Seek Diabetes Cure Volunteers

Seek Diabetic Cure Volunteers

Do you meet the following conditions:-

  • You are 30 to 50 year old
  • You are Diabetic
  • You are insulin dependent for not more than 5 years
  • You are otherwise healthy and do not suffer any other disease
  • You do not suffer from High/ Low Blood Pressure
  • You can enroll for 10 days residential program for Diabetes Cure

I Seek Diabetes Cure Volunteers because I believe that every disease can be cured. So if you meet the above criteria, please give your contact details at –

  • whatsapp – 919971730965
  • Email –

I will consider only 3-5 eligible Volunteers for Diabetes Cure in 10 days at a time. No communication in respect of prior enrollment of a candidate will be considered.

I expect that after going through this cure for 10 days one will be completely cured of diabetes. He will not be required to observe any restrictions on his diet for rest of his life. Can eat any amount of sugar and other carbohydrates. Excess of sugar beyond reasonable limits will have other health implications but will not result in diabetes who participate in the program.


Side effects of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Side effects of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs block the Liver Enzymes that make cholesterol. There are 2 types of cholesterol. LDL and HDL. (Low Density and High Density Cholesterol).

Cholesterol which stays in the blood for longer period of time gets converted into LDL causes excessive inflammation.

More than 50% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels.

It is inflammation and not the cholesterol which is responsible for the more than 50% heart attacks that too fetal heart attacks.,,20232652,00.html

Read the following section of my web site for understanding how you can reduce inflammation within 48 hours without any drugs –

And more important is to understand that sepsis is whole body inflammation (which causes multiple organ failure) and cholesterol build up indicates inflammation of arteries only which is not life threatening in short period of time,

Cholesterol lowering drugs help in reducing heart attacks 25 to 35% only.

I believe that there is no process in the whose purpose is to harm the body and life.

Check out the symptoms and side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs –

Constipation (You can blame low level of oils for this), Headaches (Low level of carbohydrates), Stomach pain and cramping (low oils), skin rashes etc.

When there are symptoms of a drug that means it has no direct link with the disease. And these side effects will be noticeable in a matter of days.

But your doctors will never tell you any of the side effects, You do not get to know these side effects, so they will give you medicines for bloating and constipation along with cholesterol lowering drugs.

So what is the solution to manage the cholesterol. 

Water routines mentioned on home page of this web site –

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Child, 18 year old, under weight and nutritional, height 5’10”, weight 42 kg.

He was suffering from IBS. Used to take leave 8 to 10 days in a month due to stomach pain. Used to go to toilet to empty stomach shortly after meals.

During this period I had seen the side effects of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water. But I was still highly convinced that drinking this water 1 hour before meals could do the trick in every disease.

So I suggested the same to him. I gave him 1 glass of water 1 hour before meal. after 15 minutes another glass of water. One more after 15 minutes. next 1/2 hour nothing. Then he had normal daily meal.

Next day he was very happy. He said that there is no stomach pain. He did not go to toilet. I was too happy for him.

But after 3-4 days he said it is back to the same position.

That irritated me. I was sure by this time that it is water which is responsible. I asked him to stop taking any liquids for 48 hours. And he complied with that. No fluids for next 48 hours.

It has been more than 5 years now and there is no sign of IBS. I take regular feed backs from him.

After few days he told me that he used to get mouth ulcers round the year and there was complete relief from that as well.

After about 6 months he told me that he used to get leg pains as well. He told me that he has got complete relief from leg pains as well.

I read that Celiac disease and IBS have a lot in common. Large number of people who have IBS also have celiac disease. But I have not had an opportunity to try this for celiac disease so far.

Dengue Swine Flu Fever

One year back my brother’s children were tested positive for dengue. During that period I got fever and severe head ache. 

I came back home and lied on bed. The fever reading for 102.6 for next 12 hours. I stopped fluid intake of any type. I did not take any medicine. After 12 hours my fever and head ache started fading. By the time the fever completed 24 hours, I was back to normal.

Next day my son also got fever. He was also advised the same and was cured of fever within 24 hours.

Reasons, Cure and  Logic

The symptoms of Dengue are – fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles. There is pain behind eyes as well. Pain behind eyes and fever is common to sinus.

5 years back when I was suffering from acute sinus, I found the cure.

I gave up all fluids for 48 hours and got rid of all seasonal ailments, sinus, flu etc.

The logic for sinus –

sinus is result of bacteria (infection), causes inflammation and swelling.

swelling is controlled when body fluids are reduced by 25% in 24 hours. Swelling causes inflammation to disappear.When there is no swelling and inflammation, infection is also cured.

As per pure science, fever (increase in body temperature) is caused when antibodies present in the body kills the bacteria. The outer shell of the bacteria is toxic. When the outer shell of the bacteria is released in blood, the toxic levels of the blood goes up. To get rid of those excessive toxics the immune system of the body increases the temperature. In high temperature the growth of the bacteria is reduced.

