Cancer Cause and Cure

Cancer Cause and Cure

Cancer Cause and Cure

Cancer is caused due to medicines taken for diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease.

To get to the conclusion lets look at the symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases before a person starts taking the medicines.

There are no symptoms in 90% of the cases of any of the above. The fact is that these happen all the time during our life.

Whenever resting metabolic rate falls lower than a set standard the body uses the counter measure like increase in blood sugar, blood pressure increase and increase in cholesterol to increase the resting metabolic rate. Medicines cause the resting metabolic rate to remain low.

Increase in blood sugar, increase in blood pressure and increase in cholesterol ensures that the glucose delivered in the cells for the metabolic activity remains at the same level and side effects of vicious negative cycle low resting metabolic rate can be avoided.

What the medicines for blood sugar, blood pressure and heart disease ensures that your body remains with low resting metabolic rate for long periods. That is the cause of cancer.

Low resting metabolic rate means there will not be sufficient energy for vital organs of the body to function properly.

The trouble starts when we start taking medicines for these.

Google other places to your content. Focus the symptoms of these health conditions are not there.

But once you start taking medicines for these there will be side effects. And all the side effects will be similar.

Most common side effect of diabetes, blood pressure and heart medicines is feeling tired all the time.

And the same is the symptom with cancer. Cancer causes increased fatigue and very low immunity.

Low level of immunity can be cured in 48 hours with hydration dehydration cycles as mentioned on Home Page

Getting rid of tiredness and fatigue is rather long term. But you can see the change in 7 days.

So think again before you start taking any of the medicines of the modern day.



Does polycystic ovary syndrome cause diabetes?

Does polycystic ovary syndrome cause diabetes?

Does polycystic ovary syndrome cause diabetes?

PCOS is part of metabolic syndrome.

Diabetes is also part of Metabolic syndrome.

But PCOS is not the cause of Diabetes.

Cause of PCOS and Diabetes is low Resting Metabolic Rate.

Read the wiki article on metabolic syndrome. Also google whether PCOS is metabolic syndrome.

Even if a person is not diabetic he is very likely to become diabetic and suffer from Bp and other ailments.

To cure PCOS and other group of diseases read my blog. Check my profile for link to my blog.

Hydration dehydration cycles will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

Read my blog for more details and / Or watch my you tube videos at – rajinder bhalla

**In brief hydration dehydration cycles is as given here -**

Day 1 – Drink 150 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm. Reduce meal size by 20%. No other fluid/ liquid.

Day 2,3 – Drink 150 ml water 1 hour before each meal. Total fluid intake 450 ml in the day. Reduce meal size by 20%.

Repeat for 2–3 weeks.

**To get best results increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) as well by doing the following**

Walk for 5 minutes at easy pace within your home in the morning. Reduce the meal size by 20%.

After walking rest for 15 minutes in bed.

Repeat the above 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night before sleeping.The more you rest after walking it will be better. The recommendation of 10 minutes is keeping in view busy schedule of people. 30 minutes is ideal.

#### Intermittent fasting####

Day 1 – Eat 50% of your food intake with 80% reduction in your water and other liquid intake.

Day 2 – Eat normal food and normal water.

**When a person is doing this, he can skip hydration dehydration cycles.**

For explanation of the above read my blog.

hypertension and doctors

hypertension and doctors

hypertension and doctors

This should come as a shock that more than 50% of the doctors suffer from some form of hypertension.

That should also come as a reflection of the efficacy of current medicine systems and theory in general.

There is not a single statement of medicine professionals which can be taken without any doubt.

Salt is blamed to be top most reason for high BP.

About 10 years back I started consuming 2 full spoons of table salt by adding that to water that I used to drink during the day. So my liking for salt also increased and the salt intake in the form of snack and meals also increased. The same routine was followed by my wife and my children. During this time the average water consumption was 3 to 4 liters of water per day spread out evenly during the day.

I am 54 years old now. So 10 years back I was around 44.

I continued the salt intake by adding salt to water for about 18 months. At the end of 18 months I noticed some water retention in my feet. My BP was 150/100.

I stopped adding salt to water. Did not try to reduce snacks and salt in meals. After about 1 month my BP dropped to 110/70.

My wife is about 50 year old. Her BP is also around 110/70.

