Patient 55 year old person. No other health conditions. Used to sleep immediately after dinner. Used to get deep sleep within less than 5 minutes of hitting the bed.

For last 6 months he was not able to sleep whole night. He was visibly scared because of this health condition.

The Insomnia Cure –

I told him if he does not get sleep this is too good for him. He can now really work to be very healthy again. I asked him to walk for 5 minutes and then lie down on bed trying to sleep for next 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, he should again get up and walk for 5 minutes. He was supposed to repeat this till he gets deep sleep.

Next time I met him he was sleeping like dead and there was overall improvement in his health parameters.

Insomnia is an indication of poor Resting Metabolic Rate.

Interval walking and resting increases the RMR at a very fast pace.

Once every organ of the body gets sufficient energy, the body will get into repair mode, which is sleep time.

This also helps in weight loss. A person doing this should expect to lose about 2 kg (5 lbs) of every month.

For full calculations and explanation of the above read One Cure for Every DIsease

Insomnia and Sugar

Insomnia and Sugar

Insomnia and Sugar

My maid is about 65 year old. She suffered from Chronic insomnia and is on medicines for a long time.

Insomnia and Sugar

3 days back I told her to eat 1/2 spoon plain white sugar 6 to 10 times in a day.

That very day she was able to get good sound sleep. No more medicines.

This was 4th straight tests on insomnia.

You can wait till more than 100 people have reported the results of sugar on insomnia.

Insomnia – My thought Train

I wanted to lose some 10 kg weight for a long time.  I tried lot of things except supplements. Nothing worked. I had been listening since childhood that limiting carbohydrates could do the trick.

Atkin Diet

I started looking at Atkin diet on google. I found a page which said that atkin diet could cause insomnia, depression etc Any way I started experimenting with atkin diet. After few days of limiting sugar, while playing I used to feel that I will black out. My energy levels were too low. In about 6 to 8 months I had gained 5-7 kg extra weight. During this period my friend shared with me his experience. He had blacked out and got himself admitted to a hospital for complete check up. The result of investigations were big zero. I also had a number of days without sleep. I had cervical pains as well. I lost my 100% movement of my neck.

My Sister in Law

Next while having dinner, my sister in law said that she has not been sleeping more than 1 days in about 30 days for past 25 or more years. She was emphatic that she does not sleep even for one minute in those 29 days in a month. I asked her the exact time when she lost her sleep. She said it started when she was in hostal of a sports school. The girls in that age would do anything to get an hour glass figure. Specially when you are surrounded by so many hot and able guys all the time. Sense of competition will make you work out few hours extra. All this depleting all the sugar from the body. This lead to constipation as well.

My Father

My father had sepsis at the age of 80. Doctors gave up on him after 1 month in Hospital. So I drew up my plans. First was to get rid of infections. Second was to provide some energy to his failed organs. Third was to save him from seizures. I knew of Sinus and cold and cough can be cured permanently by restricting fluid intake. My father was extremely constipated. After effects of Sepsis was insomnia. By this time I had accepted that anything above our shoulders is caused due to shortage of sugar. So for insomnia and seizures I decided to give him sugar. I had to stop all the medicines. Since I was feeling that medicines were the main cause of all problems. Next 4 and 1/2 months were a breeze without any medication for my father. Today he has no constipation, seizures, insomnia, pains, fears etc. My father has no depression as well. Earlier he used to complain of lot of depression.


Same logic I applied on people with Schizophrenia. In short term there was immense relief. Combined effect of controlled sugar intake and water intake as suggested on home page gave complete relief.

A study

I read a very authentic study. It said that obesity is caused due to lack of genes that are responsible for digestions carbs. It said that people who have 4 copies of that gene are 9 times more likely to be obese.

Common Sense Approach

If FAT was that easily convertible into sugar there would have been on use of storing the excess sugar into FAT. So I believe that some amount of sugar is needed to start the process of conversion of FAT to glucose. Same goes for proteins. It takes much higher sugar to convert the proteins to glucose. People who eat too much carbs and are very active are very thin. I am not qualified scientist. So I usually drive clear of big and difficult names.