Due to reduced fluids in the body, the blood acid levels increase. The increased blood acid kills the bacteria at a faster pace.

But there is a need to exercise caution here. In case of people with high level of dehydration, the body enters into defence mode and the above things are reversed.

After a threshold limit, the body starts building excessive fluids by draining the cells and the fluid present outside arteries and capillaries.

So in case of a person drinking less then 3-4 glasses of water in 24 hours, the increase in fluid intake may work in opposite direction. The same may happen in case of people drinking lot of tea and other caffeine products.

Dengue Logic –

Dengue outbreak is there during season change. Why???

During change of temperature, the body changes the amount of water that is carried in the cells. However due to unmindful consumption of tea etc and use of air conditioning and heaters, this change of water carried in cells is not carried out properly.

So the nature has tried to create a defence system. The mosquitoes. The mosquitoes bite cause skin rash. That causes the cells to loose lot of water. But that water is still trapped inside the arteries. 

The perfect cure of dengue is – slow and gradual dehydration. But the only catch is that in case of dehydrated persons, the reduction in fluid intake may cause the build up of excessive fluids in the arteries

Water is both a diuretics and water retaining agent. One needs to understand when water will work as dehydrating agent and when it will work as diuretic.

As a thumb rule, if a rich man gets dengue he should give up fluids for 24 hours and eat other things as a normal person would eat.

In case of labour class person who does lot of physical labour and he usually has low water intake, there should be 6-8 glasses of water given in doses of 100 ml every 30-45 minutes.

In no case the above cure should take more than 24 hours to cure. So as soon as the fever sets in, one can try this cure as first 24 hours are not critical in any case.

One Cure for All Diseases

Real Science of Human Body

Health and immune system of a person is decided by quality and quantity of Blood (Fluid). Whatever we eat and drink brings change in our blood. Blood (fluid) is the only thing that moves in our body.

Allopathy and Ayurved both use drugs and foods to bring a change in the blood to make changes to the health conditions. Allopathy uses injections as well to reach directly to blood to be able to bring changes in blood faster.

There are 1000s of minerals, vitamins, chemicals, molecules and bio matters in blood that determine the health of a person. The correct proportion of these health elements ensures perfect health with long life.

The worst part is that all these minerals, vitamins etc are inter linked. The change in one of the minerals bring huge changes in rest of the things (minerals etc.). There is no diagnostic system which can accurately detect the relationship of these things. Diagnostic is the biggest lie on this earth. It has almost no meaning.

There is no scientific study of the relationship between these minerals and vitamins. In fact the most foolish thing is to try – to understand the relationship between these elements. As per simple mathematics taught in class 11 & 12 the combinations (possibilities) of these relationships is 1 followed by more than thousand zeroes. There is no super computer which is capable of calculating these relationships even in trillion trillion trillions years.

The possibilities of relationships in 128 element health system (if we assume that the total number of minerals, vitamins and molecules in human body are just 128) is 3.85 x 10215. That is a very huge number to decipher even for a super computer. There is no possibility of making a super computer in next trillion years that can handle such a huge number.

Now think of 1000 or more health elements (minerals, vitamins etc). That is just a mad number.


Now understand what is the role of various blood tests and diagnostic procedures.

While cooking a dish, you add salt and red chillies. Let us say for a particular dish you add 2 spoons of red chillies and 2 spoons of salt to the dish to suit your taste.

If the cook forgets to add salt to the dish, you get a bland taste. You won’t feel the taste of red chilies. The moment you add salt to the dish you get back the taste of red chilies in the dish.

Same is the use of diagnostic results. If you are not getting sodium in the blood may be there is problem in some molecule in the body which is not allowing the sodium to remain in the blood. The moment that particular molecule is corrected, the sodium will be restored in the blood. There is no meaning to these tests unless you are able to read the tests in view of other minerals and health elements.

Allopaths, Ayurvedics and Homeopaths claim to decode such huge numbers. They must be very greedy people to cheat people with such numbers.


So what the 3 main medicines systems of the world are doing.

Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy are keeping themselves busy in inventing new lies every day.

You may recall that 40-50 years back these so called scientists said that calcium supplementation will strengthen our bones. People kept waiting for more than 20 years and to their horror people found that their bones are becoming weaker inspute of huge calcium intake since birth. But later they said that calcium alone cannot strengthen the bones, we need vitamin D3 as well. Now it is accepted D3 and calcium do nothing for bones. What next???

The so called scientists are still waiting to invent the next trillion dollar lie.


What is the value of work done by these 3 medicines systems in last 1000 years – ZERO. Why?


So what is the solution

Let us try to understand.

Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to water. Taste the water. If salt is more, you will add some more water to adjust it to match your taste.

If you feel salt is less, you will reduce water.

