Hair fall cause and treatment

Hair fall cause and treatment

Hair fall cause and treatment

Hair fall and loss of hair is increasing day by day. Currently more than 2/3 adults having significant hair loss by the age 35. And by age 50 almost 85% of the people have thin hair and very substantial loss of hair. This is very distressing and indicates decline in over all health of the people on this earth. The scientists are busy in making drugs to cure this conditions. This is very odd situation.

Hair fall cause

Cause of hair fall is non supply of the nutrients to maintain good and healthy hair by the blood. The topmost reason of such non supply of the nutrients is build up of dandruff and flakes on the scalp disrupting the supply of nutrients to the scalp and hair. The natural oil which is secreted by the scalp is not getting cleaned up in time caused thick layers of dandruff and oil. This oil makes the hair unruly and unkempt forcing people to use shampoos and conditions.

And these shampoos cause further loss of nutrients for the hair.

Such is the sorry state of affairs of our advanced science.

Hair fall treatment

Hair fall can be stopped easily in less than 4 days. At most 7 days.

If you want to get rid of hair loss in less than 7 days watch my video on youtube or just keep reading.

Our skin releases some oils to keep the scalp and skin healthy.

This oil needs to be cleaned from the skin and scalp regularly. The release of the oil from the skin is controlled by the amount of fluid in the skin cells.  Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) is caused due to drinking excess fluids. In some stray cases SD can be caused due to drinking less fluids. Hydration dehydration cycles can help maintain correct fluid balance in the body curing the basic condition that causes SD. Walk and rest routines will help strength the system proving perfect fluid balance. It speeds up the recovery from SD.

After taking care of hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines, the past skin and scalp oil needs to be cleaned up. Those who are lazy and do not want to try hydration dehydration cycles and walk and rest routines may try the following as well to get immediate relief.

Massage your scalp lightly with finger tips for 1 minutes 15-20 times during the day. Keep head tilted downward so that maximum danruff flakes are removed from the head. Do not over do it. Massaging for longer time results in scalp inflammation and thinning of the scalp skin. This inflammation will stop the secretion of oils from the skin. It will make the scalp skin over sensitive.

Now that your old dandruff scales are getting removed you must make room for oil secretions from the skin. This can be done by washing your hair 4 times in a day for few days. This washing of the hair is to be done by using plain water. The water can be of body temperature. Not very cold or hot.

After washing your hair, use a good quality cotton towel and massage your scalp gently for 1 minutes. During this process the excess oil in the scalp will be absorbed by the cotton towel. After this comb your hair gently for 1 minute. That will straighten your hair removing some more oil.

Most of the adults find it very embarrassing if their hair look unkept and unruly. This is caused due to thick oil which has been accumulating in the scalp for long. Washing with plain water will make the oil very thin and manageable. Your hair will shine and it will be perfectly manageable. And trust me your hair will look much better after 2 to 4 days then your using your expensive shampoos and conditions.

With the excess layers of the oil removed and fresh oil secreted from your scalp every day, you will fall in love with your hair.

You can use cheap and ordinary soap every 3 days to remove excess scalp oil. Do use scented or expensive soaps or shampoos. They cause severe inflammation of the scalp.


In first 2-3 days there could be lot of hair loss. Do not fret. These are weak hair which in case will be falling in next 7 days or so. What is important in this game is not hair fall but hair growth. Regular massage will promote hair growth. You will grow more hair than you lose. That will make sure healthy hair density till 100 years of age.

After 7 days you will not lose even 1 strand of hair. This is guaranteed. This is the best time for lock down period health upgrade.

To watch the youtube videos of the feedback of people on dandruff click here. This is link to the play list.

To watch youtube videos of the people giving feedback on Eczema Cure click here. This is the link to the playlist of all people. You may search a particular patient number for his all videos from beginning to end.

Please do give feedback on the above after trying it for 7 days.  Your feedback is necessary to save more than 50% of the population of the harmful effects of shampoos and other chemicals.

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  1. I have lost a lot of hair in the last 6 months or so. Had a blood test, nothing disturbing there. I think your theory about nutrition to the scalp is correct. Will this help restore hair growth for thinning hair do you think?

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