Migraine Cure inflammation

Migraine Cure inflammation

Migraine Cure inflammation

I suffered from migraine pains for more than 10 years. With time migraine pain became unbearable. There was no slow down in migraine pain as I aged and crossed 50 years of age. I am 54.5 year old now.

Since 1.4.2016 I was following walking and rest theory (more details on my home page

I got substantial relief from migraine relief say more than 95%. Specially upto 30.9.2016 (when I was losing weight. Between 1.4.2016 to 30.9.2016 I lost more than 5 kg.) the pain used to disappear within 2-3 minutes after starting walking and rest.

During 1.10.2016 to 25.5.2017 the migraine pain came back. But it was not very severe.

I started cutting down on food around 25.5.2017. I reduced my food intake by more than 50%. I was shocked that there was no migraine pain during this period even when I tried triggering pain by indulging into things which would have triggered pain like drinking tea and than stopping tea next day.

I read 3 years back that all diseases and all health conditions are caused due to inflammation. Since than I have been studying inflammation single minded.

According to me inflammation is caused when there is mineral imbalance in the blood. The source of this imbalance could be minerals in cells or gap between cells. Read my Wiki Page to understand the distribution of fluids in body.

I would still like to maintain that migraine is caused due to lack of energy allocated for the brain. And inflammation causes further loss of energy. And this is substantial energy which is lost.

Walking and rest increases Resting Metabolic Rate and total metabolic Rate. So that provides substantial relief from migraine pain.

But as Resting Metabolic Rate increases by relying more on glucose and Fat stored in the body, the amount of food that we were eating earlier becomes excessive causing inflammation.

I repeat inflammation is caused due to excess of minerals in the body in any of the compartments of fluid in the body. Or in short we can say excess food intake also causes inflammation.

Even when minerals are not absorbed by the body in blood and does not reach cells, the excess food intake itself causes inflammation when excess food is to be excreted from the body.

Summing up – Migraine Pain

  1. Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within house after getting up in the morning.
  2. Rest for 15 minutes in bed after walking.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times step 1 and 2.
  4. After every 1 month reduce food intake by 10%
  5. When you reach a situation when you start getting migraine again increase your food intake and maintain at that level. That is the optimum level of food intake for that person.
  6. At step 5 person will have minimum inflammation providing substantial relief in lot of other health conditions as well.

Sepsis epilepsy cure

Sepsis epilepsy cure

Sepsis epilepsy cure

Earlier I shared the health conditions of my father in 2014. He had sepsis and then multiple organ failure. Doctors said that there is no possibility of this recovery and he cannot recover from semi conscious state.

But he did recover and was completely independent.

I tried finding out what worked in his recovery. Posted my thoughts about the factors which might have helped my father recover.

I shared my thoughts, but no one corrected my thoughts.

In Nov 2016 my father suffered from sepsis again. Again he was in semi conscious state for more than 15 days. Same way doctors opined that he will not survive.

I did the same thing that I did 2 and ½ years back and he recovered.

But then his improvement was taking time, as I had been trying to find the exact cause and did not give up medicines as I did in 2014.

This time I found that epilepsy medicine was the main problem which was denting his recovery efforts. I spoke to my friend doctor and took a calculated risk by cutting down his epilepsy medicine by 50% and there was perceptible positive change in 12 hours. Still it took me more than 15 days to completely stop the epilepsy medicine.

Since that day there has been consistent improvement in his health.

I some areas he has recovered better then he had recovered in 2014. To the best of my understanding his brain has started working much better than it was working after 2014. That is still to be seen for next few months.

If he continues to maintain the improvement in his brain functioning then epilepsy and other brain related conditions can be completely cured without any medicine.

The thing that seems to be working is –

One day my father takes saline water (1.25 grams of salt in a glass of water). 3-4 glasses of water during day time.

Next day my father takes 3-4 glasses of water without salt. In addition he takes 2.5 grams of table sugar every 1 or 2 hours.

So far there is no seizure and he is without epilepsy medicines for last 30 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

The scientists claims of slowing down aging process is faulty.

Water is the biggest inflammatory item.

One of the group was given water alone causing inflammation.

The other group was given a drug to remove the toxins of the metabolic process. These toxins must be removed with the help of fluids in cells.

You do not need drugs to remove the cellular toxins.

Dehydration is natural detoxification process.

Hydration is the process of supplying nutrients to cells and dehydration is the process of removing the metabolic waste.

Planning hydration and dehydration cycles is the key to not only slowing down the aging process but reversing the aging process.

This drugs itself will become the biggest toxins in the due course of time. The body will fight hard to remove this drug.

It is better to read my blog rather then reading these useless scientific studies.

In the present study water giving with the drug is used up to remove the drug and thus is spent causing less inflammation. The other group of animals were giving pure water. Pure water became toxic in the absence of the drug. The other group could be tried with reduced water intake and then it will reverse the results.