But no person with common sense, will add sugar or some other substance to make it palatable.


Now there is 5000 ml blood (fluid) in the human body.

At any given point of time some of the above referred health elements are in excess and some are in shortage. It is next to impossible for a super computer to calculate what is in excess and what is in shortage.

But Kidneys do this job without much fuss. The kidneys do this job without making any noise day in day out.

So to adjust the amount of any mineral in our blood, all that needs to be done is adjust the total amount of fluid in the body at any given point of time.

So the best course is to increase the water intake on Day 1 and stop drinking water on Day 2.


Life Style Diseases

The above routine of Day 1 and Day 2 takes care of Life Style imbalances causes due to wrong choice of foods and medicines.

So life style Diseases will disappear with removal of imbalances of minerals and vitamins. And that is free of cost.

And all the other infections, dengue, swine flu and E bola are all due to imbalances of fluid in the body. All these require adjustment of fluids and minerals.


Recap the Solution

Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water every hour except the hour meal is taken. Normal meals to be taken on this day. Try to cut down on tea and other liquids. Water intake from say 8 am to 7 pm. There should be no sugar or carbohydrates consumption this day.

Day 2 – No water or other fluids after 7 PM on day 1. So 7 PM on day 1 to 8 AM of Day 3 there will be no water or liquid intake. That is about 36 hours. Take 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour from 8 am to 7 pm.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 – Drink one glasses of water with 2 hour gap from 8 am to 7 pm. That makes it 6 glasses for the entire day.

If a person is very sick the water intake dose can be reduced to 100 ml or even less. Same for a child. The amount of water has to be keeping in view health and age of the person and body mass.


For cancer patients the above Day 1 and Day 2 routine can be repeated more often. ie. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 (Same as day 1), Day 4 (Same as Day 2) Day 5 (Same as day 1), Day 6 (Same as Day 2)



Or Salt can be given on one of these days during the year. Salt helps in cleaning up the body faster. Salt quantity has to be ¼ spoon per glass of water. Salt has healing and cleaning properties.




Due to cancer the digestive process suffers. The metabolism declines rapidly. But the vital organs need same amount of energy to run the body efficiently.

Some of the web site suggest to stop sugar intake completely to starve the cancer cells.

My personal view is that sugar is most important element in removing the toxins faster from the body. Sugar relieves constipation and help in better emptying out of the bowels. There is some logic in not consuming the sugar on the day water intake.


That will cure every disease on this earth.

This cure is better then allopathy, ayurved and homeopathy all put together by about 10 power 215. And that is such a huge number.

Read more –


Brushing Teeth – Why is it harmful

  • What is your opinion about brushing teeth?
  • Is it any good?
  • Does it have any health benefits?
  • What are very serious disadvantages of brushing teeth?

While giving your opinion consider the following points –

What are the ingredients of Tooth Paste –

  • Flouride – There is Health Warning on the Tooth Paste containing Fluoride just like smoking warning on cigarettes.
  • Abrasive that aids in removing the dental plaque and food from the teeth
  • Sugar – It is advertised that sugar is not good for your teeth and you need to brush more frequently because you eat too much of sugar.
  • Mint – It stuns your taste buds. After Brushing your teeth with Tooth Paste you can not taste the foods and drinks.
  • Detergents – That acts as foaming agent in tooth paste. Disadvantages of detergents or foaming agents is as under – Research indicates that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), the agent used in some toothpastes to make it foam, may contribute to canker sores. SLS is widely used in health and beauty care products and is generally considered safe and effective. If you are prone to canker sores, however, you should ask your dentist to recommend a toothpaste that does not contain SLS 

Salt and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can be used instead of toothpaste 

Why we should not Brush our Teeth

  • In the morning we have higher acid levels in our body. During the course of sleep our body carries out extensive repairs. In the process it increases acid levels to act as antibodies. Old people used to recommend application of saliva on Boils because it works as antibiotics. I used it myself and it works wonders.
  • Combining high acids with abrasive material is bad for enamel.
  • Kids have very soft layer of enamel and hence the need for tooth filling. This is inspite of the fact that there tooth paste as well as tooth brush is very soft.
  • Mint or for that matter any flavour interferes with our digestion process. The taste buds give message to our brain. Based on these messages the body prepares adequate acids and enzymes to digest various foods. So Japenese scientists recommend that we should not eat or drink anything within 45 minutes before or after a meal.
  • The tooth paste manufacturers recommend that we should brush our teeth after every meal.
  • Drinking water and other fluids interferes with our digestion process. That is why the food remain undigested in our food pipe and stomach. Causing foul smell. If we stop drinking fluids after a meal, the foul smell will disappear within 2-3 days. There is no need for mouth freshers or rinse. Our ancestors never used these mouth wash, rinses etc and never smelled that bad.


