Why do private parts get dark

The private areas are dark because when we walk our skin of thighs rub against each other thigh. The other reason is sweating and moisture in that area.

It causes growth of bacteria and fungus. It causes ring worms as well.

Generally it is considered that cotton under wears are best for saving the skin from infections and ring worms. 

But that is not true. In fact it is the cotton underwear that cause the trouble.

When moisture gets trapped in cotton underwear, the underwear starts rubbing against the skin. That causes inflammation of the skin where the cotton underwear rubs.

How to brighten the private parts skin

There is a nylon underwear from Jockey International range that is extremely light weight and rubbery. It does not absorb any fluid or moisture. It does not cause any friction with the skin. The inflammation and rashes from the private parts will be relieved in 15 days or less. In 15 days you will find that skin colour has brightened. There will be no itching or rashes in your private area.

To buy Jockey International Range underwear click the following link –

Jockey Men’s Tactal Trunks (8901326106877_IC28_M_Black)

The above link shows men’s underwear. There is no separate product of this type available for women. Women should use this underwear. It will help curing white discharge and UTIs. These underwears are very effective at curing ringworms and skin rashes.

If you buy underwear by clicking the above link I will get a small commission.

Please give your comments if you do not get the desired results and alert other visitors of this web site. I have had positive experience with the underwear. In case every body does not report positive experience I will remove this page.

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