One Cure for All Diseases

Real Science of Human Body

Health and immune system of a person is decided by quality and quantity of Blood (Fluid). Whatever we eat and drink brings change in our blood. Blood (fluid) is the only thing that moves in our body.

Allopathy and Ayurved both use drugs and foods to bring a change in the blood to make changes to the health conditions. Allopathy uses injections as well to reach directly to blood to be able to bring changes in blood faster.

There are 1000s of minerals, vitamins, chemicals, molecules and bio matters in blood that determine the health of a person. The correct proportion of these health elements ensures perfect health with long life.

The worst part is that all these minerals, vitamins etc are inter linked. The change in one of the minerals bring huge changes in rest of the things (minerals etc.). There is no diagnostic system which can accurately detect the relationship of these things. Diagnostic is the biggest lie on this earth. It has almost no meaning.

There is no scientific study of the relationship between these minerals and vitamins. In fact the most foolish thing is to try – to understand the relationship between these elements. As per simple mathematics taught in class 11 & 12 the combinations (possibilities) of these relationships is 1 followed by more than thousand zeroes. There is no super computer which is capable of calculating these relationships even in trillion trillion trillions years.

The possibilities of relationships in 128 element health system (if we assume that the total number of minerals, vitamins and molecules in human body are just 128) is 3.85 x 10215. That is a very huge number to decipher even for a super computer. There is no possibility of making a super computer in next trillion years that can handle such a huge number.

Now think of 1000 or more health elements (minerals, vitamins etc). That is just a mad number.


Now understand what is the role of various blood tests and diagnostic procedures.

While cooking a dish, you add salt and red chillies. Let us say for a particular dish you add 2 spoons of red chillies and 2 spoons of salt to the dish to suit your taste.

If the cook forgets to add salt to the dish, you get a bland taste. You won’t feel the taste of red chilies. The moment you add salt to the dish you get back the taste of red chilies in the dish.

Same is the use of diagnostic results. If you are not getting sodium in the blood may be there is problem in some molecule in the body which is not allowing the sodium to remain in the blood. The moment that particular molecule is corrected, the sodium will be restored in the blood. There is no meaning to these tests unless you are able to read the tests in view of other minerals and health elements.

Allopaths, Ayurvedics and Homeopaths claim to decode such huge numbers. They must be very greedy people to cheat people with such numbers.


So what the 3 main medicines systems of the world are doing.

Allopathy, Ayurved and Homeopathy are keeping themselves busy in inventing new lies every day.

You may recall that 40-50 years back these so called scientists said that calcium supplementation will strengthen our bones. People kept waiting for more than 20 years and to their horror people found that their bones are becoming weaker inspute of huge calcium intake since birth. But later they said that calcium alone cannot strengthen the bones, we need vitamin D3 as well. Now it is accepted D3 and calcium do nothing for bones. What next???

The so called scientists are still waiting to invent the next trillion dollar lie.


What is the value of work done by these 3 medicines systems in last 1000 years – ZERO. Why?


So what is the solution

Let us try to understand.

Take a glass of water. Add 1 spoon of salt to water. Taste the water. If salt is more, you will add some more water to adjust it to match your taste.

If you feel salt is less, you will reduce water.

But no person with common sense, will add sugar or some other substance to make it palatable.


Now there is 5000 ml blood (fluid) in the human body.

At any given point of time some of the above referred health elements are in excess and some are in shortage. It is next to impossible for a super computer to calculate what is in excess and what is in shortage.

But Kidneys do this job without much fuss. The kidneys do this job without making any noise day in day out.

So to adjust the amount of any mineral in our blood, all that needs to be done is adjust the total amount of fluid in the body at any given point of time.

So the best course is to increase the water intake on Day 1 and stop drinking water on Day 2.


Life Style Diseases

The above routine of Day 1 and Day 2 takes care of Life Style imbalances causes due to wrong choice of foods and medicines.

So life style Diseases will disappear with removal of imbalances of minerals and vitamins. And that is free of cost.

And all the other infections, dengue, swine flu and E bola are all due to imbalances of fluid in the body. All these require adjustment of fluids and minerals.


Recap the Solution

Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water every hour except the hour meal is taken. Normal meals to be taken on this day. Try to cut down on tea and other liquids. Water intake from say 8 am to 7 pm. There should be no sugar or carbohydrates consumption this day.

Day 2 – No water or other fluids after 7 PM on day 1. So 7 PM on day 1 to 8 AM of Day 3 there will be no water or liquid intake. That is about 36 hours. Take 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour from 8 am to 7 pm.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 – Drink one glasses of water with 2 hour gap from 8 am to 7 pm. That makes it 6 glasses for the entire day.

If a person is very sick the water intake dose can be reduced to 100 ml or even less. Same for a child. The amount of water has to be keeping in view health and age of the person and body mass.


For cancer patients the above Day 1 and Day 2 routine can be repeated more often. ie. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 (Same as day 1), Day 4 (Same as Day 2) Day 5 (Same as day 1), Day 6 (Same as Day 2)



Or Salt can be given on one of these days during the year. Salt helps in cleaning up the body faster. Salt quantity has to be ¼ spoon per glass of water. Salt has healing and cleaning properties.




Due to cancer the digestive process suffers. The metabolism declines rapidly. But the vital organs need same amount of energy to run the body efficiently.

Some of the web site suggest to stop sugar intake completely to starve the cancer cells.

My personal view is that sugar is most important element in removing the toxins faster from the body. Sugar relieves constipation and help in better emptying out of the bowels. There is some logic in not consuming the sugar on the day water intake.


That will cure every disease on this earth.

This cure is better then allopathy, ayurved and homeopathy all put together by about 10 power 215. And that is such a huge number.

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