  • Rag picker’s kids have extremely bright and strong teeth. They do not die of heart attacks. Not more than 5% of poor kids have to get their tooth extracted.
  • Kids of well to do people have poor teeth. More than 95% of kids of well to do families have tooth extracted before they reach 12 years of age.
  • The study that concludes that brushing teeth 2 times a day reduces the chances of heart attacks may not have taken a good sample. A sample taken only of rag pickers will give entirely different conclusion. The chances are that it is hoax and it has been put in place by Tooth Paste Industry. Usually the details of the source of such information is not given.

In my opinion brushing teeth is worse thing to have happened to mankind.

  • I do not brush my teeth more than twice in a month for last 6 years.
  • I am 51 and in perfect health. My BP is 70/110. My Blood sugar is 80 to 120 fasting and post meal. 
  • I had severe osteoporosis about 8 years back, now my bones are stronger then these used to be at the age of 20.
  • I eat lot of plain sugar, sweets and aams. I take extra salt in water for 2-3 days in a month. 
  • 2 years back I took extra salt (2 spoons a day for 18 months) by adding in drinking water.
  • I do not exercise for last 2 years. I play badminton 2-3 times in a month. But that is very strenuous (2 to 3 hours).
  • I do not get foul smell in my mouth. I often eat sweets just before going to bed. 
  • I never clean my mouth even by gargling. I do not drink water after meals. I never drink water after eating sweets.
  • When I used to brush teeth, I used to smell awful. I tried lot of mouth wash and rinse. But they were of no use.

All the rich people have servants and enough help to make sure that their kids brush teeth twice a day.

  • The result the tooth of kids of rich people are not even 1/100th of the teeth of a kid on the street. 
  • Poor kids who do not brush may be once in a month have teeth which give a complex to even Shah Rukh Khan or may be even Priyanka Chopra.

But we still believe in the advertisements of tooth brush manufacturers with blind eyes.

Weight Loss without exercise

Weight Loss without exercise

Weight Loss without exercise

  • There are 100s of myths about things that can help you to lose weight.Weight Loss without exercise
  • There are 100s of myths about things that can cause you to gain weight.
  • But if either of the myths were true than a person trying to lose weight will disappear after some time in the effort to lose weight. That will be the case if person keeps on losing weight endlessly or
  • The things which cause to gain weight will make a person explode after some time. That will be case if keeps on adding weight.


But that does not happen. Why?

Weight Loss without exercise

That is the body’s defence system. At one time the body does not do things endlessly. It has checks and stops after every effort to help a person not get into undesirable situation.

Few days back I started experimenting with consumption of sugar to lose weight. I advised people to eat 1/2 tea spoon of sugar after every hour. People were supposed to eat about 3-4 tea spoons of sugar in 24 hours. Each spoon has about 15 calories. So total added calories were 45 to 60 in 24 hours. That was supposed to pep up the metabolic system. I have been hearing that weight gain is mainly due to poor metabolic system of the person. The results were on expected lines. People who tried the concept lost 2-3 kg weight in first 4-5 days. Then further weight loss stopped. In fact people got back 50% of the lost weight in next 2-3 days.

It also caused water gain. Loss of stamina etc. Suddenly it struck me that this is due to natural defence systems of the body. I advised a person of 21 years of age to start adding salt 1/4 spoon of salt to his water after 4-5 days of sugar consumption. The results shocked me. The person started losing weight and his weight went beyond the previous lowest recorded weight in 48 hours.

The most important thing was more shocking and convincing. After any weight loss program the person is saddled with lose skin. But in case of that person his skin started coming off. There was newer and tightened skin underneath.

It is suggested that one should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water on days when there is increased sugar consumption. That will take care of any excess sugar in the body.

The other important thing about the body is that – in case we start consuming any new thing – say amla – it gives lot of benefits. Whatever we consume after a long time it accepted by the body very well. The consumption of new thing also prepares the body for any excess consumption after 2-3 days.

The excess body weight is thought to be due to FAT accumulation in the body. If we eat sugar on empty stomach, that should increase the FAT burning in the body without causing any adverse effect. So eating sugar before any mild exercise may help in reducing weight.

One of the ideal regimen could be to eat one meal overloaded with carbs (sugars), second meal overloaded with FATs and 3rd meal overloaded with proteins.

The above regimen will help the body get rid of excesses in the body in a much better way.

Very mild exercises along with the above regimen will help lose weight rapidly without any side effects. These mild exercises should be repeated for 1 minute every hour. The information about the weight that you can expect to lose and the facts associated with the weight loss are given in the end.

I still can not believe that this way the weight loss can be carried on till a person reaches the weight that he wants. There is a flip side to this theory.

Whether the person will be able to manage the weight after he reaches the desired weight.

If that happens – this world will be much more happier.


