Asthma – Inflammation of Respiratory Organs

Some links with credible sites must be gone through before reading my personal experiences. I am not in agreement with the web sites. These links are given to give my impartial views.

  • Asthma and Allergies are due to extreme inflammation of the respiratory organs.
  • Airways narrow and swell.
  • Extra mucus

Since childhood I had sinus, severe cold and cough, sore throat. No ashtma for me.

As I aged (I am 52 now) my conditions worsened. As a child I was very active in sports and outdoor activities. So none of sinus situations went out of control. I used to recover within 2-3 days. I never went to a doctor as a child for sinus. I di dnot even discuss with my parents.

About 8 years back, my sinus got really tough. I would have whole body pain for upto 7-8 or more days with high fever (above 104 degree centigrade), sore throat. One evening my fever went upto 106 and I was really scared. The pain was not tolerable. The first thing in the morning I saw a doctor. For first time I knew what sinus felt like. I took antibiotics for almost 15 days with pain killers and fever medicines. That situation was really out of control. I had no more strength to fight it out on my own.

Next season the moment fever, whole body pain and sore throat started, I gave up water and all other liquids for 48 hours. I ate normal meals without any restrictions. I remained in bed for all the 48 hours.

After 24 hours, there was no pain, fever and sore throat. I did not take any medicine this time. Nothing except giving up water and all other liquids. And my chest was clean like a slate forever. I never got sinus and sore throat again. Since I used to play, at times I went overboard with my water intake a number of times, I had cold 2-3 times. But even that was managed very well with water routines. No medicines for cold, cough or sinus in last 8 years or so.

The logic seems to be very simple.

  • Our body has 5-6 litres of blood.
  • In 24 hours we will lose about 2 litres of fluid due to dehydration.
  • Loss of fluid will help in reducing swelling. No great science in there.
  • Inflammation can be caused due to excess water or very low water intake. Why low water intake can cause inflammation I will deal later some day. So inflammation gone due to fluid loss and swelling gone.
  • Body heats up and that kills all the bacteria.

Now if I want to share the above details with the rest of the world, people feel that I am going overboard and giving false hopes to people. People abuse me. They deride me. They say it is against medical advise. But no one has made any efforts to point out the medical studies in this field and the results of such studies. I strongly feel that I should help the helpless people out there.

In June 2014, my father (80) had sepsis. Doctors did not tell me anything about the conditions. They did not mention the word sepsis. My father was admitted to best hospital in Delhi. Finally doctors said that he can not be saved. His lungs had failed and all efforts of doctors to revive his lungs failed. Now as per doctors it was his last 15 days. They went to the extent of advising me that I should not buy the vaccum pump to take out his lungs cough, as that will prove much more expensive. I was advised to take the same on hire. So I thought that I should try the same water routine on him. At least I will know that I am wrong and will not endanger my life. But my father survived and is healthy now.

So out of that compulsive behaviour, I spoke to a 14 year old boy on 18.12.2014 evening. I saw eczema kind of wounds on his hand. I asked him if he had seen any doctor about the same. He said he has seen the doctors and he has been told that it is dust allergy. But nothing seemed to be working for more than 1 year on all that. I asked him to try water routine mentioned on my home page of this web site.

On 3rd day he reported on whatsapp that all his wounds have healed up.

These are some of the latest incidences. I have much more that I can share in my support. But people seem to be in a great hurry. If you have reached upto this sentence, please give your comments.


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