BP of my children is about 95/60. But health wise they have no symptoms and have very high stamina and like sports. But not playing sports now for last 4 years.

To best of my mind there is no direct association of salt and BP. The main culprit is water along with salt. Salt increases thirst. That causes increase in water intake.

Currently I do not take more than 700 ml water a day. Once in 15 days I take about 2500 ml water and once in 15 days I take about 200 ml or no water at all.


Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Kidney failure – high creatinine swelling and high blood pressure

Case 1

Patient Details – Age 30 years. Suffered from very high BP for last 2 years. Was on BP medicines. Started dialysis on 2.3.2017. The weight before dialysis used to be 74 kg and after dialysis 70 kg. His creatinine was 14.

Contacted on 24.2.2017 at 2 pm. Suggested him to take ½ small spoon of sugar every hour since his sugar intake had been very low since childhood. That was done to check the inflammation with direction to stop sugar intake for 1 day after every 2 days.

He was suggested to walk for 5 minutes followed by bed rest for 30 to 60 minutes and to keep repeating it the whole day. Minimum repetitions suggested to him were 10 to 15.

After 36 hours urine output increased. The burning sensation while urinating disappeared completely.

After 10 days his weight was 69 kg before dialysis and after dialysis 68 kg. His creatinine was 5.6 and he had no symptoms of kidney failure. His BP also fell below 100/60 on two occasions shortly after taking BP medication.

He did hydration / dehydration cycles twice after this. After hydration / dehydration cycles his got cough and fever and started sweating very heavily. These are all indications of the body releasing excess water stored in. He even got some blood in cough for 2 days. With medicines he got immediate relief.

Now there is no weight gain even after 5 days after dialysis and inspite of drinking 2 litres of water every day.

Case 2

Age 80 year. June 2014 India. Summers.

Multiple organ failure started from lung failure induced sepsis. Stayed in ICU for more than 20 days. During this period his urine output decreased to 0 in 24 hours and he was put on CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) for 24 to 30 hours.

Doctors rule out recovery. I asked the doctors in writing to stop medicines or reverse the medicines. In 48 hours he was back to his recovery. After he was shifted out of the ICU room I repeated the hydration / dehydration cycle very strictly. During this period of 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he lost 10 litres of fluid through urine.

And his lungs started recovering. It took a total of 2 to 3 months to completely recover and be independent of all support for his daily life.

Case 3

Age 82 years. Nov / Dec 2016.

Seizure/ epilepsy. The patient did not recover from seizure for more than 5 hours and was shifted to hospital. He was put on anti seizure medicines. And in next 3 days he shifted into semi conscious state where he stopped responding to any stimulus.

Again the doctors ruled out recovery. Again I asked them to withdraw IV fluids. After about 24 hours he regained his consciousness fully. But could not move his limbs.

After withdrawing IV fluids asked them to start water intake. I had to struggle a lot to make the doctors agree for water intake since sodium was already on lower side border.

After 48 hours of hydration / dehydration cycle he was shifted to chair.

But his recovery was slow or negligible.

After 10 days I stopped epilepsy medicines and other medicines completely.

After withdrawing the medicines I did one more cycles of hydration / dehydration. After the dehydration cycles he was sweating very heavily for next 48 hours. All his swelling due to IV fluids etc disappeared completely. It was shocking because during Dec / Jan the temperature in Delhi is less than 4 degree C.

There is striking similarity in case 1 and case 3. In both the cases it was winter. Though there was huge difference in temperature at 4 degree and 20 degree. But in both the cases the excess water was lost by heavy sweating. In both the cases the weather temperature was less then body temperature.

To understand and appreciate the concept of hydration / dehydration cycles read at One Cure for All Diseases

