Celiac Cure Case 2

Celiac Cure Case 2

Brief details of the patient

  • Age 22 years
  • under weight by about 10-12 kg
  • dry skin patches
  • flickering eyes in day light
  • poor food intake
  • 500-800 ml milk intake daily
  • Body temperature 95-96 for┬ávery long period of time.
  • Frequent bowel movements.

I guessed that he could be suffering from celiac and IBS.


  • Water routine. Day 1 – 200 ml water 10 times with one hour gap. Day 2 No water or other fluid intake.
  • Only rice intake. No wheat or other gluten containing food
  • No milk or juice intake


  • 3rd day the body temperature was 100.3 degree C. Took medicine without consulting. The body temperature returned to 95-96
  • Again after 3 days the body temperature changed to 98.3 degree
  • Increase in food intake
  • No blinking of eyes when exposed to day light
  • 1 bowel movement in 24 hours
  • Increase in energy
  • No more dry skin patches in the forehead


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