Dieabetes Studies that needs to be done on a large scale

The following studies will go a long way in finding a cure for Diabetes:

  • If a person has very high blood sugar while going to bed, what is the absolute drop in blood sugar in the morning. The charting of the same person along the following lines will be immense use:-
    • Night – Morning (Immediately after getting up) – After 1 hours after getting up (without eating or drinking any thing

100                   xxx                                                                   xxxx

150                  xxxx                                                                  xxxx

200                 xxxx                                                                 xxxxx

250               xxxx                                                                     xxxx

300               xxxx                                                                      xxxx

350               xxxx                                                                    xxxx

400               xxx                                                                      xxxx

So far I had success with my limited experiments with Diabetics. Second and third colum mentioned above showed increase in sugar of about 20 to 40 points in blood sugar.

This confirms my theory that high Blood sugar is the result of low sugar during sleep.

As the sugar at night goes up the drop in sugar till first thing in the morning will be bigger. Showing that if there is more blood sugar available at night, the body will do detoxification better and strongly.

As per the theory the chances of increase in the blood sugar first thing in the morning and after 1 or 2 hours without eating anything will be zero. Same can be tried for people with normal blood sugar.

I will start the above testing on myself from tomorrow and report the result after 10 days again.

Volunteers for the above studies are most welcome.

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