What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

It is said that in diabetes cells become insulin resistant. Still we target to deliver more insulin to cells – if cells have become insulin resistant, then it is counter productive to deliver more insulin to cells.

Second if insulin is delivered in blood directly it brings about a change in blood sugar levels immediately.

But when we deliver the insulin under the skin it spreads slowly through intricate network of veins and bring change in blood glucose swiftly.

Why do we measure blood glucose when we need to supplement insulin in the body. We can measure insulin shortage in blood and supplement insulin based on those readings.

I doubt whether any study has been done to check the effectiveness of insulin delivery in the blood.

One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

One plus 6 and samsung galaxy S8

Both these phones have similar price. But which one should one should buy.

If you want to buy a second hand mobile go far S8.

These days every few months the power of the processor increases dramatically. Buying a product that was released 1 year back it worse then buying a second hand mobile.

Second hand S8 would come much cheaper. If you must buy Samsung Galaxy S8 because of brand value, You will get a second hand at less than 1/4 of the price of new one these days.

I am not kidding or making a fun. Buying second hand mobile is no way a bad idea. You get a super phone for pea nuts.

Iphone 6 would be a winner hands down.

I would personally like to go for Mi 7 or 8. It seems mi has decided to skip Mi 7 and go for Mi 8 instead of Mi 7.

Amitabh Bachchan Is Angry

Amitabh Bachchan Is Angry

Amitabh Bachchan Is Angry

This is in response to news item at –


The copy right Act provides 60 years of copy right. Amitabh Bachchan has expressed anger at the limitation provided in the Act. That is very mean.

The society provides a lot. The audience provides a lot of value to any work. The publisher and there are 100s of other people whose efforts go into promoting any artist or any other creative work.

Even after enriching for 60 years how can a person as big as Amitabh be so mean to curse the law makers.

In fact there should not be any copy right.

There is not a single family whose 3 generations have been successful. Including the families of our Gods.

The family who sits on money of parents is wiped out from this earth.

He should be happy that he got so much money from the work in which the whole society has contributed their blood.

Let there be an end to all these mean thoughts.


Aircel upc porting codes

Aircel upc porting codes

Aircel upc porting codes

All should give feedback of the mechanism suggested by TRAI for provision of mobile numbers for generation of Aircel upc porting code.

Aircel porting code generation is biggest ever security breach suggested by anybody in the world till date.

The contact numbers of TRAI are as under:

Contact Us

Head Office

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India 
Mahanagar Doorsanchar Bhawan (next to Zakir Hussain College)
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg (Old Minto Road)
New Delhi: 110 002
E-mail ID : ap(at)trai(dot)gov(dot)in
Phone No. : 91-11-2323 6308 (Reception)
FAX No. : 91-11-2321 3294 (Reception)

Regional Offices

  1. TRAI Regional Office – Hyderabad 
    Room No 31-35
    Regional Telecom Training Center, BSNL
    Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032.
  2. TRAI Regional Office – Kolkata
    Bharat Bhawan (1st Floor),
    3, C. R. Avenue,
    Kolkata – 700072
    West Bengal.
  3. TRAI Regional Office – Bangalore
    Ground Floor, Telephone House
    No 1, Rajbhavan Road
    Behind General Post Office (GPO)
  4. TRAI Regional Office – Bhopal
    Telecom Museum Building, Near Arera Telephone Exchange,
    Arera Hills, Bhopal -462004
    Madhya Pradesh.
  5. TRAI Regional Office – Jaipur
    Ist floor, Sanchar Bhawan, Institutional Area,
    Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur-302004

The current system is most inefficient and cause biggest ever security risk on the part of TRAI and Aircel.

All subscribers should be sent upc porting code by sms without their having to make a request for the same.

Seeking requests from subscribers for generation of upc porting code is a stupid idea.

TRAI caused biggest security risk of all times

TRAI caused biggest security risk of all times

TRAI caused biggest security risk of all times

The mobile subscribers face the biggest security lapse of losing their mobile numbers due to non availability of the UPC code.

Aircel has been stupid in giving the customer care numbers for generating the upc code (porting code).

The most efficient way to generate these codes could have been by sending the sms to every subscribers without their having to make a request for the same.

This is a security lapse.

It would take much less time and resources.

Aircel upc porting code biggest TRAI security lapse

Aircel upc porting code biggest TRAI security lapse

Aircel upc porting code biggest TRAI security lapse

Aircel has given mobile numbers wherein by calling a person can get upc code also known as porting code.

