Dabur Chayanwanprash is clinically tested to boost immunity

Dabur Chayanwanprash’s claim that it has been clinically tested to boost immunity is a lie and fraud


What is clinic testing? Random selection of trial subject – sample size 30, 10 is a big joke.

Who funded these clinic trial

Were the sample sizes good enough?


I want to nail these claims and lies.


There cannot be any science behind these claims. This is plain fiction.


I put all such claims to red alert.


I challenge all such claims to be tested in a mathematical manner as done on – One Cure for All Diseases.


One Cure for All Diseases


Only I can claim to boost immunity through One Cure for All Diseases.


Check out the funny side of the claims on Dabur Web Site –


And believe me this is no science this is plain fiction.


Only science and maths that can help you with immunity boost is –


Rest is challenged


Are you educated

Are you educated

Are you educatedAre you educated

Should you claim to be educated.


I do not think so.


People go to schools and colleges and obtain degrees.


And then they stop using brain.


What is wastage of global resources.


I am on facebook with 5000 friends. More than 1000 friends are doctors. More than 1000 friends are engineers. More than 1000 persons are Chartered Accountants. More than 1000 persons are lawyers/ advocates/


I have been publishing posts on facebook which straight away debunk the medicines systems all over the world. I have been saying that Allopaths, Ayurvedics and Homeopaths are worse then quacks.


Then I give precise maths which helped me reach the above conclusion.


Nobody responds.


It is not that they believe in what I have been saying.


They are simply scared to take a stand.


The first lesson that our education system gives is – do not question, do not take a stand.


But every teacher keeps shouting all day – please do ask questions if you need to. But who cares.


Bull shit you seem to have wasted all your life. Teachers have wasted life, in doing something that has remained undone all their life. But inspite of this they have been bound down to doing the same thing all their life.


And they do not feel bad about it.


On World Yoga day – I wrote an article – Yoga is violence to body and mind. Only one person responded. He wanted to know more.


But he was lost in the din of educated uneducated people.



Using Oils on skin Tips

Using Oils on skin Tips


You have seen on the previous article on sun tanning, oils and moisturizers are muscle relaxant and slow down or deactivate the natural skin defence mechanism. Skin with Oils when exposed to sun causes deep damage.


But is there any use of these oils and muscle relaxants. Yes.


Since these oils and moisurizers relaxes the skin tissues, these can be used to get rid of unwanted matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


So applying the oils and other moisturizers during night helps in relaxing the tissues and getting rid of matters trapped in the layers of the skin.


Using facials and threading is a skin damaging process in the long run with some possible benefits. At times one may find it difficult to avoid these in view of social compulsions.


Tips for Threading and Facial


  • Use Creams and Moisturizers on Day 1 night.
  • Wash the creams and Moisturizers with simple plain soap on Day 2 morning.
  • Wash the face and other areas with luke warm water on Day 3 morning go for facial or Threading. Use water liberally.
  • Do not use soap before facial or threading.
  • Do not hard scrub skin. Just dry the skin by softly using a cotton towel.


What the above tips would mean?


Use of oils and cream would help get rid of the unwanted matters trapped in the inner layers of the skin during night.


By washing the skin next day with soap would restore the natural defence mechanism of the skin.


But not using the soap or oil for 24 hours would help get rid of some more unwanted matters trapped in inner layers of the skin.


The most important thing is to have natural sebum oils before exposing the skin to the damaging effects of facial and threading. Sebum oil is excreted from the skin. This will keep the natural defence system of the skin in tact while making it easier to remove unwanted hair.


Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Skin care options are –


Oils, Creams and Moisturizers


and Threading


Oils, Creams and Moisturizers

All moisturizers, creams and oils are muscle relaxants. It is important to understand how the muscle relaxants work.


I would like to share the experience with my daughter.


M daughter was in school basketball team till 10th standard. During this period she developed severe skin tanning. Her skin complexion changed very significantly.


Due to growing age she may have become more inclined to use of cream soaps and cosmetics during this period. Due to extreme sun tanning of the skin, she increased her use of Dove soap which claims to have 30% creams for softer skin.


For next 15 months she tried every home remedy, fair and lovely and other creams on the market, changes in her diet, but could not get even 1% benefit in her skin tanning.


One day I decided to search out on internet about the side effects of every ingredient in the Dove soap. Initially I noticed that there were 5-6 ingredients with suffix acid in the list.


Anyway I found that every ingredient had some side effect if applied in different proportions in a soap.


I also found that most of the creams are muscle relaxants.


All I could understand from the word relaxant was that it stops the muscles from doing normal / natural defence procedures. In medicines (allopathy) muscle relaxants are given when natural pain stimulus of the body does not respond to any medicine and pain causing injury can not be healed within reasonable time.


So any cream would cause the skin cells not to shrink to save the inner layers of the skin from the harmful rays and other external matters.


That means that moisturizers and oils relax the muscles and in case the skin is exposed to sun while wearing these oils, it will cause deeper damage to the inner layers of the skin.