Acidity & CKD BP Heart Disease stroke

Acidity & CKD BP Heart Disease stroke

Acidity & CKD BP Heart Disease stroke
Acidity & CKD BP Heart Disease stroke


Curing Acidity (GERD)
GERD is caused due to fluid imbalance in the body. Kidneys are responsible for fluid balance in the body. So GERD is indicating of failing kidney functions.
CKD Patients’ High Rate Of Acid Reflux May Be Leading To Serious Complications
Poor kidney function is associated with high Blood pressure
Heartburn And High Blood Pressure – The Connection
GERD and heart disease connection is also there.
Heartburn or heart attack: When to worry
And these 3 conditions are associated with stroke as well
Heart Attack, Stroke, and Angina Symptoms
My Personal Stories and some people, who got my help.
Curing GERD is simple and easy in 48 hours.
Kidney Stones and Subsequent Acidity
I had kidney stones for 3 years in a row. The stones were small and I went to doctors in time. The stones were removed by giving Diuretics, anti biotics, drips of saline water and muscle relaxants, through urine.
This was shocking. I was an all rounder. I was a sports person who would love to play any game that was going around. Sports was my first love. We were taught that sports is good for health.
The doctor told to drink 6 to 8 litres of water daily. After first year kidney stone I took special care to drink enough water. But inspite of that I developed kidney stones. I was confused. I was worried.
Around this time, I suffered from acidity. I could hardly eat anything. Even if I drank water, I felt that I was full upto my throat.
I could not tolerate any spices or oily food.
I took ant acids, injections, medicines. I took lot of care in deciding what I should eat.
Nothing worked. Every passing day the things were getting worse. There was no improvement.
I stopped taking interest in business. I started studying health related matters on internet. I was shocked to find that there was no cure for any ailment. All my life I used to believe that doctors can cure any disease.
Now it was only health and nothing else. I thought if I am healthy, I can earn money for 30–40 more years. Otherwise I will end up spending all money on doctors and hospitals.
Today I am 100% fit. No health issues. I can work for 16 to 20 hours a day. I did not spend any money on my treatment.
To cut the long story short. I experimented on hydration / dehydration cycles and found that these can cure any disease. I found that dehydration is equally important along with hydration.
If any wants to get 100% relief from acidity without any medicine in 48 hours –
Day 1 – Drink 100–200 ml water every hour from 7 am to 6 pm.
Day 2 – Do not drink any fluids. Or drink as little as possible. If you find it difficult to stay without water and other fluids for 36 hours at a stretch, minimise your water (fluid) intake on this day.
You may not get 100% relief in 48 hours in case you could not stay without drinking water on day 2.
But repeating Day 1 and Day 2 every week will give 100% relief in a month or so.
Thereafter every month repeat day 1 and day 2.
As things progress – You may repeat day 1 and day every time there is change in the temperature of more than 10 degree centigrade.
An Interesting story
I was discussing my experiences of hydration/ dehydration with a group of yoga instructors. During the course of discussions the yoga instructors mentioned that they suffer from acidity in a big way.
I was surprised. I could not answer. But I kept looking for an answer.
Later I found an answer to the acidity problem of yoga instructors.
Yoga has some breathing exercises. During these breathing exercises CO2 is exhaled. CO2 is slightly acidic.
When a person starts yoga, he feels over all improvement. Most of the well to do people have acidic build up in their body. By doing breathing exercises, the acid load of the body starts reducing.
In few months the person recovers from acidic body. Now his body becomes too alkaline.
The acidity problem is faced when there is acid build up or alkaline build up.
Later I asked the yoga instructor
to stop drinking water for 36 hours.
I also suggested him to stop yoga for 7 days.
After 36 hours he was completely cured of his acidity.
To me – cure means – no restrictions of meals. Once a person is cured of acidity he can eat any oily thing in any quantity.
Not that I recommend such poor choices of food. But that is the meaning of cure to me. And one must indulge in such things once in a while.
For more info look at my blog. For information of my blog look at my profile.

What Causes Blood Pressure

What Causes Blood Pressure

What Causes Blood PressureWhat Causes Blood Pressure


  • Blood Pressure is taken of Arterial Blood (Fluid).
  • Arterial Blood is 7% of total body weight.
  • Total body fluid is 70 to 75% of the total body weight.
  • So about 65% of the fluid is in the cells and between the gap in the cells.
  • Arterial blood supplies nutrients to the entire body.


Brain Storming to check the possibilities

  • Let us say that arterial blood has to service 10 sq meters of area with the job of delivering the nutrients.
  • Due to some reasons the arteries are not able to deliver the required nutrients to the area.
  • Let us say blood travels at the speed of x speed to service 10 sq meters.
  • Now if it has to service 15 sq meters it will need to increase the speed by 1.5 times (1.5 x).
  • That will cause high Blood Pressure.
  • The other way to service the increased area would be to load more nutrients in per unit of blood.
  • That will cause high blood sugar.