Logic Behind the above regimen

Weight Loss without exercise

Average consumption of an adult is 2100 to 2500 calories in a day (24 hours). There are 1440 minutes in a day. That makes it 1.5 calories per minute. An overweight person already has poor metabolic system. What does that mean?

Weight Loss without exercise

Poor metabolic system – means that the body can not produce enough calories to take care of the energy requirements of the vital organs and systems – The body needs energy (calories) FOR HEART, LIVER, BRAIN, BLOOD CIRCULATION, KIDNEY FUNCTION, TO MAINTAIN BLOOD TEMPERATURE ETC.

It is not possible for an overweight person without exception willpower to exercise and burn even 200-300 calories a day. Even if he manages to exercise the immediate impact of the exercise will be on vital organs. The energy available to them will get reduced to provide extra energy for exercise. That will cause further damage to the vital organs and health in general. So that is no good.

Dieting is also more harmful. The immediate impact is on vital organs. The energy available to vital organs is reduced.

If the person who wishes to reduce weight gets extra calories which are not to be digested/ processed (digestion is very energy intensive process) his resting metabolic rate and functioning of the vital organs will improve. The only thing to take care is – that at any point of time hte consumption of sugar should not exceed the point at which it may be required to be converted into FAT. Because that is a energy intensive process and will deprive the vital organs of energy.

Calculations to prove that the above weight loss has better chances of succeeding

Weight Loss without exercise

  • The weight gain is due to low metabolic rate.
  • Average intake is 2100-2500 calories in 24 hours. That means a person burns 1.5 calories per minute even when sleeping.
  • A person burns 85% sugar and 15% FATs while resting. While doing moderate exercise a person burns 50% FATs. And a person can exercise for long periods of time.
  • Doing intensive exercises burns 85%FAT and 10% sugar and 5% proteins. Exercises which burn 25% FATs are very good. These will not cause any fatigue.
  • There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours. So increase in resting metabolic rate by 0.2 calories per minute will help a person burn 288 extra calories per day.
  • By burning 3500 extra calories a person loses 400 gram weight. Very mild exercises every hour for 1 minute can results in extra calorie burning of 0.5 per minute. That is 720 calories in 24 hours. But that is very tiring if the body has to take this extra calorie need by converting FATs.
  • I would suggest to consume at least 100 calories by eating sugar to keep fatigue at bay.
  • When we take any thing in excess, the body digests / absorbs that very well. If we stop taking the thing in excess the body still processes that particular thing as if it is in excess. Every major function of the body has a memory. If we drink 10 to 15 glasses of water the urine output will increase on day 1. If we stop drinking water on day 2 – even on day 2 the urine output will be more.
  • Any person who is on a mission to reduce weight and FAT can try – to consume only carbs on day 1. FATs on day 2 and Proteins on day 3. Better and safer way will be to take one meal of each of carbs, FATs and Proteins. Or still better take one meal each by eating these days in excess.
  • Always remember no body has lost FAT by reducing the FAT consumption. No body has cured himself of diabetics by limiting the intake of carbs. No body has cured himself of high blood pressure by limiting salt.
  • An engine which runs on a fuel has an ideal mix of fuel and air. At ideal mix the vehicle gives better average. Means it burns more energy. In our body we have carbs, fats and proteins to burn. Unless we have ideal mix of these we will not get the best results.
  • When we exercise, we force our body to burn fuels in different mix ratios. During exercise we may hit the ideal mix of fuels. But only for some time. Later body returns to poor mixing of fuels. Most of gains are offset later.
  • The symptom of Poor metabolic rate is lethargy, laziness and poor stamina. These all happen after exercise. If we add carbs at a time when we feel low on energy we push our bodies towards ideal mix of fuels. But excess of carbs at any point of time will force our body to convert some into fat. Regular storage of carbs into fats also consume energy lowering our metabolic rate in general. Small quantities of sugar give a better control to handle low metabolic rate without causing excess of carbs. Reducing food intake is no solution to increase our metabolic rate.
  • Any way – adding salt to water once in a week is strongly recommended by me. This will beat the defence system of body which stop the weight loss after some time.
  • Gujarati people use sugar almost in every dish. The percentage of Gujarati people being obese is much less then people of other states.
  • People put on weight after 30 yrs of age. The sugar consumption of people fall after age 30 due to job, family commitments and health concerns. Some people lose weight after 50. That could be due to loss of vital organ processes. That is the sign of weakness and loss of strength.

Weight Loss without exercise

How to Score 100% Marks in exams

Why Children are Treated Worse then Jail Convicts


There are 24 hours in a day. A healthy Child should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep for Good Health.


Are children getting 8 hours of sound sleep these days.


I do not think so.


