How much water one should drink

How much water one should drink

How much water one should drink

The symptoms of hydration and dehydration are same –

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • dark coloured urine
  • dry mouth
  • joint pain
  • dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Weight Gain
  • Pre-mature aging
  • Recurring Sickness

Some of the symptoms you may find on the links mentioned above. I have experienced all the above in both the cases.

One may try experiencing first hand – drink 2 litres of water within 30 to 60 minutes and than check your joint pains. But I would like to warn that it dangerous to drink so much water within a short time. Click on the above link. Dehydration is not as risky as overhydration.

I have treated number of people by dehydrating them for 24 hours. The diseases or conditions treated by me include – constipation, mouth ulcers, bed wetting, back pain, sciatica pain, sinus, cold and cough, dry skin, dry mouth and breathlessness.

For reasons of these conditions one may refer to the home page of the blog

Here I would like to share some of my personal experiences as well as some of the news items –

My personal Experience

My father was admitted in hospital ICU in June 2014. It was super specialty hospital. The team of doctors attending on him declared that he cannot recover even if taken to the best of hospitals. The cause of admission was high heart rate, followed with seizure, followed with fracture, followed with pain killers, followed with sepsis and multiple organ failure.

I fought with doctors and asked them to change his medicines. I do not know much about medicines. I conveyed to them that they should simply give medicines which cause opposite symptoms as compared to the medicines being given so far. They were furious. But they did that. In 48 hours he recovered. But in the opinion of doctors he was still no good and will die in few days.

I followed hydration / dehydration cycles (details on my home page). He recovered completely and survived. Net fluid lose in next 48 hours was 9 to 10 liters.

In September 2016, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Jaya Lalithaa) was admitted in hospital with dehydration and infection and she eventually died. The best doctors in the world attended on her. But she could not be rescued.

In Nov 2016 my father again suffered from acute dehydration and seizure. He was again admitted in hospital and RT tube was inserted for feeding him.

After 4 days of being on IV fluids he slipped into semi conscious state and stopped responding to any stimulus. I changed the hospital to gain some time without IV fluids. I was on road for 5 hours to more than 3 hospitals. Every where the doctors will examine him and seeing no hope of recovery will deny the admission.

After 5 hours he regain consciousness and started responding.

Again he was administered IV fluids and he was in semi conscious state after 2 days. Again the same response from doctors.

I again insisted that IV fluids should be removed. I signed the documents and refused to be administered IV fluids at the hospitals. After 24 hours he regained consciousness.

Next 48 hours I followed hydration / dehydration cycles and he was shifted to chair.

Now as of today he is fine and recovered. During last 3 months lot of hydration / dehydration cycles were repeated and he lost considerable fluid.

After all this I am entitled to be called the best expert in the world on hydration / dehydration. Better then any other human being on this planet.

I recommend not drinking more than 2 to 2.5 liters of water in 24 hours. And reducing water intake to 500 ml at least once in 10 days.

Trust me there is no way to calculate an ideal quantity of water that should be taken regularly. It depends on food and liquid intake of last 24 to 48 hours. Even if a person eats the most nutritious food, it will cause an imbalance calling for more frequent hydration / dehydration cycles.

That is the only way to ensure best hydration and disease free condition.


heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

heart diseases cancer stroke and balding

Read the above link and my posts on bed wetting.

Bed wetting is an indication that the kidneys are not optimally or that there is excess or less water and other fluid intake.

Fluid overload is the only possible cause for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

This will eventually leads to increased risk of cancer.

To be healthy and live a long healthy life we must investigate fluid over loading and its long term implications on health.

This will lead to perfect health.

Diseases are being dealt with very lightly by the irresponsible authorities.


What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

The leading web site lists the causes of bed wetting –

  • The child cannot hold urine for entire night. If this is the cause then cure has to shorten the night.
  • The child does not wake up when his bladder is full. If this is the cause then cure has to be – do not allow the child to sleep through the night.
  • The child produces large amount of urine during evening and night. For this cause the bed wetting children have been suggested not to drink fluids during evening and night hours. Last 100 years have gone by without any improvement in the incidence of bed wetting.
  • The child has poor day time toilet habits. This is funniest of all.