What can cause increase in the service area


  • The size of the stomach is 200 to 250 grams. So there is a limit to which a person can overeat food.
  • A person can drink water from 500 ml a day to 8 – 10 litres a day.
  • The excess is not only excreted. It is stored in the cells of the body as well over a longer period of time.
  • More nutrients are needed to service excess water in the cells.
  • The excess of supplements and vitamins can also cause the increase in the service area.
  • The change in the mix of minerals can also cause increase in the service load.


Since last 3 months I have been trying to cure type 1 Diabetic patient with hydration / dehydration cycles. I am very close to complete cure. The patient is not able to restrict tea intake. Tea is causing increase in urine frequency and that is the culprit today. Otherwise the patient is more or less cured.


Get back to this web site again after few days to get the update on the patient.

High-Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Reasons, Diabetics, Hypertension

My understanding on which this article is based

  • Blood pressure, Diabetics, Heart Disease and Stroke are metabolic syndrome diseases. One thing leads to other.
  • Metabolism is energy intensive process
  • During sleep the metabolic process drops to 5 to 10% of the day time levels. So there is 90% or more drop.
  • During sleep the body carries on the process of repair. It is during process that the excretions of the body are processed. Proper working of the body during sleep should ensure morning Bowel Movement and emptying of the Urine Bladder.
  • Fasting, rather morning Blood sugar is lower then random sugar reading during day time.
  • After a person is diagnosed with Diabetics he stops consuming sugar still his blood reading shows high glucose content.

What could cause High Blood Pressure, Diabetics, Heart Disease and Stroke

During day time the body converts the sugar stores into blood glucose. This blood glucose is used to run our vital organs. The vital organs use about 80 to 90% of the total blood glucose produced. Vital organs like Heart, Brain, Kidney liver etc. These are very important organs and they get the first priority in allocation of the glucose available in the body.

The physical movements of a normal person consumes only 10 to 20% of the total Blood Glucose.

People who eat Lunch around 1-2 pm and dinner around 10-11 pm would not have proper metabolic process during sleep to digest the food that they would have eaten at 10 pm. The lunch sugar would have been used since it is 8-10 hours instead of normal gap of 5-6 hours between 2 meals.

What will happen in such cases.

The vital organs would have to depend on the blood sugar available at the time of sleep. There is no fresh blood glucose generated. The glucose stored as FAT and which is easily accessible in used in few years. Then there is no easily accessible glucose stores in the body.

As a result the blood glucose start falling short during night. The working of the vital organs suffers. The process of eliination/ excretion also suffer. This causes build up toxics in the body.

When the body carries this extra toxics in the body, this extra toxics starts the destructive process of killing the cells to extract the blood sugar. This weakens the nerve system, muscles and heart. This toxic is kind of extra burden which has to be carried continuously in the body. This is also the normal defence system of the body.

The areas/ facts which are important to support the above theory but there is not much study on the same are as under –

  • A pre-diabetic is a person who reports high fasting blood sugar in the morning and low blood sugar after a meal.
  • A normal person who is not diabetic should report low fasting blood sugar. If he does movements without eating anything after getting up in the morning, his blood sugar should drop. But as per my calculations his blood sugar will increase. That means which metabolic process simply shuts down during sleep.
  • After getting up in the morning the metabolic process starts and the break down of sugar stores starts without eating any anything. If the person has not eaten any thing that would mean there is break down of sugar stores of the body.
  • After studying the above pattern the following solution will emerge as a solution –

Short term Solution of Diabetics

Eating more sugar before going to bed. That ensures better bowel opening in the morning. Which kind of testifies that the vital organs carried out the work during sleep more efficiently.

Taking early dinner so that sugar stores are more accessible to the person during sleep.

Due to toxic build up in the body the cell death continues. The cell death causes the metabolic process to suffer further. The ability to digest the plain sugar comes down during day. Because cell death is providing enough of the blood glucose in such a situation.

As a defence system the toxics starts killing the beta cells which are responsible for producing insulin.

But still I personally would consider eating good amount of sugar just before going to bed a right course of measure. The most important thing seems to be proper and efficient working of the vital organs during sleep. If toxics can cause high blood sugar then lack of any toxics can regenerate the beta cells of the pancreas. This will also be defence system of the body. There is no system in the body which works only in one direction.

A request to people in medical field to carry out more studies to find out the patterns of blood sugar.