Common Sense Approach for Readers

I am not asking for money. I am not compelling anyone to follow my experiences. There is no direct reason for fooling around. Yes I am interested in learning more from the experiences of other people so that I can live healthy till I die. I do plan to earn from google adsense but that is too small thing. And people who are really interested to know more will never click on the advertisements on my pages. So far last 9 days I got USD 1 to my account.

Insomnia & Depression

Insomnia & Depression

Atkin Diet was introduced about 60 years back. People often use low carb diets to reduce weight. There has been no systematic study on the side effects of atkin diet.

One of the serious side effects is Insomnia and depression. All over the world table sugar is decried over as being the worst for health, obesity and what not. This is very far away from truth.

The most important thing for Mental Health is sugar intake. And Most Important aspect of Sugar intake is Right Amount of Sugar intake.

Some Sugar Facts –

  • Sugar has 15 calories in a teaspoon.
  • Sugar effects the same portion of the brain that is effected by Drugs of Abuse.
  • In depression and other serious Mental Conditions the drugs that are given effect the same portion of the brain.
  • Sugar intake of 4-6 tea spoons will help in digestion and weight control maintenance as well as weight reduction.
  • Sugar intake should be 1/4 to 1/2 spoon at a time in one hour. Same amount after each meal. This will help in digestion.
  • The withdrawal symptoms of tea are mainly due to withdrawal of sugar. Or the withdrawal symptoms of tea can be managed by replacing tea intake with sugar intake.
  • Sugar is essential for the body.

Case I – Sports, Female, Age 45

Sleeps not more than 1 day in a month on average. Insomnia since last 30 years. Depressed most of the time.

Suggestion – 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour after 6 PM

Results – Felt like she has been drugged. Slept heavily. Due to concerns of weight gain, discontinued after few days.

Case II – Sports, Male, Age 42

Difficulty in falling asleep recently. Instead of sustained 1/2 spoon sugar, ate 1/2 kg sweets. No result.

Later he started eating sugar in moderation and his Insomnia cured.

Case III – Male, Age 30

Was taking sleeping pills, lost job due to stress and depression.

From day one started sleeping for 10 hours a day. Stopped sleeping pills from day 2 and continues to sleep well. Has been advised to eat meal within 15 minutes after getting up. Should include 10 to 20 grams of sugar on daily basis.

Hypothyroidism and other thyroid related problems cause depression. Thyroid gland controls how energy is used in the body. Energy is nothing but sugar, calories etc.

Sleep deprivation causes depression. We also say the same that sleep deprivation (insomnia) is caused due to low levels of energy in the body.

You can see that our entire web site focuses on finding the main cause of ailments. We are not into finding the cures. If one is able to find the cause then all existing scientific findings will point towards our causes and cures.

23 year old Girl

Another girl started gym for loosing weight. 20 days after joining the gym she was not able to sleep for even 1 minute for 3 days. She was almost on the verge of nervous collapse. He was advised 1 small spoon of sugar every 1 hour. Within 3 hours she was back to normal and fell into deep sleep for 12 hours. Since then she is maintaining her minimum intake of plain table sugar and she is not loosing weight faster then before. And sleeping much healthier then before.

Insomnia and Constipation

Insomnia and Constipation

  • Most of the people who suffer from chronic constipation also suffer from Insomnia.
  • I have cured 5 persons who were on sleeping pills within few hours.
  • The cure is eating sugar. 1/2 tea spoon every hour.
  • 6-7 times during the day will do the trick.
  • Within 24 hours the person will get relief from constipation also.
  • This will help in weight loss as well.

Last week another person was cured of Insomnia within 24 hours of starting the sugar eating program. Please remember if you skip sugar for one hour do not double the sugar intake in next hour. It is ok if you can take sugar 4-7 times in a day. At one point of time the sugar intake should not exceed 1 spoon.

Even if you build up good appetite, do you consume too much sugar at one point of time.

Eating small amounts of sugar (1/2 tea spoon) 6-7 times in a day is good for –

  • Insomnia
  • depression
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Bipolar 
  • Diabetics 
  • Heart Attacks and heart diseases
  • Constipation
  • Increasing Bone Mass
  • Lethargy
  • Mood Swings
  • Weight Loss 
  • Improving appetite

Low sugar intake after 40 is the only reason for weaker bones and osteoporosis, depression, Insomnia, Schizophrenia etc.