And to top all the bed wetting is inherited. So the cure of disowning the parents is not possible.

There is still more funnier cause – poor bladder control. This cause is the reason for diabetes and hypertension which is killing 40 to 50% of the people of this world. And this is likely to go up. This is something like you have a vessel to store water at your home and it is over flowing. Now instead of turning off the tap these scientists will tell you that you have a smaller vessel and you should wait till the vessels grows and the over flowing of fluids will stop on its own.

Urine is Liquid/ consists of fluids.

So there is fluid mis-management in the body.

This should be the cause. And this should be cure.

Anything beyond this is not scientific.

Now look at some of the drugs available and own admitted performance stats of these drugs.

And these drugs have lot of side effects besides having no curative effect on bed wetting. Children have been reported to have died due to these drugs. But governments are doing nothing about such practices by pharma companies. It was shocking for FDA to issue to caution to the parents while giving these medicines to children.

There is no independent study to prove the efficacy of these drugs.

Cut short the crap.

click on for perfect fluid management of the body and get rid of the bed wetting in 48 hours.

This click will make sure your child lives a healthy and trouble free life.




Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

Acidity Sinus Constipation CeliacAcidity Sinus Constipation Celiac

The connection between acidity (GERD) and Sinus –,,20529772,00.html


I treated my father of sepsis caused due to lung failure by hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


That was based on my own treatment of sinus and common cold and cough with hydration / dehydration cycles meant to correct fluid imbalance in the body.


To relieve cold and cough doctors do advise people to drink lot of fluids. So they must have seen some people getting relief from drinking water to relieve cold and cough.


Yes that is true fluid imbalance causes every disease in the body. If a person from chronic dehydration, that can become cause of cold and cough and acidity.


Connection between mouth ulcers and Acidity


Have doctors ever advised you to increase your water intake to get rid of mouth ulcers. I was advised by doctors to increase my water intake. Everybody that I walk to says that they never heard that mouth ulcers can be cured by restricting water intake. And everybody could cure mouth ulcers by restricting water intake for 12 to 18 hours. For permanent relief they had to reduce their daily water and other fluids intake.


Connection between Constipation and Acidity

Treated my father and lot of other people suffering from chronic constipation by hydration / dehydration cycles. These hydration / dehydration cycles correct the fluid imbalance which is the main trouble maker.


Connection between Bed Wetting and Acidity


There are no links that I could find. But I could cure bed wetting of my children by increasing their water intake. Another child was cured of bed wetting by adding a pinch of salt in water and helping the child reduce the water intake. So it was all about fluid imbalance, hydration / dehydration cycles helped restore the fluid imbalance of the body.


And there are theories that acidic food and citric food causes increase in bed wetting. That is an indication that acidity however mild may be the cause of bed wetting.


Connection between IBS and Acidity


Connection between Celiac and Acidity


I treated both IBS patients and celiac patients with hydration / dehydration cycles to restore the fluid balance in the body and results were shockingly fast.


Bed Wetting Doctor

Bed Wetting Doctor


I have 2 children, Elder is son and younger is daughter.


In my younger days I myself used to wet the bed. The bed wetting continued till about 15 years of age. I use specs. I got grey hair at an early age. I had sinus and recurrent cold and cough problems since my younger years.


My parents tried all types of cures. But there was no benefit of any of these.


After the age of 40 my problems increased. My eye sight started deteriorating faster, I started getting more frequent cold and cough with severe body pain. I started getting severe sinus problems.


My son started wetting bed from the of 5 or so. When my son was around 10 year old, he used to wet the bed upto 3 times in a cold night (winters). It was very annoying to change the mattresses 2-3 times during winter nights.


Around this time I started experimenting with  “Water Routines”. Essentially drinking about 8 to 1 glasses of water a day. I found that it was extremely useful to my health. I almost recovered from all health problems in about 10 days. I was shocked.