Children in Metros


  • 8-10 hours sleep.
  • 6 Hours school time. 6 to 8 different subjects to study each day. Subject changes is most punishing thing that can be done to a child.
  • 2-4 hours to and fro time, getting ready for school.
  • 2-4 hours Tuition time.
  • 2-4 hours school home work and Tuition home work.
  • 2-4 hours a child is supposed to play sports.
  • There are extra curricular activities which a child is expected to engage in.
  • The children are supposed to learn social skills as well. They need to spend time with other children as well.
  • Children are supposed to eat and look after their health as well.
  • Latest electronic devices keep children on 2-6 hours a day.


How much time a child has when he can do whatever he feels like.


Do not you think that a jail convict gets a better deal?


Is there is way?


I think so. Read on.


Education system is killing children. Most of the diseases can be traced to the mad rush caused by the present education system.


How to Score 100% Marks in exams


My children (A son and a daughter) were not doing well in studies. My son was getting around 50-60% marks. During one Parent Teacher Meet I checked the Exam papers of my son and found that he has been marked too generously. May be because my wife was a teacher in that school.


During this period I had spent some time on internet trying to understand the working of the brain. I was influenced by one theory on learning. That was –


A person cannot concentrate for more than 40 minutes in 24 hours.


I wondered why we go to school for more than 6 hours a day when we cannot concentrate for more than 40 minutes in a day. And we (parents as well as teachers) expect the children to concentrate for more all those 6 hours. That is utter cruelty towards the children.


Second point – Someone wondered – how is it that during an international cricket match a batsman bats for more than 8 hours without losing his concentration.


Answer – The batsman practices to get into peak concentration when the bowler throws the ball and relaxes immediately after having played the ball. That way the batsman concentrates only for 1-2 seconds for each ball. That means he can play 30 x 8 = 240 balls in 8 hours with peak concentration. That is about 40 over.  During the day total over are split into 2 batsman and one does not get to play for more than 240 balls.


Third point was about deep memory zone – It takes minimum of 8 seconds for each fraction of information to be stored in deep memory zone. I did not understand this part well.


Fourth Point was – Just like physical activities (running, playing sports etc) the brain also gets tired and requires practice to build up stamina.


My Son


My son was in class 8 when I got the honours to take charge of his marks in exams for the first time. I found that he was horrible in studies not knowing simple things which a class 4 student should know.First 2 days I felt very impatient and frustrated. But I had more than 15 days to give a try.


Third day on – My son and I was at home. At 10 am I told my son to start his maths book. A chapter which was not covered in school. I told him that I will not help him explaining the chapter. I told him that he can do either of 3 things during the day. Study, sleep and eat. No restrictions on what he chooses out of these. After every 1-2 lines I used to ask him to take a break of 15-20 minutes. He was extremely impatient. He kept telling me that I must be mad that I expect him to do his maths on this own. He had never done anything like that so far. He never knew that he is capable of doing anything in his life.


And believe me that it is the thing that our parents and teachers tell children every day 100s of times in a day. That a student is useless and he is not capable of doing anything on this own. This is nothing but cruelty and terror by parents and teacher. This is the worst that our education system could have done for year after year.


I just told my son that he has no targets for the day. Even if he is not able to understand one illustration given in that maths chapter, I will not blame him but myself for that.

And by end of day my son could do one illustration. But I found that he was extremely happy and excited. I had promised him that on day 2 he will have entire day to himself and he can do whatever he wanted.


But my son chose to study. He did not go out. The reason – My son enjoyed doing things on his own and that gave him immense pleasure. That is what  every child seeks. He was quite slow in first 7 to 10 days. But I never told him that I expected more from him. After 15 days he was faster than me. He was happy. He was enjoying playing as well as studies for the first time in his life. I played no roll in his studies except watching him study and be happy. He finished his whole maths book in 2 months (that was 2 terms’ syllabus).


There was still one month to go for his exams. Now came his exams. I took him outdoor to play badminton. I did not allow him to study maths at all. And he got 94% marks in his maths exam. Much better performance in other subjects. He was too happy and confident.


He did exceeding well in his 3rd term and 9th class.


But parents are parents. My wife forced him to enroll for tuition classes. Inspite of my extreme resistance to the idea of tuition my wife sent my son for tuition classes. 3 months into tuition and he got 0% marks in his maths exams. Now my wife was terrified. But damage was done by that time.


There were ups and downs in his studies.


12th Class – All my son wanted was partying with his girl friends and roaming around. He lost his balance of judgment. The session started and he fell ill. He had jaundice. My son did not go to school for 2 months. No studies at home either. He was not good in class 11. Most of the studies of class 12 needed strong understanding of subjects taught in class 11. And he was almost zero in subjects covered in class 11. First term exams were big disappointment. All my son could think of was tuition classes to tide over all his problems. He did not want me to help him in his studies. He would say that class 8 and class 12 studies are different and the principles used in class 8 won’t apply to class 12.


I disagreed strongly. I had no interest in marks. Education was always the main focus point for me. I did not want him to secure good marks at all. But my son’s only focus was getting admission in regular college so that he could find more girl friends.


