Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro is 50-50 partnership between Delhi Govt and Central Govt. The objectives of any government has to be –

  • Social welfare
  • Honesty
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reasonable profits on investment

There is nothing wrong about earning profits by Central and State Government.

But profit earning objectives cannot be unreasonable and a torture to the public.

During peak hours the cost is 1/3 or even less of the cost of carrying pessengers during off peak hours. 90% or more of the cost is fixed cost. Cost of laying the track, manning the operations is fixed, cost of the train is fixed. That means if more people travel in the train then the cost will fall drastically. So if the cost during off peak time is Rs. 30 for a trip, during peak hours the cost of the trip will be Rs. 10 or even less.

Recently fares have been increased. For morning and rush hours the fare is higher by 11.11% as compared to off peak hours.

During peak hours people do not even get enough air to breath. This is plain un-acceptable. Government is making torture to the people a profit churning exercise.

This is high insensitive on the part of the govt. And there is no protest against this type of unreasonable actions of the govts.

We are becoming unresponsive and dead.

Sign the petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of our country to make changes to Delhi Metro Fares which are reasonable. Do make profits by all means. But not by being barbaric. Do make fun of the miseries of the people.

Click Here for petition

We can grow together. We can scale life together.

Let us petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of India

Those who want to join the Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court please give your mobile numbers in comments.


Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Not even water is chemical free.

Even water is a chemical having a chemical formula. H2O

Dip your hands in water for 2 hours and see the results.

Excess of every thing is bad. Do not use any face wash or soap more than 2 times in a week.

For best skin care read the following –

Hydration dehydration cycles remove all kinds of imbalance from the blood.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

#### Intermittent fasting####

Day 1 – Eat 50% of your food intake with 80% reduction in your water and other liquid intake.

Day 2 – Eat normal food and normal water.

**When a person is doing this, he can skip hydration dehydration cycles.**

For explanation of the above read my blog.

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-09

Weight 75.8 kg.

Steps 21263

Time 3 hours 50 minutes

Calories 2446

Distance 12.4 km

Missed the target by 300 grams.

Possible reasons – Excess water intake, excess sugar intake, less sleep.

Will try to cover up tomorrow.


2 Large size Aloo Pranthas – 500 calories

200 gram curd with 3 spoons sugar – 250

Biscuits – 100 calories


3 Roti with Fried Manchurians and rice – 600 calories

Calf Muscle cramps continue. Keeping in view that I am sports person and used to playing for more than 2 hours at a time, the muscle cramps indicate that I am burning much more calories then the app is showing. But results matters.

I think I should scale down my target. It is difficult to lose 10 kg weight by 30th April 2016.


81 Year old Diabetic Cured

Blood Sugar and Blood pressure Cure

My mother is 81 year. She had open heart bypass surgery done in 1992.

She has high Blood sugar. 2 arteries are blocked for more than 7-8 years now. She has high blood pressure and is on medicines for that as well. She was recommended pace maker about 6-7 years back. She had several hospitalisations in last 2 years. During each hospital admission there is huge pressure on us for getting a pace maker. But we have been avoiding pace maker on the belief that pace maker is harmful and causes sudden death.

Main concern during hositpalisation was that – blood sugar is going very low or very high. She had gangrene as well last year. She is on insulin for last 25 years or more. Her insulin was 3 times in a day. 25 units in morning. 10-15 units in after noon and 20 units at night.

For last 4 months she is taking 4-5 spoons of sugar every day. She takes 1/2 spoon of sugar at a time or say 1/2 spoon in one hour.

Gangrene gone. Blood sugar less then 200 all the time and not going below 100. Insulin 5 to 10 units once or twice a day. Blood pressure medicine reduced. Condition very stable. Better energy levels.

Keep checking for updates. Subscribe to the feed for regular updates.

Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

According to article on  alcohol may help in inducing sleep in a person in short term. But in long run it may stop working and may cause insomnia as well as other medical conditions.

Alcohol has high level of sugar.

My experience with Insomnia is as under –

Those with insomnia have low sugar tolerance. If they consume sugar in large quantities they can not digest sugar at all. So to cure insomnia I have tried to consume very small quantities of sugar (1/4 spoon to 1/2 spoon) 6 to 10 times in a day.

That helped people falling asleep in a matter of hour. The quality of sleep induced by the above system was terrific.

I simply wonder – if the things are so simple why so many people in the world suffer from Insomnia.

I request people to help others by telling their sugar eating patterns and habits. Mention of body weight in addition to sugar consumption will help in drawing valid conclusions.


Tofranil bed wetting killer medicine

Is Tofranil promoting bed wetting

Tofranil bed wetting killer medicine

Tofranil is a medicine prescribed for treating bed wetting for last 30 years or more.  link mentions that deaths have been reported due to overdose of this medicine. But it still remains FDA approved drug.

I would appreciate if some one could provide more details about year wise sales of tofranil in various countries.

The status of bed wetting among kids and adults will also be a relevant information. I guess that all these years incidence of bed wetting among kids and adults must be increasing.

The reason for above (if that is true) is that the medicine tofranil could be promoting bed wetting.