Are Almonds Good for your Heart

Are Almonds Good for your Heart

Are Almonds Good for your Heart

Almonds may boost cardiovascular health in diabetic Indians

You can not stop research from publishing half truths.

Almonds are rich in oils.

Oils are bad for cardiovascular health.

Diabetes ups risk of heart diseases.

Which of the above statements you are going to trust?

What is the job of researchers?

Waste public money, give no value to people who paid them money to help them.

I personally cannot make head and tail of such statements.

Neither almonds are good for heart nor bad for heart. It is right quantity of minerals in the body that is good for health.

It is impossible to attain perfect mix of all minerals. Stop wasting money on researchers.

Use your money wisely. Save your money on newspapers which promote such useless things.

Read www.healthyindianow.in for perfect mineral balance in the body.

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process
Slowing Down the Aging Process





The recent research claims that reducing the calorie consumption can slow down the aging process. The following is the link to the research.

Cutting down on calories can slow ageing

The research seems to be based on the recent news items where the people who lived longest claimed that the secret to their longevity is low calorie consumption.

This is not even half truth.

Inflammation is the main cause of every disease and aging process. That is a claim which can be termed as scientific to some extent.

Inflammation happens when there is excess of something in the body. The body tries to get rid of the excess through inflammation process.

So yes, when you eat in excess (excess means more then what your body or cells can process) than inflammation will happen causing speeding up of the aging process.

Whatever one eats, has to be converted into energy. That energy has to be used. So when there is imbalance between these 2 inflammation takes place to get rid of the excess energy produced in the body or excess food that we have eaten.

To attain this perfect balance between energy produced and energy spent is a difficult part.

The moment you start promoting the concept of low calorie consumption, people will go to the other extreme and eat very less.

Mal-nutrition happens when you eat less then what your body needs. Mal-nutrition also causes inflammation.

How Mal-nutrition causes inflammation?

Cells are metabolic units in the body. Cells need different minerals and other chemicals in a particular proportions. When a person starts eating less that proportion of different minerals gets disturbed. These disturbed proportion of minerals creates excess of some minerals. And now this new proportion of minerals will cause inflammation.


Let us say that cells need the mineral A and B in the ration of 40:60. Further let us say at a particular time the absolute values of mineral A and B are 400 units and 600 units.

Now we start cutting down calorie intake and in the process we reduce mineral A to 300 units while keeping mineral B to 600 units.

This will cause inflammation. Resulting into body trying to get rid of excess of 150. Because now the right proportion is 300 units and 450 units to maintain a ratio of 40:60.

Now one has to understand that it is next to impossible to figure out what is perfect ratio of minerals to be maintained. All the blood tests and other recommendations of the mineral balance is a complete lie. This all is farce and fraud that must be beaten down.

To understand the basic maths in support of last para read www.healthyindianow.in

Only way to bring about right portions among the minerals in the body is – hydration / dehydration process and increasing the resting metabolic rate.

Cutting down the calorie consumption is never ending process. This will result into severe mal-nutrition in most of the cases.

To increase the resting metabolic rate follow step 2 of the www.healthyindianow.in

Inflammation and causes of inflammation

Inflammation and causes of Inflammation

inflammation and causes of inflammation

It is most important to understand inflammation for a perfect health. We need to examine different health conditions and see how the inflammation would have caused that particular health condition.


Every exercise/ activity causes inflammation.


Diabetes is high blood sugar then what is perceived to be normal. Beyond this simple statement, there is no scientifically proven fact about diabetes.

So following is my theory of how inflammation causes diabetes.

First some accepted facts about diabetes –

  • Glucose is metabolized in the cells in the presence of Oxygen to produce energy to run life processes.
  • Glucose is converted / derived from the food that we eat.
  • It is accepted that diabetes is not caused due to high sugar consumption essentially or high consumption of carbohydrates.
  • Even if Diabetics do not consume carbohydrates and sugar and take medicines, the blood sugar keeps increasing after some time inspite of adequate amount of insulin injections.
  • That diabetics have other health conditions as well even when they start medicines.
  • Blood sugar is managed within 60 to 100 (Fasting) and 100 to 140 (PP) when pancreas is working properly and cells are not insulin resistant.
  • Sugar act as a buffer and maintains the blood acid level within a very tight range.

Blood sugar is the outcome of conversion of food into glucose as well as destruction of tissues cells, use of FAT, Proteins etc to meet the needs of glucose in the body.

However the point to be noted is that blood glucose should be maintained within this tight range of 60 to 140.

When blood sugar goes beyond this range it causes inflammation.

Let us close our eyes and think how this inflammation would be working to ensure tight control of blood sugar.

The blood glucose needs to be delivered to the cells for cellular metabolism. Let us think that there is a conduit for delivery of glucose to the cells. This conduit has a fixed capacity to carry glucose to the cells. When more glucose is pushed in this conduit, it causes inflammation and swelling in that conduit. This inflammation and swelling causes stoppage of glucose further to the cells saving the cells from any damage due to excess glucose.

