Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure

Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure

Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure

Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure
Candidiasis infection

Candidiasis infection is caused by candida fungus. Every adult women will have Vaginal yeast (candida) infection at some point of time in their life.

This infection is also caused in Vagina of women. This is caused due to hormonal imbalance. But there is no way hormonal imbalance can be cured by medicines.

Overall immune system can be strengthened if one has good digestion of energy. This yeast infection (Candidiasis) grows due to excess fluid in cells of the body. This is still not medically accepted.

Keep checking your tongue on daily basis. When this whitish layer disappears you will become immune to Candidiasis. It will usually take 3 days. At best it will take 7 days.

For that follow latest hydration dehydration cycles protocol. Doing walk and rest routines will speed up recovery.

Symptoms of Candidiasis infection are –

  • Burning and swelling in Vagina
  • Pain during sex
  • pain and burning during urination
  • White Discharge

Candidiasis infection cause –

  • Diabetes (Metabolic syndrome)
  • Antibiotics
  • Douches and Vaginal Sprays
  • Weak immune system

Many believe that it can be passed during sex. I personally do not think that Candidiasis infection can be passed by sex. In fact Candida is there in everybody. It grows out of control only among people who have weak immune system or low metabolic rate. Generally data about sex between couple is shared. Sex with strangers is not shared. Since couples share similar eating habits and to a great extent life style, the couples are likely to have similar immune system or weaknesses.

Private Parts (Dark Skin around sexual organs)

Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure

This infection causes dark colour in private parts. Almost 95% of the population has dark colour skin in private parts. Dark skin in private parts is also an indication of the candida which may not be very aggressive.

Most of these people will have skin allergy to the synthetic clothes and undergarments.

Main cause of the dark skin around sexual organs is abrasions while walking and doing other movements in sports and exercises.

I would recommend not wearing cotton underwear clothes. Cotton is worst when moisture gets trapped in cotton. Jockey international collection – IC28 underwear is extremely light weight. Though it is made of nylon, it does not cause any abrasion or itching. In the absence of abrasion the skin colour will change to white in about 15 days. It will also cure chronic ring worms in thighs and around that area.

However it is important to get rid of the candida infection also.

Colour of the tongue – Indication of the presence of candida

Candidiasis infection-cause-treatment-cure

White thick layer on the tongue is an indication of candida infection in the body. The colour of the tongue is also indication of the good or bad digestion. Poor digestion is cause of every other chronic disease in the body in the long run.

The colour of the skin can be changed in 7 days by following latest hydration dehydration cycles protocol.

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