I forced the water routine on my children as well. Even though I felt that their problem of bed wetting with aggravate, I did not consider bed wetting to be an issue at all in view of other health benefits which I saw from drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


But to my shock I found that my son stopped bed wetting within 2-3 days after starting water routines. I was shocked. I told about this experience to my brother in law. His son was about 4-5 year old at that time. My brother in law also did the same and his son also stopped wetting the bed immediately.


Same was the case with my daughter as well. She was not wetting the bed that frequently. But after implementing water routines, she also stopped bed wetting almost in 2-3 days.


I took me years later to convince 3-4 more friends to implementing the water routines. And every one as shocked.


I have been talking to lots of people about the side effects of bed wetting. I am more than convinced that bed wetting results in –


  • Poor eye sight
  • Graying of hair at early age
  • frequent cold and cough
  • sinus
  • Poor bone strength.


The water routines that help in curing bed wetting in a matter of few days are mentioned at the home page.

Bed Wetting Cure

Bed wetting is caused due to fluid imbalance in various compartments of the body.

My son, daughter and 4 children of my friends stopped wetting the bed within 3-4 days by following the following water routines.

Kids whose water intake is less then normal

  • They should be encouraged to drink 50-100 ml water 10-12 times during the day.
  • The water intake should be evenly spread over the day. Almost one water serving every hour. Time is important factor.
  • The water intake should not be restricted during evening or just before the bed time.
  • Water intake even few minutes before going to bed will have no adverse effect on bed wetting.
  • After a week or so, let the child decide his water intake. Do not force. By this time the body would have adjusted the water intake needs and will demand on its own.

Kids whose water intake is more then normal

  • Add a pinch of salt in 3-4 serving of the water.
  • It will cause the water to stay longer in the body and the child will tend to drink less water on its own.
  • The reduction in water intake should be carefully monitored.
  • After 7 days the addition of salt to water should be stopped. The body would adjust the water intake automatically.

In most of the cases bed wetting will stop in 1-2 days. At the most it will take 6-7 days.

In case of relapse, repeat the above steps for 2-3 days and the problem will be resolved.

Side effects of bed wetting

There could be more side effects of bed wetting. I have experienced and seen the following side effects in children who suffered from bed wetting.

  • Poor eye sight
  • graying of hair at young age
  • cold and cough, sinus etc

Bed wetting in Adults

Adults may try the following for bed wetting cure:

  • Day 1 – Drink 200 ml water 10-12 times during the day with one hour to 90 minutes gap. Avoid tea and most of other liquids. Normal meals.
  • Day 2 – Drink no water or other liquids for entire day. That will make it almost 36 hours without water if you add night hours as well.


Do not continue drinking water 10-12 times a day for rest of life. Drinking so much water is harmful. Let the body decide how much water it needs.

Bed Wetting Cure

Doctors will run away from any Discussion on the subject

I have been on facebook for last 3-4 years now. I have written to many doctors about the bed wetting cure but no one has commented and looked into the same seriously.

In the beginning when I posted the bed wetting cure, a doctor (Indian) from USA asked me not to mislead public that the medicines for bed wetting are bad and have serious side effects. He said the medicines have been around for very long time and are perfectly safe. He dared me to search internet for the medicine.

I spent next 2 hours searching internet for the medicine. I found that the medicine was responsible for –

  • causing death of children.
  • FDA was seized of the matter for more than 25 years and did nothing about the same
  • The common side effect of the medicine was swelling on the face – which is caused due to water (fluid) retention.
  • That medicine is basically ADH – which promotes retention of fluids in the body and hence the side effects.
  • It was rocket science and FDA could have acted on the reported side effects.
  • The scientific community agreed that they are not clear how the medicines work
  • The medicine was effective only for the period when medicine was taken
  • The medicine was recommended only for night out of children so that they are not embarrassed
  • The medicine was never recommended as a cure.

