Celiac Cure – Inflammation angle

Celiac Relief and possibly Cure

Celiac is due to inflammation of intestines. It is very interesting to know more about inflammation even for people who are healthy and have no health issues. Read what is inflammation at – http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/248423.php

As per above articles inflammation causes every diseases and health condition. Even aging is due to chronic inflammation. So if we can control inflammation then we can increase the life span or may reverse the aging process.

Now look at the foods that cause inflammation. http://www.arthritistoday.org/tools-and-resources/slideshows/food-ingredients-and-inflammation.php

There are other web sites giving more detailed information about the food that causes inflammation.

Then there are web sites that give the list of foods that are anti-inflammatory. Like one at – http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20705881,00.html

In my opinion both the versions are absolutely wrong.

The foods that are supposed to cause inflammation is consumed by the vast majority of people on this earth. 99% of the people do not experience any inflammation from those foods. Take for example wheat or gluten, milk, FATs. Everybody consumes these products but everybody does not celiac of other diseases due to those foods.

At the same time the foods that are anti inflammatory, may cause inflammation among lot of people. Tea is one of them. People who drink more than 7-8 cups of tea every day may experience very serious inflammation. Tooth gets effected due to high consumption of tea. Similar is the cause with other food items.

Then what causes inflammation????

Whatever we eat, has to be metabolized or digested or absorbed by the cells of the body. Food that cannot be absorbed by the cells causes inflammation.

Even drinking excess water causes inflammation.

Think of it. Think Hard. And you will see very clear light.

I and my daughter had very severe constipation. My daughter used to be very sick due to constipation in her younger days. I and my daughter increased water intake and with hours constipation disappeared. We were very happy and started advising everybody that water is very beneficial for health and it is best for constipation.

But after some time constipation revisited us in varying degrees. We were surprised but kept blaming other things.

I am not completely relieved of all kinds of constipation. I give up water for 24 to 36 hours every 7-10 days. That makes sure that I do not have excess of water or shortage of water. Same is the case with sugar, FATs and other things.

One may not feel the impact of excess or shortage of anything within 1-2 days or may be months or may be years. But when it does think what you have been eating for long term and that particular thing may be the main cause of problems.

Sepsis is whole body inflammation. It is auto immune system problem. It is dangerous in that there is more than 50% mortality (death) in case of sepsis. Even after recovering from sepsis the side effects are very serious. If we take sepsis as the yardstick and give 100 marks on the scale to sepsis then celiac and other auto immune system disease won’t get even 30 marks. So if there could be very reliable way of curing sepsis, then every auto immune system disease can be cured very easily.

I cured sepsis of my father aged 80 years in June 2014 within any side effects after recovery. In fact he seems to be much healthier. I have reasons to think that there is age reversal in his case.

I will post the whole story some other time.

In essence it is water routine mentioned at – www.healthyindianow.in

Water routine is the only thing that manages all other foods that we might be eating in excess. If one does not want to give up foods that we one may be eating in excess because of our liking that particular food item, one can easily do the water routine. But sure giving up or restricting that food item will help.

I tried Celiac cure on 2 persons using water routines. In 4 days all the symptoms were gone. There is no discomfort till date. There are no symptoms in the body. They can easily indulge into foods that may contain gluten without any stomach ailments or other things. But they continue to be on gluten free diet because they could not resist other foods and there were huge excesses or may be simply it is long term cure. May be they can get free of celiac in coming days. But for sure they are no more worried about eating gluten by mistake or when they cannot resist eating gluten foods.

3 Replies to “Celiac Cure – Inflammation angle”

  1. You have no idea what you are talking about. There is no cure for Celiac. Inflammation doesn’t cause Celiac. Quite the other way around. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder and can’t be cured by water therapy. Removal of all gluten foods and anything derived from gluten is currently the only way to stop the damage.
    YOu are spreading misinformation on a subject you clearly know nothing about.

    1. My knowledge is limited. But there is success. I am not suggesting you to buy any thing. Or to pay money to read my personal experiences which most of the other web sites are doing. I dealt with just two cases of celiac and I gave complete information about how both cases progressed. The things did not progress as I expected them to. But still the progress was huge. I can post all the medical papers on the web site in next few days.

  2. laura Bachner. I completely agree with you. Autoimmune is the body’s unnatural response in attacking its own cells. GF has been MY cure for 4 years. Simple as that. And how do you suggest I cure my other autoimmune disorders like sjogrens and fibromyalgia? Hmm?

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