Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Add a spoon of salt to it.
  • Taste the water now.

If the water is salty how will you make it less salty.

You can add more water to it.

If the salt in the water is less, you will take 1/2 glass of water with the same salt to increase the salt concentration.

So you reduce or increase the salt in a mix by increasing or decreasing the water content.

It is as simple as that.

What happens in modern science or in labs, they will add some salt binding chemicals to dull the taste of salt or something very dangerous.

Either this is very sinister on the part of the scientists or on the part of pharma companies or people with academic record really loses common sense.

We need to really find out fast before this humans become extinct from earth. And if you trust me that is going to happen real fast. Read more – how close are we to become extinct

What happens in human body

  • The blood pH level is to be maintained within a tight range of 7.35 to 7.45.
  • There are lot of systems in the body which try to regulate the pH level of the blood.
  • Some of the systems are – breathing, urination, skin, perspiration, bowel movements, spitting etc.
  • Some of the organs involved are – kidney, liver, heart, brain etc.

When there is excess water / fluid intake, the body needs to produce more of acids to maintain the blood pH level in the normal range. When body keeps producing more of acids, either it loses its capacity to produce those acids in long run or loses its ability to produce some other enzymes or hormones.

That is when we get sick.

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