My son prevailed upon my wife to get 2 home tutors. My son tried telling me every day how good his tutor was. And all I could see was a very bad tutor. The home tuition classes were pretty expensive. It was his 3rd day into tuitions. After his tutor went away again he came to impress me. I gave him a challenge that I will ask him 3 very basic things on the chapter that his tutor had tutored him for last 2 hours. And if he fails to answer any of the questions then I will call off his tuitions. He agreed with confidence.


And he failed in all 3 questions. But these were extremely basic things. No complexities. He was totally confused. He was shocked. And I lost no time in calling the tutor and telling him that we do not need him any more and his money will be sent to him and he need not come to collect his money. My son had only 3 months to go and he had to cover 2 years of lost studies.


For next 3 days my son could not come to terms that he will have to study on his own without any help. But he started. And in next 1 month he was on track. I just kept telling him that there is more than enough time and he need not worry about results.


I told my son that in case he gets less than 95% in any subject I will take the entire blame on me and I will never ever give him any guidelines about anything that he would want to do in his life. I was so sure.


In India the board exams start in first week of March. My son got typhoid on 1st Feb. The fever was 105 and more. There was no way he could study even for 1 minute in the entire day. My son recovered from typhoid by 20th Feb. Again he was feeling helpless. He had lost very important period for his exams. Yet he started. I encouraged him. I still took the challenge that he will get 95% marks in each paper.


His first paper was on Economics. After my son came back from exam I spoke to him about exams for 5 minutes and told him that he will get more than 95%. He felt very happy and started exercises (skipping for more than 2 hours in next 6 hours). I kept telling him to take it easy since he recovered from typhoid few days back. He did not listen to all that. By 7 PM he had 104 degree fever. We were shocked. My wife panicked and gave huge doses of medicines. Next 3 days he could not study anything. My son decided that he will skip the exams. On day 4 he recovered from his fever but was very weak. I persuaded him not to miss one year and give it a try. In case he does not get good marks, he can always repeat the year.


Finally he gave all the papers and got 88% marks. I was happy that he got 95% in his first paper and my promise to him was reasonably fulfilled. And the most important thing for my son – He got admission in a regular college.


My Daughter


My Daughter is 3 years younger. She was poor in studies. She used to get only 50-60% marks with the added advantage of my wife being teacher in the same school. When she was in class 11 she said that she also wants to join regular college. I was never keen on formal education. But I never wanted her to feel that she could not do something in life.


I told my daughter that she should do the same way in studies as my son had done. But on day 1 she chose to disagree with my methods of studies. I let her choose her own methods and withdrew.


8 months later she realized that she is not doing well enough. She spoke to me that she wanted to join tuition. My daughter said that there is no way that I can help her. But now I had 2 persons talking in my favour – my son and my wife. So my daughter agreed for taking my help in studies.


I started the same way I did 8 months back. She was almost crying for the first 5 days. My daughter said that there is hardly any time and exams are round the corner. My daughter’s argument was that I should not insist on doing things which had no chance of coming in exams. But as usual I took all responsibility for marks. 3 months later my daughter was happy with her results.


But most important – she was extremely confident and happy that my theory is right.


Now I had 1 full year for her to prepare for her exams. That is too much time to make a child mentally ill. I revised her target to 99% marks. I was not keen on 100% marks for English subject. But I wanted to target 100% marks in all other 4 subjects.


To keep the life easy I asked my daughter not to attend schools. To take off from school frequently. I asked her to join sports. I enrolled her for dance classes. The focus was that she should get mentally sick of studies. She was never allowed to study for more than 2—3 hours per day. And at least 2 days off in a week from studies completely.




  • My daughter became over confident.
  • Defied my instructions.
  • My daughter got 100% marks in one paper.
  • She got 95% marks in 4 other papers.
  • She lost 5 marks in one paper because she had a wrong question in paper. And due to over confidence she did not even thought once to try the other option in that question.
  • In one subject she got 2-3 marks less then my calculations.


The most important thing in scoring 1o0% marks is getting used to 100% mentally. A person knows in his head that he is so close to 100% marks. That causes too much anxiety in the mind of the person. I had told this part to my daughter and asked her to get used to 100% marks by making all out effort in pre-board exams. And my daughter gave pre-board exams without studying even for one hour. She was mentally troubled by the feeling of being so close to 100% marks in all the subjects for more than 1-2 months before her final board exams.


I think not bad performance for me or my daughter.


Do you think I will fail in my next target?


I want to make this world free of all diseases. I do not want to use any medicines or exercises for perfect health. I want to achieve to achieve this target in next 5 years.


How I intend to achieve my next target?


I want to reach out to 2 persons every month. I want these 2 persons to try my health theory given on my home page on this web site. I want these 2 persons to give the feedback on regular basis on my web site.


