Thyroid Disorder Cure

Thyroid Disorder Cure

Thyroid is responsible for regulating the distribution of energy in our body.

The need of energy can be divided in 2 sections. Internal and external. Internal need means the energy needed to support the life processes.  While human body is in complete rest condition (deep sleep) it needs energy for heart, brain, for functioning of other vital organs and life processes.

External need refers to additional energy that is needed to carry out day to day physical activities. This includes listening music or watching TV, walking and every other smallest activity.

When there is shortage of energy for our vital organs there will be thyroid disorder. Vital organs are given priority over rest of the needs of energy. This mismatch between internal and external causes thyroid disorder.

Thyroid disorder Cure

Energy is produced in the body during cellular metabolism. Glucose is burnt in the cells in the presence of oxygen and energy is produced.

Cellular metabolism (energy generation) requires glucose, fat and proteins and other minerals and chemicals. Out of all these glucose contribution is more than 85%.

Every disease is the result of wide spread inflammation.

Since glucose plays such an important role in cellular metabolism, please read the link between sugar consumption, diabetes and thyroid at – . This is link to my blog.

Besides steady supply of glucose to minimise inflammation there is need to increase the allocation of total available energy for vital organs and other life processes. This part can be taken care of by increasing the resting metabolic rate as detailed in point no. 2 of my blog.

There has been 100% results by using all the routines mentioned in the above link to lose weight as well as gain weight.

One of the main symptoms of thyroid disorder is weight gain and weight loss. Both getting effected in a matter of 7 days is clear indication that we are on the right track.

Thyroid Cure

Thyroid Cure

Thyroid Cure


Thyroid Cure

Thyroid gland is responsible for distribution of energy for various organs and subsystem of the body as well as physical activities. Thyroid disorder cause is conflicting demands of energy by different organs and sub systems of the body.


I heard about thyroid disorder in the family members since a very long time. People who took supplements to lose weight and actually lost weight got thyroid disorder after 3-4 years. Usually thyroid disorder does not start immediately or while a person is still going to gym.


So people are hesitant to really associate their going to gym with their thyroid disorder.


In fact it is not only Gym and supplements which are responsible for thyroid disorder. According to me every external physical activity which create a huge demand for energy on the body can cause thyroid disorder.


Today I met a 32 years man. I was surprised to see him. He had gained more than 20 kg of weight. I asked him how he gained such a weight in last 2-3 years only. He said that he has thyroid disorder. I asked him whether he had joined Gym.


He said that about 4 years back he joined gym. He used to be at Gym every day for 90 to 120 minutes. He was regular for 18 months at the Gym. He got some body shape as well. He had other health issues as well cervical pain, constipation, head aches etc.


In fact I discussed with some other diabetic people as well. They also suffered from Diabetes after they started physical exercise which will consume more than 15 to 20% of the total calorie intake of the day.


I just googled and found that there is link between thyroid disorder and diabetes. Diabetics have much higher prevalence of thyroid disorder.


Most of the people are hypothyroid in USA.


There is need to check while people are long time ygm and losing weight they should be hyperthyroid. And those who are gaining weight are hypothyroid.


Thyroid Cure


Let us consider a hypothetical situation – A person eats 2000 calories a day. He puts on some mild weight over the years. He becomes health conscious and joins Gym or some other activity. Average time spend in such activity 1 to 2 hours.


During the course of these activities the body will burn about 300 to 600 calories. But the calories generated by the body will remain same ie. 2000 calories or say 2050 calories.


To understand how the calories are produced read my blog at –


Now the body needs to cover the rest of the calories that are spent in Gym or other physical exercises. That can be easily covered by marginally reducing the calories earlier earmarked for vital organs of the body like – heart, kidneys, liver, brain etc. There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours. A reduction of 0.2 calories per minute will save 288 calories which is more than extra calories spent by the person in 1 hour at the Gym. That is also the reason for not losing weight after some time and start gaining weight after some time.


The main reason of the thyroid disorder is reduced resting metabolic rate. To increase the resting metabolic rate one should walk for 5 minutes or less every 1 hour of the day (about 8 to 10 times a day) – read the link to understand the detailed working of the calories and how resting metabolic rate will increase by doing small exercises –



The other part of the cure will involve removing the toxins that build up in the body when the vital organs are not getting sufficient energy to work optimally. For this one will need to detoxify the body. To detoxify the body one should drink 2.5 liters of water on day 1 and 0 to 500 ml water on day. For more details and calculation on – how this hydration / dehydration will help in detoxification of the body – read –


And do not forget to eat 1/2 spoon of sugar every 2 hours to permanently get relief from all associated health issues due to reduced resting metabolic rate.


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