Now this conduit is very small (much less then the thickness of human hair). After some time the conduit bursts due to swelling and accumulation of glucose at the sight of inflammation. That causes lot of fluids to be released from the cells to flush out the cell debris from the site of inflammation. That explains the excessive urination in the case of diabetics.

Since cells all over the body are involved in releasing fluids for flushing of the debris excessive thirst is also experienced.

Now since there is excessive movement of fluids in the body to deal with the inflammation, there is kidney damage as well as skin conditions to the diabetics.

On this blog under the heading, you will read how eczema (a skin condition) is treated within 6 days in a person suffering from it for more than 10 years by restricting the fluid intake. That also supports the above theory.


  • More then 50% people having diabetes also suffer from high Blood Pressure. So there is some link between the inflammation process for both.


Keep checking this page.

This page will be updated regularly on day to day basis.

Inflammation, Cancer and AIDS

Whole world will die of cancer and AIDS if people do not start looking at inflammation from my perspective.

But nothing to worry about. There is lot of time for people out there to form an opinion.

30-40 years back it was claimed that calcium and vitamin D3 is good for bones. But results after 40 years show that people have poor bones now they they had 4- years back. The predictions for next 20 years are scary.

Same is true with every other supplement and mineral being introduced. The only difference now is that the results are out much faster.

Omega 3 and 6 have been thrown down the drain in less then 5 years now.

Recommended Daily Allowances and Inflammation process is to blame for every thing. The way the world looks at inflammation is wrong.

RDAs are fixed in most unscientific basis. People take money from pharmaceuticals and would not mind forming any RDAs. Soon this money and RDA will kill most of the corrupt.

Inflammation is the process which removes the excess of minerals, vitamins from the body.

Inflammation process is very dangerous process in that – Inflammation not only removes excesses from the body. Inflammation causes the body to shut down to anything that is in excess in the body.

The moment calcium deposits go beyond the demands of the body, it stops absorbing any calcium at all. RDA will then kill the people.

Same is true with sugar and salt. There are minimum and maximum amounts of every thing that the body needs. When ever the supply in the body breaches these minimum and maximum amounts the availability of these minerals and vitamins to the cells (which carry out the basic metabolic process of the body) becomes zero.

That causes cancer, AIDS and every other conceivable disease on the earth.

Inflammatory and Non Inflammatory Foods

Desperation of Scientists is manifested in the statements branding the foods as inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

The same foods are consumed by billions of people every day without causing any inflammation. Just because a food causes inflammation in less then 0.1% of the population, the scientists have termed the foods as inflammatory.

Milk and other Diary products, wheat etc are branded as inflammatory. These cause celiac and other auto-immune system related diseases.

Tea is Anti-inflammatory but causes inflammation (acidity) in more than 20% of the tea drinkers some time in their life.

It is not the food which is inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is sign of a food not getting accepted in the body. That food is in excess. That food may be too deficient. That food needs to be excreted from the body urgently.

Chronic inflammation is the cause for every disease. Chronic inflammation is the cause for aging as per scientists today.

Water causes inflammation the most. The reason – when water is in excess it makes digestion difficult. Excess of water causes less absorption of nutrients in the body.

There is very strong need to re-look at the inflammation aspects and theory.

Milk Causes Inflammation and Diseases

Inflammation is the Cause of all diseases on this earth. There are certain foods that promote inflammation in our body. Even aging is the result of inflammation. For more information about what is inflammation click on –


If you look for the food that cause inflammation – milk and diary products are on top of the list. The reason seems to be the raging controversy about the disadvantages concerning milk. It is understood in scientific circles that 95% of the Asian population stops digesting milk after the age of 5 0r 6. So upto the age of 5 or 6 milk does not cause inflammation unless consumed in very high proportions. After the age of 5 or 6 milk and diary products will cause inflammation.

Other top listers include wheat or gluten found in wheat. In certain societies wheat is consumed on daily basis without any break. Whenever a tasty dish is made, wheat consumption goes in over drive mode.

3th category consists of Sugar. Usually there is over indulgence in sugar since it is not voluminous and does not give the feeling of satiation when consumed in excess. Sugar is one of the most essential elements for mental health. Off course right quantity makes a difference.

4th category consists of oils. Same goes with oils. So there are excesses in consumption. Oils are also very essential for the body. Lack of oils will result in constipation, piles and other diseases.

Fruits is suggested as a food which helps in relieving the inflammation. This can not be further from truth. Fruits contian

To my mind anything which the body can not digest will cause inflammation since the body has to throw it out of the body without digesting or processing it.

I personally do not thing that the real cause of inflammation is any of these products. Omega 3 and Omega 6 were star products 2-3 years back. Now Omega 6 in wrong proportions is supposed to cause inflammation.

None of the above products are bad per say. Avoidance of the above products will result in over indulgence in other some other products after 2-3 years. Then some news will be coolly dropped that these foods are bad for health.