Inflammation and causes of inflammation

Inflammation and causes of Inflammation

inflammation and causes of inflammation

It is most important to understand inflammation for a perfect health. We need to examine different health conditions and see how the inflammation would have caused that particular health condition.


Every exercise/ activity causes inflammation.


Diabetes is high blood sugar then what is perceived to be normal. Beyond this simple statement, there is no scientifically proven fact about diabetes.

So following is my theory of how inflammation causes diabetes.

First some accepted facts about diabetes –

  • Glucose is metabolized in the cells in the presence of Oxygen to produce energy to run life processes.
  • Glucose is converted / derived from the food that we eat.
  • It is accepted that diabetes is not caused due to high sugar consumption essentially or high consumption of carbohydrates.
  • Even if Diabetics do not consume carbohydrates and sugar and take medicines, the blood sugar keeps increasing after some time inspite of adequate amount of insulin injections.
  • That diabetics have other health conditions as well even when they start medicines.
  • Blood sugar is managed within 60 to 100 (Fasting) and 100 to 140 (PP) when pancreas is working properly and cells are not insulin resistant.
  • Sugar act as a buffer and maintains the blood acid level within a very tight range.

Blood sugar is the outcome of conversion of food into glucose as well as destruction of tissues cells, use of FAT, Proteins etc to meet the needs of glucose in the body.

However the point to be noted is that blood glucose should be maintained within this tight range of 60 to 140.

When blood sugar goes beyond this range it causes inflammation.

Let us close our eyes and think how this inflammation would be working to ensure tight control of blood sugar.

The blood glucose needs to be delivered to the cells for cellular metabolism. Let us think that there is a conduit for delivery of glucose to the cells. This conduit has a fixed capacity to carry glucose to the cells. When more glucose is pushed in this conduit, it causes inflammation and swelling in that conduit. This inflammation and swelling causes stoppage of glucose further to the cells saving the cells from any damage due to excess glucose.

Now this conduit is very small (much less then the thickness of human hair). After some time the conduit bursts due to swelling and accumulation of glucose at the sight of inflammation. That causes lot of fluids to be released from the cells to flush out the cell debris from the site of inflammation. That explains the excessive urination in the case of diabetics.

Since cells all over the body are involved in releasing fluids for flushing of the debris excessive thirst is also experienced.

Now since there is excessive movement of fluids in the body to deal with the inflammation, there is kidney damage as well as skin conditions to the diabetics.

On this blog under the heading, you will read how eczema (a skin condition) is treated within 6 days in a person suffering from it for more than 10 years by restricting the fluid intake. That also supports the above theory.


  • More then 50% people having diabetes also suffer from high Blood Pressure. So there is some link between the inflammation process for both.


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