What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance

It is said that in diabetes cells become insulin resistant. Still we target to deliver more insulin to cells – if cells have become insulin resistant, then it is counter productive to deliver more insulin to cells.

Second if insulin is delivered in blood directly it brings about a change in blood sugar levels immediately.

But when we deliver the insulin under the skin it spreads slowly through intricate network of veins and bring change in blood glucose swiftly.

Why do we measure blood glucose when we need to supplement insulin in the body. We can measure insulin shortage in blood and supplement insulin based on those readings.

I doubt whether any study has been done to check the effectiveness of insulin delivery in the blood.

Mouth Ulcers

A 60 year old yoga instructor is diabetic. He is following my water routines for last 15 days and consuming sugar.

On 6.11.2015 he complained of mouth ulcers.

I was sure that it is time to stop water intake. But as the protocols have been in medicine industry, I suggested him to drink at least 2500 ml water on 7.11.2015 and then stop water intake from 8.11.2015 and that he will be relieved of mouth ulcers by 6 PM. I was almost sure of the time as well.

On 8.11.2015 morning he called up to say that he s feeling that his eye lids are fluffy. This was another signal of excess fluids. I hoped that by late evening his eyes will also become normal.

He also complained that his thumb is feeling hot.

  • By 5.45 Pm he called up to say that his mouth ulcers have disappeared
  • His eyes are improving.
  • His thumb is becoming hot and sometimes cold.

I hope my 9 PM both of these complaints will be resolved.

He introduced another gentleman for treatment of diabetes. But I wanted to be double sure before taking more people for various cures. So I asked him to wait until the Yoga Instructor is completely recovered of Diabetes. That may be another 1 or 2 months.

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Diabetes Cure

Diabetic cure

The symptoms of Diabetics are – Thirst and frequent urination. So it has to do more with the fluid management of the body. The cure lies in better fluid management of the body.


High Blood pressure (Hypertension) – The first line of treatment is diuretics which are meant to increase urination. So Blood pressure has to do with fluid management of the body.


Where the problem might lie in case there is excess fluids in the body?


The arterial fluid of a normal person is 5 to 6 litres. But we all know that body is 70-75% water. A person weighing 40 to 80 kg will have almost same arterial fluids (5-6 litres). The rest of the fluids are stored in cells and between the cells.


Following links highlight that people with diabetes or hypertension are more likely to have the other condition (High Blood pressure and Diabetes). That also highlights the need for better fluid management of the body.







During night the body carries out the repairs. The body tries to get rid of the toxins first thing in the morning. So the first thing that is done in the morning is complete the elimination process by excreting the toxins in the form of bowel movement and urination.


Bed wetting occurs in the age group 4 to 14 years. See bed wetting from the toxins point of view. As soon as a kid sleeps the body starts working towards achieving the best possible ratios of different things in the body. When the body finds that fluids are stored in excess of the required quantity it processes for the elimination of the same. Once a capacity is reached it gives up and the person urinates in bed. It has nothing to do with kids learning better bladder control. In fact the bladders become ineffective and that gives rise to other ailments in the body like sinus, poor eye vision, gray hair, joint pains, poor bone health etc.


The cure to bed wetting that I found by accident was to increase the frequency and the amount of fluid intake of the children upto the time of going to bed. That helps the child eliminate the unwanted toxins of the body during the day. So the child gets relief within 12 hours from bed wetting or in worst chronic cases in 48 hours.


Now there were other kids as well who were drinking too much fluids and still wetting the bed. Their bodies were highly alkaline. There was an imbalance of fluids in cells and outside cells. Loss of essential minerals from the cells will force the body to remove all excess fluids from the cells at night. In such a case if salt intake is increased of the child for 2-3 days the child gets relief from bed wetting.


Frequent urinations will result when body is too acidic or too alkaline. In both the situations the body will store excessive amounts of fluid in the body.


In one standalone case, a person (42 years) was cured of blood pressure (150/100) and diabetes (350 fasting) in 6 days by alternating fluid intake of 3 litres a day and 500 ml next day.

Diabetes Symptoms and Cure

Diabetes symptoms are –

  • Frequent Urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry Mouth

All the symptoms can be easily managed by regulating water intake.

Drink 200 ml water every hour on Day 1.

Drink no water or other liquid on day 2

Within 10 days, you will have complete control on frequent urination as well as thirst.

Check the definition of Allopathy on Google. Allopathy manages symptoms and nothing else. The above suggested method of symptoms management is best and fastest.