Insomenia – Depression – Sugar – News

Insomenia – Depression – Sugar – News

So far I cured 5 person of Insomnia and Depression within less then 4 hours of giving them very small amounts of plain table sugar with 3o minutes to 1 hour gap.

Recently I read the news that even small amounts of plain sugar is very bad for health. I wonder who is promoting such news. What the FDA and Indian Council for Medical research is doing amount such news items.

It is really a shame that govts does exist in this world and they do nothing about such things.

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

Metabolic syndrome – Tea – Blood Pressure – Blood Sugar

When I was studying in 12 some one told me that eating less and eta helps in improving the memory. Since I wanted to top the Examinations I started eating just enough to live. During 12th Class I started drinking 6 to 8 cups of strong tea or coffee during the day. Before my 12th class I was not a fan of tea. I hardly used to drink tea.

After my exams were over in March I stopped drinking tea. For next 1 month I was just sleaping. I was as if I have been drugged.

But the thing which I realised today was there was no head ache in the begining. I do not remember if there was head ache later when the withdrawal effects of tea were completely gone.

Later when I was around 40 I was drinking 3-4 cups of tea most of the days. But if I would drink any less tea or will stop drinking tea there were no extreme withdrawal symptoms of tea.

For last 5-6 years I am not drinking tea. But every 2-3 months I used to drink few cups of tea just to understand how tea works.

As I became more independent of tea, I came to realise that the withdrawal symptoms of tea were extreme difficult and unmanageable. For last 2 years now if I drink even 1/2 cup of tea that can keep me awake during the night.

The most important aspect is that if after drinking 1/2 or 1 cup of tea I stop drinking tea the next day I will have unmanageable head aches. I always wondered why it was so severe pain. Today there seems to be some explanation for that pain.

Tea diverts the total energy available in the body. The use of tea from the internal organs shifts to external activities. So if a person drinks tea once in a while this total energy shifts from internal organs to external activities.

A person who is habitual of drinking tea, this internal organs learn to work at much lower energy levels and hence cause metabolic syndrome. So if he stops drinking tea he will not experience extreme pain and discomfort. The reason is that his internal organs are used to working at very low energy. So when he stops drinking tea the energy does not shift to internal organs within 24 hours. It takes very long time for the internal organs to come back to full energy levels.

The pain happens when there is sudden shifting of the energy towards vital organs. The vital organs start working at a much higher energy levels. How exactly that happens may be some one who is reading this can help.

I will try to build up further from experiences that friends may share with me in coming days.

Depression – Low Sugar intake

Depression – Low Sugar intake

Depression – Low Sugar intakeDepression - Low Sugar intake

  • Joined gym in the last week of Feb 2014 to loose some weight.
  • Low sugar intake
  • On 15.03.2014 lost sleep and disturbing discomfort. For next 72 hours the situation remained tense.
  • On 17.03.20114 took 2 small spoons of sugar with 30 minutes gap. Ate a small icecream and gradual intake of sugar.
  • in 4 hours the comfort level came back.
  • Could get sound sleep.

Do not cut down on sugar intake drastically. Long term deprivation of sugar may have long term health implication which may be impossible to recover later.

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – Cancer

Weight Loss – Atkin Diet – CancerWeight Loss - Atkin Diet - Cancer

On 06.03.2014 there was health news – about the link between cancer and protein diet. Click here to see the complete story.

The research says that people who eat animal proteins are as likely to die of cancer as people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day.

Now that is something to consider. Atkin diet has been around for more than 70 years now. But a word has come out now in public about the diet.

There is still not a word about so many other aspects of atkin diet. There is still not word around about lack of sugar in diet. Lack of adequate amount of sugar is killing more people in the world then any other thing.

You may like to wait and see for yourself. Sugar is the most essential element of diet which is being ignored by all scientists.

The truth about Dr. Robert Atkin who made millions selling the Atkin diet

Dr. Atkin diet of heart ailments. He weighed 117 kg at the time of his death. And he was supposed to help the world get in shape. And I thought 117 kg is too much for a person to make such wild claims.

This is the dark side of media.