I suggested my daughter to stop using all soaps for at least 15 days.


Since my daughter was tired of trying every thing for last 15 months she agreed.


Within 7 days one of her friend asked her what she was using. That meant there was improvement in the skin condition.


Since that day she does not use any moisturizer or cream based soaps. It has been more than 6-7 years now and her skin has completely recovered.


For last 3-4 months I am trying some more experiments with skin hydration/ dehydration cycles. My daughter had some dark eye circles which have improved significantly during this period.


Based on various experiments I had with skin, I had some tips to offer for Facials and Threading. Click on the links to read more about these.

Skin Specialist in Delhi

I am not a qualified doctor. I do not hold any degree or certificate in skin care. The suggestions are based on personal experience and common sense. Water routine logic is given on home Page.


Skin Specialist in Delhi


My personal experiences are shared on the following links


It is also important to read the details on the Home Page as well.


Dove soap is the main cause for sun tanning and other damage to the skin (redening of the skin). Most of the soaps containing oils, creams and moisturizers are to be blamed for skin damage.


You will see noticeable changes in the skin within 7 to 10 days after stopping the use of such soaps.

Eczema Doctor in Delhi

Eczema Doctor in Delhi


I live in Vikaspuri, New Delhi, India.


I have shared my experiments with various water routines on this web site. Equally shocking is my experiences with skin health.


During my younger days I used to suffer from nasty big pimples. That spoiled my life. I used to have severe inferiority complex because of these pimples.


I tried every thing. Drinking plenty of water. Washing face 3-4 times in a day. I finished more than 1 bottles of safi inspite of taste and smell. I was a sports person. I never ate junk food. I was not eating lots of diary products. Now i think this could also be linked to my bed wetting problems. This also could be due to side effects of bed wetting.


Skin conditions that have been cured with water routines in less than 15 days

  • Sun tanning
  • skin became fair
  • eczema
  • glowing skin
  • skin itching


The results will simply shock.


That is the power of One Cure for All diseases.


And I am not a doctor.

Bed Wetting Doctor

Bed Wetting Doctor


I have 2 children, Elder is son and younger is daughter.


In my younger days I myself used to wet the bed. The bed wetting continued till about 15 years of age. I use specs. I got grey hair at an early age. I had sinus and recurrent cold and cough problems since my younger years.


My parents tried all types of cures. But there was no benefit of any of these.


After the age of 40 my problems increased. My eye sight started deteriorating faster, I started getting more frequent cold and cough with severe body pain. I started getting severe sinus problems.


My son started wetting bed from the of 5 or so. When my son was around 10 year old, he used to wet the bed upto 3 times in a cold night (winters). It was very annoying to change the mattresses 2-3 times during winter nights.


Around this time I started experimenting with  “Water Routines”. Essentially drinking about 8 to 1 glasses of water a day. I found that it was extremely useful to my health. I almost recovered from all health problems in about 10 days. I was shocked.


I forced the water routine on my children as well. Even though I felt that their problem of bed wetting with aggravate, I did not consider bed wetting to be an issue at all in view of other health benefits which I saw from drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


But to my shock I found that my son stopped bed wetting within 2-3 days after starting water routines. I was shocked. I told about this experience to my brother in law. His son was about 4-5 year old at that time. My brother in law also did the same and his son also stopped wetting the bed immediately.


Same was the case with my daughter as well. She was not wetting the bed that frequently. But after implementing water routines, she also stopped bed wetting almost in 2-3 days.


I took me years later to convince 3-4 more friends to implementing the water routines. And every one as shocked.


I have been talking to lots of people about the side effects of bed wetting. I am more than convinced that bed wetting results in –


  • Poor eye sight
  • Graying of hair at early age
  • frequent cold and cough
  • sinus
  • Poor bone strength.


The water routines that help in curing bed wetting in a matter of few days are mentioned at the home page.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Use either of the 2 water routines mentioned on home page. Still best try both the water routines alternatively.


Calorie Calculations


  • Average person eats 2000 to 2800 calories in a day.
  • In a day there are 24 hours. ie. 24 x 60 = 1440 minutes.
  • The above translates to 1.5 to 2 calories per minute.
  • Bulk of these calories are required to run the vital organs of the body eg Heart, Kidneys, Blood Circulation, Lungs, Liver, Blood Pressure etc. Even during sleeping a person requires about same calories.
  • During sleep body carries out more important job of clearing the body of things that are causing inflammation and repair. This is very energy intensive activities. Due to this reason it is carried out at night during sleep. Metabolic activities are also energy intensive. Hence during sleep no metabolic activities are carried out. So that there is no shortage of energy during sleep.
  • Now when a person does very high intensity exercises his calorie consumption goes as high as 10 calories per minute. But a person struggling with weight management will find it very difficult to engage in very high intensity exercises. An average person cannot do very high intensity exercises for more than 10-15 minutes. The calorie consumption drops immediately after stopping the exercises. After about 1 hour the calorie consumption goes below normal. In most of the cases, for the rest of the day the calorie consumption shall remain 0.25 calories per minute less then normal calorie consumption.
  • In 10-15 minutes of very high intensity exercise the extra calories burnt will be 15 minutes x 8 calories extra burning (10 calories during exercise – calories during normal activities) = 120 calories.
  • For rest of 23 hours (23 x 60 = 1380 minutes) the calorie consumption shall remain low by 0.25 calories per minute. So that will add 1380 x 0.25 calories = 345.
  • So there is not gain in calorie. So in such a situation the person will gain weight.


