What is the colour of Healthy Tongue

What is the colour of Healthy Tongue

What is the colour of Healthy Tongue

Healthy colour of a tongue is pink colour. Any other colour is an indication of poor health.

In old days a doctor would invariably check the colour of the tongue. But what they looked for it not clear to anybody.

There is no information available any where as to how to make the tongue colour pink?

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I searched internet for the phrase –¬†What is the colour of Healthy Tongue

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It is scary that this basic information is not available even with the health care scientists.

It is easy to figure out the cause of an unhealthy tongue. But there is no effort made ever in that direction. An unhealthy Tongue can be an indication to pre-diabetes as well.

Any way the list is long.

While you are here, do not miss to see health tips – You will sure get healthy tongue in less than 7 days. I guarantee that.

Tip No 1 for healthy tongue – Hydration Dehydration cycles

Tip No 2 for healthy tongue – Walk and Rest routines

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