My school mate is a Pediatricians

So I shared my experiences with him. Asked him to give comments. I followed up a number of times during last 3-4 years. He was always busy and never able to look into health concerns of the children.

I have not received his comments till date. I did not ask for discussion on the subject but only a comment whether he thinks that I could be wrong some where.

Stop trusting the medical community


How much more time you wanted to give the science. You may like to read at –

My suggested bed wetting cure was promptly deleted by wikipedia experts saying that it is not credible.

After that I questioned the credibility of the information available at wikipedia article by making  the changes in wikipedia article. Following is copied from the above link –

  • Insufficient anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) production
    A portion of bedwetting children do not produce enough of the anti-diuretic hormone. As explained above, the body normally increases ADH levels at night, signalling the kidneys to produce less urine. The diurnal change may not be seen until about age 10.[8]
  • But more credible sources say that ADH is not insufficient among kids wetting bed.[30]
    Excessive urine production is due to an inadequate amount of, or inadequate response to, antidiuretic hormone ([ADH]) at night. ADH regulates urine production by increasing water reabsorption in the kidney, and a lack of ADH leads to an overproduction of urine, often beyond the capacity of a child’s bladder.[24]

I gave a credible link which is USA govt authority which contradicted the first finding (by a not so credible authority, may be sponsored by pharma cos involved in selling the drugs using ADH).

Both the links are visible at wikipedia article. None has been deleted. Wikipedia is not taking any stand. It has been almost 2 years now.

I have squarely blamed FDA for last 3 years. So many articles are available on my web site. FDA has not woken up. Retweet this article to wake up FDA so that FDA can really do something about it.

How much more time you want to give medical establishment.

I am really tired of all this.

Bed Wetting Cure Best option

Bed Wetting Cure Best option

Bed Wetting Cure Best option – The earlier option was to drink lot of water (if the child was dehydrated and there was severe imbalance in the body).

Bed Wetting Cure Best option
Bed Wetting Cure Best option

If the water intake was very high in case of any child, the earlier recommendation was to add 1 pinch of salt 3-4 times in the water. That ensured the required reduction in fluid intake. In some cases there could be repetition of bed wetting in next season.

Now I feel that too much salt is something parents will not be comfortable with.

It was sort of permanent cure but does not seem to be best option.

The best option is –

To drink water 50 to 100 ml every 30 minutes for 3-4 days

or in case of a child who drinks too much water – 1 pinch of salt should be added for 3-4 days. Once the water intake is reduced, the child should practice the water routine mentioned on Home page.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – DDAVP has been approved by FDA to treat bed wetting long back. Some deaths of children have been reported from the use of this medicine. FDA made statements in the media that it will monitor the situation and issued advisories to the parents.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine
DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

That is the funniest FDA can get to.

I would be thankful if some one could tell me the sales figures of DDAVP over years from 1990.

I guess that –

  • Since the sale of DDAVP started, every year the sale must be increasing multi fold.
  • Bed wetting among kids must be increasing
  • Bed wetting among adults must be increasing.

But I wonder who is the right authority – government or otherwise to analyse the above facts.

The main side effects of DDAVP are –

  • Headache, Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness, Nosebleeds

The medicine system has not found any cure of any of the above conditions. I have been offering perfect cure, cause, reason for the above conditions. You can see more details about Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness and nosebleed on sinus link.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – responsible for long term side effects and poor quality of life of such children.

Medications to Treat Bed Wetting

Medications to Treat Bed Wetting

The above link advises that the parents should not use medications to treat the bed wetting of their children.

I could not agree more to the above statement. But for a responsible web site on medicines, it is a gross statement.

Bed wetting does not happen without a cause. If bed wetting goes untreated and well in time it leads to poor eye vision, poor respiratory system, early loss of hair, cancer, poor immune system and many more health conditions.

For an organisation with huge resources, it should take more than few days to reach to these conclusions. If people are really serious of the bed wetting conditions they can force the government to come out with specific findings on the subject.

There is no reason for me to believe that bed wetting is not connected with cancer.