Diabetes Cure and Plain white sugar

Blood Sugar (Diabetes) – Reasons and Cure


During night our body carries out repair. The repair process essentially involves removing the undigested foods from the body. Technically this process is called inflammation process.


During night our body uses blood sugar only. It does not use even stored sugar.


During night our heart, kidney, brain, blood circulation etc work. These need energy. This is taken from the blood sugar.


The end result of the working of the body during night is excretion. The first thing in the morning we go to empty our stomach (stool) and bladders (Urine).


Just imagine what will happen if the blood sugar falls short of the requirements during night. The morning excretion will not be 100%. If some unprocessed things are left in the body due to lack of sugar, this will be called toxic build up in the body.


These toxics are burden on our cellular system. Cell is the smallest part of our body. The metabolism is mainly carried out in these cells. These toxins can be removed from the body only if the availability of blood sugar is increased. So the cells start giving up sugars (that reached the cells for cellular metabolism).


So cells start dying (or we can say the cells start producing much less energy per unit of food eaten by us.


Diabetics feel tired and feel exhausted easily. The sugar which is released from cells can not go back to the cells. So this must be removed from the body immediately after it is used. So increased urine is the result. Increased urine causes more thirst.


Now the cure –


We have to remember that people who are diabetic have severely compromised sugar metabolism. They cannot digest huge amounts of sugar at one point of time.


So ½ spoon of sugar in one hour is very reasonable for any person of any health.


People have heart stories that plain sugar is bad for health and they close their eyes and try very funny things.


One of my friend – drank 1 glass of cane juice – after hearing my arguments for diabetes. And he had uneasy feeling. Inspite of telling that he cannot handle large amounts of sugar and hence he should not do it.


He did that and blamed me for the results.


Any one who wants to try the logic should do it my way only. And if you do not feel that I am right, please do not waste my time.


If diabetics and doctors had any intelligence of their own, they should have done some thing on their own rather than finding faults with others.

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