Updated IBS Cure

Updated IBS Cure

Updated IBS Cure

Last updated answers on IBS cure mentioned about drinking water with meals on dehydration days.

However the feedback from people indicate that it delays the complete recovery from IBS and sometimes IBS comes back as well.

There were much better results with complete dehydration for 36 hours.

Now updated IBS cure is as under:-

Day 1 – Drink 150 to 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3,4,5,6,7 – Drink 150-200 ml water with each meal. Total fluid intake 500 to 600 ml in the day.

This will help you with not feeling thirsty later.

Day 8 – Drink 150 to 200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 9 – Drink No water/ fluids (no liquids) from evening of Day 8 to morning of day 10.

Day 10 to day 14 – Drink 150-200 ml water with each meal. Total fluid intake 500 to 600 ml in the day.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning at normal pace.

After walking rest for 5 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 to 6 times in the morning and 3 to 6 times at night before sleeping. If you feel tired by walking so many times, you can walk 10-12 times in the entire day for 5 minutes each time.

For detailed explanation of the above click on – http://www.healthyindianow.in

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation CeliacAcidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

The connection between acidity (GERD) and Sinus –










I treated my father of sepsis caused due to lung failure by hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


That was based on my own treatment of sinus and common cold and cough with hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


To relieve cold and cough doctors do advise people to drink lot of fluids. So they must have seen some people getting relief from drinking water to relieve cold and cough.


Yes that is true fluid imbalance causes every disease in the body. If a person from chronic dehydration, that can become cause of cold and cough and acidity.


Connection between mouth ulcers and Acidity












Have doctors ever advised you to increase your water intake to get rid of mouth ulcers. I was advised by doctors to increase my water intake. Everybody that I walk to says that they never heard that mouth ulcers can be cured by restricting water intake. And everybody could cure mouth ulcers by restricting water intake for 12 to 18 hours. For permanent relief they had to reduce their daily water and other fluids intake.


Connection between Constipation and Acidity







Treated my father and lot of other people suffering from chronic constipation by hydration / dehydration cycles. These hydration / dehydration cycles correct the fluid imbalance which is the main trouble maker.


Connection between Bed Wetting and Acidity


There are no links that I could find. But I could cure bed wetting of my children by increasing their water intake. Another child was cured of bed wetting by adding a pinch of salt in water and helping the child reduce the water intake. So it was all about fluid imbalance, hydration / dehydration cycles helped restore the fluid imbalance of the body.


And there are theories that acidic food and citric food causes increase in bed wetting. That is an indication that acidity however mild may be the cause of bed wetting.


Connection between IBS and Acidity














Connection between Celiac and Acidity














I treated both IBS patients and celiac patients with hydration / dehydration cycles to restore the fluid balance in the body and results were shockingly fast.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Child, 18 year old, under weight and nutritional, height 5’10”, weight 42 kg.

He was suffering from IBS. Used to take leave 8 to 10 days in a month due to stomach pain. Used to go to toilet to empty stomach shortly after meals.

During this period I had seen the side effects of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water. But I was still highly convinced that drinking this water 1 hour before meals could do the trick in every disease.

So I suggested the same to him. I gave him 1 glass of water 1 hour before meal. after 15 minutes another glass of water. One more after 15 minutes. next 1/2 hour nothing. Then he had normal daily meal.

Next day he was very happy. He said that there is no stomach pain. He did not go to toilet. I was too happy for him.

But after 3-4 days he said it is back to the same position.

That irritated me. I was sure by this time that it is water which is responsible. I asked him to stop taking any liquids for 48 hours. And he complied with that. No fluids for next 48 hours.

It has been more than 5 years now and there is no sign of IBS. I take regular feed backs from him.

After few days he told me that he used to get mouth ulcers round the year and there was complete relief from that as well.

After about 6 months he told me that he used to get leg pains as well. He told me that he has got complete relief from leg pains as well.

I read that Celiac disease and IBS have a lot in common. Large number of people who have IBS also have celiac disease. But I have not had an opportunity to try this for celiac disease so far.

Constipation Cure

Constipation Cure

Constipation Cureconstipation cure


Patient Details

  • Age 80 years
  • Constipated for more than 50 years.
  • Regular medicines for constipation
  • Last 2-3 years needed enema every 2 months or so
  • Epilepsy for more than 25 years
  • On tagritol 400 mg for 25 years
  • Altered sensorium
  • Sepsis, multiple organ failure
  • CKD stage 5
  • Osteoporosis and bed ridden for last 2-3 years

Constipation Cure

  • Used One cure for all diseases for 2-3 months
  • consumed 6-8 spoons for sugar orally daily
  • ate soft diet for 3 months


  • Not bed ridden any more
  • active and independent
  • No medicines for constipation any more
  • Still follows the water routine once in a month
  • reversed osteoporosis

No more medicines for any of the diseases listed above.

Age reversal has set in. He is improving every day.

During winters he reduced water intake and had seizures every 3-4 days. In February water intake was increased and since then maintaining the fluid balance. No seizures for last 3 months.

Constipation Cure

The patient details:

  • Age 52 years
  • Heart disease
  • normal weight and height
  • Good water intake in past
  • Met with an accident and was bed ridden. She broke her pelvis bone and could not take side turn.
  • Took syrups and other laxatives. But nothing was helpful.

Stopped passing stool after 2 days of being confined to bed.

Water intake maintained at around 2.5 litres a day.

Problems – She had to pass urine 40-50 times in a day. Gas started building up. After every hour she will have a feeling to pass stool, but there was no motion / stool for last 5 days.


  • Stopped water intake for 24 hours.
  • Passed stool in about 12 hours.
  • Since then passing normal stool every day.
  • Mainly water intake on very low side for one day and on second day 1500-2000 ml water.
  • This is the only cure of constipation