all possible toxins through urine but solid waste builds up beyond reasonable limits. That s also defence system of the body.

The basic and main problem in diabetes is high toxic levels in the body due to low metabolic activities of the cells of the body. The metabolic cellular activity can be increased only by increasing the sugar intake in small doses of 1/4 to 1/2 spoon of sugar in every hour.

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Blood Thinners and side effects

My mother aged 80 was on blood thinners and cholesterol lowering drugs for last 25 or more years. 3-4 years back her cholesterol levels fell to 1/3 of the minimum suggested levels. She was also diabetic and on insulin for last 25 and more years. Her 2 arteries are completely blocked and one is working 100%. She was suggested pace maker 6-7 years back. The doctors had indicated that if pace maker is installed she can live for 4-5 years. But we decided against the pace maker. During every hospitalisation we are hounded for pace maker by the hospital and doctors. Any way my mother completed more than 1.5 times of the life suggested by doctors.

The low cholesterol levels manifestations were as under –

  • Low diastolic BP – It used to touch 32-33.
  • Low pulse rate – around 55-60
  • Peeling off the skin, infections on both legs
  • Frequent hospitalisation.

The response of the attending doctors was –

  • Low cholesterol levels are best for health. Even if they are very low (say at 25)
  • leg wounds can be treated by skin specialists.
  • Bp medicines were changed.

I was lucky to find something on internet. Sort of some medicines which could not be given together. I gave that print out to doctors and they changed some medicines. I on my side asked my mother to cut down on cholesterol lowering drugs and blood thinners.

In few days the health of my mother improved. The wounds in legs healed in few days. Her BP recovered to 60-80. Pulse rate was also 70-80.

Now 3-4 months back I decided to cure her Diabetes and make her free of insulin and medicines. It took 3-4 months and she became free of insulin and medicines. But by the end of these 3 months she against developed 3 problems.

  • Low systolic BP – 37-38
  • Low pulse rate – 45-50
  • Shocks to brain every hours or so and frequent black out for 1-2 seconds almost every hour.

She was admitted to hospitals for general tests though there was no emergency.

For 4 days she underwent Ct Scan, MRI, all Blood test. The doctors could not come to a conclusion. They discharged her at the same or slightly worse situation. While coming back from hospital I spoke to my mother about medicines that she had been taking in last 6 months. I found that she had been taking blood thinners and cholesterol lowering medicines. I asked my mother to stop all medicines for few days.

All the above 3 problems disappeared in 24-48 hours. She is happier and healthier without all those medicines. But I am likely to convince her that she should not give up all the medicines suddenly. She should tapper these medicines off over a period of 6 months to 1 year.

But there is clear link between blood thinners and cholesterol lowering drugs to internal bleedings.

These internal bleedings cause stroke in the end as well as wounds and gangrene.

But people have so much trust in doctors and their abilities. But doctors have no time to thing and stop selling medicines to unsuspecting patients. Keep following me and this web site.

Migraine Cause and Cure

No cause / reason is known of Migraine. I accidentally hit on cure of Migraine. The cause and reason is developed later. So I hope you will not mind that much of tinkering with the cause and reason of migraine. LOL

Our body runs on blood sugar. In normal activity levels our body burns 85% sugar and 15% FAT and no proteins. During very strenous exercises the protein also gets burned along with FAT.

  • Percentages may not be 100% correct and at this point of time, do not want to be stuck on accuracy of these percentages.

Sugar is most important thing for running our body. The large population based studies say that there is link between Diabetes and headaches (Migraines). Low blood sugar is supposed to cause Migraine.


The only difference in my study and the above studies is that I know that excess sugar consumption results into low availability of sugar to the cells. This is absurd statement. But my experiments have proven these to be correct.

The above statement also indicates headaches could be precursor to diabetes.

So that also means that there should be same cure for both Migraine and Blood sugar.

By logical reasoning, I found cure for Blood sugar few months back. All that I am lacking therein is large data base.

Persons who are diabetic are extremely scared to try my cure given at – http://healthyindianow.in/category/diabetes/

But I believe that people suffering from Migraine may not be that delicate and I can get a large scale data to prove my points.

And now lets talk of medicines – ibuprofen

This type of medicines cause heat in the body. The heat produced by these medicines release more sugar from the cells of the body in the body and thus relieves the pain.

So another way of treating the migraine is consuming 1/2 spoon of sugar when migraine is expected to hit the person. Or simply eating 1/2 spoon of sugar after every 2 hours or so.

Adjust the amount of sugar and frequency based on your own experience. But believe it – this is the only cure.

For rest of the reasons of poor health keep reading this web site and you will never get sick.

Side effects of Blood thinners and ICMR

Beware of the sleeping ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)
What has ICMR been doing all these years. The sleep of so called research organisation kill millions of people around the world every year.
About 2 years back USA banned blood thinner medicines for high risk group people for heart diseases. ICMR has not woken up so far on this issue. Blood thinners cause internal bleeding.
And it is no rocket science low cholesterol counts due to cholesterol lowering medicines and blood thinners will cause low blood pressure.
Now read on –
2-3 years back my mother reported very low blood pressure. Lower reading of blood pressure. She developed puss in her legs. Her cholesterol counts were also very low. And she was still being prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs and blood thinners.
I asked the doctors why??
I was told that if cholesterol counts are low that is too good. But against all the prescription my mother stopped all those medicines. Within few days the puss and infections in her legs disappeared.
But again there were prescriptions of doctors and she again started those medicines. Few days back she was admitted in hospital for 4 days with low blood pressure and low pulse rate.
After 4 days of hospital stay the BP and pulse rate further deteriorated. While getting my mother discharged from hospital I noticed that they have been giving blood thinners and cholesterol lowering drugs. And prescribed the same further.
I asked my mother to stop all these medicines. In 24 hours her BP and pulse rate returned to normal.
Now I want to know – is it rocket science that thin blood will cause low blood pressure. Even a rickshaw wala knows that thin things move easily thru a bottle or pipe,
Even we the so called educated people know that it takes some shakes to move thick ketchup from a bottle. Whereas thin ketchup moves easily by slightest downward movement.
Do we need to look for miracles or highly educated doctors to take such simple decisions in life.
Education robs people of common sense. This is biggest example.