Medical Diagnostics – Why they are Fraud

Through various blood tests the Diagnostics labs promise to find out the shortages and excesses in our body.

Is it really so simple and correct?

Take a small example. Today when your mother or sister or maid cooks a dish for you ask them to mix all spices and chillies as per taste without adding salt.

After the dish has been cooked, taste the dish.

Do you feel the taste of spices, chillies etc?

You will sure get a bland taste. You will not feel a trace of spices and chillies.

Now add salt to the dish and you will get all the tastes back in the dish.

The same is the case with a mineral in the body. When you find out that sodium is less the requisite amount of salt in the body, the real shortage or excess is some where else. It is relative. Sodium could be more or less due to some other minerals and chemicals in the body being out of balance.

  • What is the cure and solution for the diseases in the case?
  • Are we not supposed to get the cure?


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