Exercise are useful in people who can engage in exercises almost for more than 12 hours, even if very mild exercises. That is not possible for most of people in the absence of any motivation.


So what is the solution

  • Do very milk exercise for 15 seconds. That will increase calorie burning by 1 calories per minute.
  • Since it is a very milk warm up, this will not cause any fatigue.
  • During the next hour the body will keep burning slightly more than average calories.
  • So the average calorie consumption for one hour during this hour shall be 0.25 calories more.
  • Repeat the mild exercise every hour. So your average calorie consumption shall be 0.25 calories per minute more than normal calorie consumption.
  • 0.25 x 1440 (number of minutes in 24 hours) = 360 calories a day.
  • And in 12 hours you will do mild exercises only for 12 x 15 seconds = 180 seconds = 3 minutes in 12 hours.
  • That is not difficult even for the heaviest person on this earth.


Trick here

  • Any increase in calorie consumption is met from release of sugar from cells and tissues.
  • After a period of 3-4 days the person will find it very difficult to continue the exercise of the same organ.
  • But the energy required for exercise of an organ is taken from that organ only. It does not borrow sugar from other organs. There are scientific studies to prove this point.
  • So every hour change the organs involved in mild exercise.
  • Another point will be to eat 1/2 spoon sugar every hour.
  • 1/2 spoon adds 8 calories of sugar. That is 12 x 8 = 96 calories.
  • Still you will have a net loss of 360-96 = 264 calories a day.
  • Along with sugar the body burns proteins and lot of other minerals. So this is the time when a person can plan to attain perfect health if these are combined with the water routines mentioned in the Home page of this web site.


Recap Water Routines

Number 1

  • Drink 200 ml water on Day 1 every hour. Total will be 200 x 12 = 2400 ml. Not excessive from any angle. Disease persons may drink 50 to 100 ml per hour.
  • Drink no water or other liquids during Day 1 night, Day 2 and night of Day 2.
  • However it is difficult to stay without water for 36 hours. So initially a person should try to stay without water till after noon and then drink small quantities of water.
  • Repeat the Day 1 and Day 2 for about 10-15 days. In every next repetition increase the time by 1-2 hours.
  • In 10 days or so a person is likely to get used staying without water for 36 hours. After that one can repeat this water routine every 15 days to reach a very healthy body.

Number 2

  • Drink 100 ml water for 3 hours with 15 minutes gap after getting up in the morning. That will be 100 x 12 = 1200 ml water in 3 hours.
  • After drinking water a person should walk for 3-4 minutes and then rest sitting.
  • After this 3 hours do not drink any water or liquid for rest of the day except between 6-7 PM.
  • Between 6 pm to 7 pm again drink the same amount of water as in morning. eg 100 ml every 15 minutes. That will add 400 ml water.
  • This way also a person shall get used to staying without water for 36 hours. So after 10 days or so the person can try routine number 1 once in 15-30 days for long term relief or better health.


Do visit this web site often for more updates and new information.

For the logic and other discussion do visit the Home Page

Bloating Indigestion


Relief from Bloating can be had by following water routine as underlined;

Water Routine 

This seems to be easier routine to implement.

  • Drink 100 ml water every 15 minutes after waking in the morning. This should be done for 3 hours. In all one will drink 12×100 ml water in 3 hours. Not very challenging thing to do in 3 hours.
  • In case this does not work, adjust the amount of water to 75 ml or 125 ml depending on the body weight.
  • After drinking water walk for 5 minutes or do some work standing or moving around.
  • Sit for 10 minutes. Or keep the movements slow.
  • For rest of the day do not drink any water or other liquids.
  • Next time one should drink water or other liquids is next day morning.
  • In case a person feels uncomfortable start drinking water in the evening at 6 pm for about 2 hours and then stop.

The above routine is to be done just once. Avoid drinking tea or coffee.


The relief should be felt as early as 12 hours. Repeat the above routine every month.


To understand the logic and see the explanation of cure click on – One Cure for All Diseases

Benefits of Sugar

Benefits of Sugar


Sugar is believed to be a big time spoiler for every thing.


The latest study takes the fizz out of all energy Drinks. Spoonful of sugar is equally good to keep sports person performing for long durations without feeling fatigue or tired.


Check my section on Diabetes and you will agree that soon you will find sugar as the best cure for most of the diseases.


That is the strength of Medicines systems – Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy.


Do not forget to keep returning to this page to find new information on health. You can also come back to this web site if you need to make online purchases. Just google the things that you need to buy and then come back to this web site to make online purchases by clicking on the advertisements shown on this web site.