Desmopressin Deaths

Desmopressin Deaths

In 2007  FDA warned that the drug desmopressin could be the reason for seizures and death.

There were 61 cases of seizures — including two deaths — in people on desmopressin.

The seizures were caused due to hyponatremia – Imbalance of sodium in the body

Bed wetting is caused due to imbalance of fluids in the body. There could be excess or shortage of fluids in the body. So the first line of investigation should have focused  on investigating the impact of fluid changes in bed wetting.But nobody seems to have done that.

Internet is full of suggestions that fluid intake should be restricted in the evening to stop Bed Wetting. But no one seems to have evaluated the impact of fluid restrictions on the fluid intake.

That is a big question. The medicines were produced to control production of urine. But the main source of urine was fluid. No systematic study was even done to see the impact of changes in fluid intake on bed wetting.

Same line of treatment should have been there for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, heart and kidney diseases.

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