Since beginning these numbers are not working. The information has not been shared correctly.

Now the situation is that the mobile recharge dealers/ shops have been entrusted with the information of the sim number and mobile number by the customers.

The dealers can now give the mobile number for porting to anybody.

Let us a man has a girl friend. His friends know that. They get the MNP done in their name. And talk to his girl friend.

So this is the biggest security lapse caused by TRAI by suggested such a stupid system of sharing the porting code. Since beginning people are facing the problem.

Since all subscribers are to be given porting code, they could be sent more economically and systematically by  Aircel by using SMS. It will cost much less resources as well time.

Hope TRAI wakes up anytime sooner.

First circle customer care numbers were issued circle wise but the information was not shared properly. So dealers in Delhi were trying Chennai circle number for first 10 days.

Now there is problem of SIM number and mobile numbers not matching.

There is no need for matching these numbers if Aircel send sms with porting code on every subscribers sim number.



Aircel porting code upc

Aircel porting code upc

Aircel porting code upc

For aircel porting code upc follow the following procedure –

Dial the following number based on your location –

1     J & K                 9858012345
2     Chennai          9841012345
3      Rotn                9842012345
4      Kolkata           9804012345
5       WB                   9851012345
6      Orissa                9853012345
7      NE                       9856012345
8      Assam                  9854012345
9      HP                       9857012345
10     Bihar                   9852012345
11      Delhi                   9716012345
12       AP                        9700012345
13        Kerala               9809012345
14        Karnataka       9738012345
15        Mumbai               9768012345
16        UP(E)                    9807012345
17         UP(W)                  9808012345
18         ROM                       9762012345
19           Gujarat                  9722012345
20          Haryana                  9802012345
21          Madhya Pradesh         9806012345
22              Punjab                          9803012345
23            Rajasthan                     9782012345

And follow the instructions.

The porting code for Aircel starts with D.

Next letter of porting code for Delhi is D.

So for Delhi porting code starts with DD.

Usually the IVR starts with chose your language – Hindi is 1

whether you are aircel customer – yes – 1

Enter your 10 digit mobile number

Enter last 5 digits of your sim number.

After that it calls out upc code. For hearing the upc code again and again press star *.

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You will never need to go to a doctor in your life.

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro Fare Hike Unfair

Delhi Metro is 50-50 partnership between Delhi Govt and Central Govt. The objectives of any government has to be –

  • Social welfare
  • Honesty
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reasonable profits on investment

There is nothing wrong about earning profits by Central and State Government.

But profit earning objectives cannot be unreasonable and a torture to the public.

During peak hours the cost is 1/3 or even less of the cost of carrying pessengers during off peak hours. 90% or more of the cost is fixed cost. Cost of laying the track, manning the operations is fixed, cost of the train is fixed. That means if more people travel in the train then the cost will fall drastically. So if the cost during off peak time is Rs. 30 for a trip, during peak hours the cost of the trip will be Rs. 10 or even less.

Recently fares have been increased. For morning and rush hours the fare is higher by 11.11% as compared to off peak hours.

During peak hours people do not even get enough air to breath. This is plain un-acceptable. Government is making torture to the people a profit churning exercise.

This is high insensitive on the part of the govt. And there is no protest against this type of unreasonable actions of the govts.

We are becoming unresponsive and dead.

Sign the change.org petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of our country to make changes to Delhi Metro Fares which are reasonable. Do make profits by all means. But not by being barbaric. Do make fun of the miseries of the people.

Click Here for Change.org petition

We can grow together. We can scale life together.

Let us petition to Delhi Chief Minister and Prime Minister of India

Those who want to join the Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court please give your mobile numbers in comments.


Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Is Himalaya face wash good for the skin?

Not even water is chemical free.

Even water is a chemical having a chemical formula. H2O

Dip your hands in water for 2 hours and see the results.

Excess of every thing is bad. Do not use any face wash or soap more than 2 times in a week.

For best skin care read the following –

Hydration dehydration cycles remove all kinds of imbalance from the blood.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

#### Intermittent fasting####

Day 1 – Eat 50% of your food intake with 80% reduction in your water and other liquid intake.

Day 2 – Eat normal food and normal water.

**When a person is doing this, he can skip hydration dehydration cycles.**

For explanation of the above read my blog.