Pimple Acne Cure

Pimple Acne Cure


First I would like to recap the people and conditions that were cured –


It is shocking but true that dehydration in a planned way is the best cure for Pimples (Acne). I had acute problem of pimples through out my young years (14 to 25). They spoiled my life. I must have spent more than 80% of my time during these years fighting the inferiority complex due to Acne. I am sure most of the other people also feel the same way. What all I tried:

  • Drinking good amount of water
  • All sort of creams and lotions available in the market
  • Safi (Ouch the worst and most useless thing in the market. I must have spoiled my stomach by safi. It is pure poison. The people who make safi should be hanged till death. This is such useless product.
  • Washing my face 3-4 times in a day.


But believe me nothing worked. It worsened the condition of Pimples.


Oil, Dirt, fast food, Constipation, cold and cough, eating too much every other thing on the market is blamed for this.


The true cure is One Cure for All Diseases. Follow the water routines mentioned on the home page to get the best skin in the world. Every body is going to love your skin. You will be the first person to keep admiring your skin.


The product safi is based on the belief that it purifies the blood. What does it mean. See the home page to understand that manufacturers of safi cannot know for next trillion years – What is the meaning of Pure Blood.


The only way to get rid of oil, constipation, cold and cough etc is to One Cure for all Diseases.


Water Routine 1


I will recap the cure here for Pimple Cure –

  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water for 7 days.
  • Then practice dehydration for next 15 days. The water routine for dehydration period has to be –
    • Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water every hour from 8 AM to 7 PM. That is 200×12 = 2400 ml water for the entire day.
    • Day 2 – No water or other liquids on Day 1 after 7 PM. No water and other liquids for entire Day 2. No water and liquids for entire night of Day 2.
  • But remember it is not so easy as it looks like even for sports persons. In the begining – On Day 2 try to remain without water as much as you can. Probably till about 2 to 5 PM. After you start feeling uncomfortable starting drinking water but minimum amount of water that is necessary to make you comfortable.
  • Within 7 to 10 days you will develop enough stamina to stay without water for 36 hours.


Water Routine 2

This seems to be easier routine to implement.

  • Drink 100 ml water every 15 minutes after waking in the morning. This should be done for 3 hours. In all one will drink 12×100 ml water in 3 hours. Not very challenging thing to do in 3 hours.
  • In case this does not work, adjust the amount of water to 75 ml or 125 ml depending on the body weight.
  • After drinking water walk for 5 minutes or do some work standing or moving around.
  • Sit for 10 minutes. Or keep the movements slow.
  • For rest of the day do not drink any water or other liquids.
  • Next time one should drink water or other liquids is next day morning.
  • In case a person feels uncomfortable start drinking water in the evening at 6 pm for about 2 hours and then stop.

The above routine is to be done just once. Avoid drinking tea or coffee.


This routine will purify the blood in a matter of 7 to 10 days. The skin will become flawless. The most important you will not get that nasty cold and cough which spoils all the romance in those young years.

Gangrene – 

Results due to lack of blood supply to the affected part of the body. And dark eye circles are also said to be due to lack of blood supply under eyes. To heal the gangrene it has been accepted that eating sufficient amount of sugar is the best option.
Leave the option part. In the begining of this page you can see Gangrene link. My father had black nails 2-3 years before he got full fledged gangrene in his heals. He started eating 6-7 spoons of sugar every day (one spoon of sugar in one hour). In 6 months his nails turned perfect white. And his gangrene was also cured 100% cured.
It did strike my that even dark eye circles could also be cured by regulating sugar intake and by following above water routines until today. My daughter had dark eye circles since childhood. And amount of exercises and good eating habits and cosmetics could cure those dark eye circles. She started following sugar and water routines about 1 month back. Within one month her dark eye circles were gone and dark deep eye pockets were gone. I was associating that with water routines. But today it struck me that she had been doing water routines earlier as well. But there was not much improvement in her dark eye circles.
And remember that as a child she used to eat enough sugar but still she had dark eye circles.
So both the water routine and consumption of sugar in a regulated manner is needed to get rid of those annoying dark eye circles.

Notice –  Eating more sugar is same as eating no sugar. So do not eat too much sugar. 1/2 spoon per hour is enough. And you can not eat more than 1-2 spoons at a time to get the benefits of sugar. Spread out the sugar through out the day.

So today is the day for another very useful discovery.
But the people have habits which are difficult to break away from. I do have a number of options to manage the cure with alternative water routines. Do let me know your routine on whatsapp no. 9971730965 so that I can suggest a water routine keeping in view your habits which you find difficult to change.
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