If they get the desired results, I want them to –

  • Make online purchases of the items they need by coming to my web site often.
  • I want them to convince 2 more persons every month to try my health theory.
  • This will help me reach 858,993,459 people in 33 months. And that is more than the projected population of this planet after 33 months.
  • That is pretty simple.
  • If you think so be a part of this.


There is way more, people can do by reaching out to my web site.




I did not use the methods listed on this web site. I am not intelligent at all. I am below average person. I was too old for studies by the time I started thinking on these lines.


Just image what you can do after reading my web site. All of you are going to be much more capable then me.


Recap – How to get 100% marks in exams


  • Do not study for long hours
  • Take frequent breaks from studies
  • Maximum time to study at one point should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • During rest periods just lie down on bed and close your eyes
  • Try recalling the subject while resting
  • Do you use Mobiles, chat, computers, TV and other means of entertainment during studying hours as a method of relaxing. Simply take rest by closing your eyes and being in peace.
  • After finishing a chapter – recall all the headings after 2 days.
  • Do not read a chapter or subject twice. Revisiting a subject again and again cause confusion and lack of concentration in the first time study of the chapter.

Mouth Ulcers

A 60 year old yoga instructor is diabetic. He is following my water routines for last 15 days and consuming sugar.

On 6.11.2015 he complained of mouth ulcers.

I was sure that it is time to stop water intake. But as the protocols have been in medicine industry, I suggested him to drink at least 2500 ml water on 7.11.2015 and then stop water intake from 8.11.2015 and that he will be relieved of mouth ulcers by 6 PM. I was almost sure of the time as well.

On 8.11.2015 morning he called up to say that he s feeling that his eye lids are fluffy. This was another signal of excess fluids. I hoped that by late evening his eyes will also become normal.

He also complained that his thumb is feeling hot.

  • By 5.45 Pm he called up to say that his mouth ulcers have disappeared
  • His eyes are improving.
  • His thumb is becoming hot and sometimes cold.

I hope my 9 PM both of these complaints will be resolved.

He introduced another gentleman for treatment of diabetes. But I wanted to be double sure before taking more people for various cures. So I asked him to wait until the Yoga Instructor is completely recovered of Diabetes. That may be another 1 or 2 months.

Do read the water treatments at –

Sciatica Pain Cure

I had heal spur about 8-10 years back. I did an exercise which I found on internet at that time and got complete relief. I recommended the same cure for last 8-10 years back.

I am not trying to make money and fool people on this web site. Still it seems that my recommendation for that exercise was wrong or not perfect. But still I got complete relief.

In case of most of the medicines the chances of similar mistakes are much greater. Because there is huge money on stake.

If I recollect in hind sight I was experimenting with water and salt intake at that time. Salt also causes some sort of dehydration in some compartments of the body which carry fluids.

I am pretty sure of one thing. If there is a perfect for a condition then person must recover in 48 hours completely.

Some of cures are not working in 48 hours. I am not a medical professional. So I can not go beyond some reasonable restrictions of dehydration.

Anyway today I wanted to share my experience on Sciatica Pain.

I love playing badminton. However since October 2014 I was not playing badminton at all. In the month of March 2015 I played badminton without much of warm up. Since playing badminton in March 2015 I started having pain in my right hip. When ever I will rest or sit for more than 30 minutes, I used to feel pain for 1 minute or so after getting up.

I tried the same exercises recommended in this post. I used to get some relief but not complete cure. I kept trying. But honestly there was no regularity.

Then in Oct 2015 I tried my dehydration cycle. And I was shocked. I again got complete relief.

Few days back one of my friend complained of the same sciatica pain in his calf muscles for more than 6 months.

I told him my experience and relief.

He gave up water and all other liquids at 9 PM on 3.11.2015. He got complete relief by 11 am on 4.11.2015. He started drinking water again after confirming his relief to me on phone. I asked him to drink one glass of water every 2 hours for next few days to make sure that he has complete relief from the pain.

Recap of Dehydration Cycle

Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water every hour from 8 AM to 7 PM. That makes it 12 glasses of water. Stop drinking water at 7 PM. Do not drink any water or other liquids after 7 PM through out night. Try eating 75% of normal meals. No fruits or other things containing large amounts of water.

Day 2 – No water or other liquids. Same 75% of normal meals on this day as well.

Day 2 night – No water or other liquids during night as well.

That makes it 36 hours without water and other liquids at a stretch.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 – Drink 200 ml water every 2 hours.

Repeat these 7 days until complete relief. In most of the cases there will be complete relief after first 2 days itself.


It may not be possible for every one to stay without water and liquids for 36 hours in first attempt. Do not lose hope and do not over stretch yourself. Try after 4-5 days again.


I am not a doctor or a qualified person to give advise on health matters. These are my experiences. One should take advise from medical professionals as well and keep reporting your results to them as well. They need your feedback very badly.