Diabetes and modern medicine professionals

Diabetes and modern medicine professionals

Diabetes and modern medicine professionals

Diabetes symptoms are – thirst and frequent urination.

Diabetes side effects are listed on – https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes/effects-on-body#1

For each of these diseases the diabetes doctors refer to other professionals. Something as simple as skin complications – they refer to skin specialists.

Please think about the reasons.

Doctors are not there to treat you. They are interested in making you sick forever.

There are specialist doctors to deal with diabetes. Some of them or most of them (in my opinion) have diabetes. Because they follow what they tell others. Shun away from sugars. Do heavy exercises. Drink lots of water.

When they get diabetes they remove themselves from the list of subjects which can be part of the evidence on the basis of which medicines have been developed.

Now when the diabetics get skin complications they are referred to skin specialists. Who has to choose from 4-5 medicines that can be given for such skin conditions.

When a diabetic gets heart disease he is referred to heart specialist. Who keeps changing the medicines.

When a diabetic get problems with his stomach he is referred to gastro specialist.

When his eyes get into bad shape he is referred to  eye specialists.

If he gets stroke he is referred to neurologist.

When he is unable to manage his thirst and his kidney fails, he is referred to kidney doctors.

This is musical chair game.

The question is what is their specialisation. The net result of 10 years of study of medicine science is learning the names of 4-5 medicines. They learn those names only when pharma companies put them on their pay list.

Think about the daily routine of a doctor. He sees 100 to 200 patients a day. He refers the same medicines for most of the patients. That can be done by their receptionists as well or medical reps as well. Medical reps are better qualified to prescribe medicines then a doctor.

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