Itching Causes

  • Itching is caused due to lack of skin oil. Natural Skin Oils washed away due to use of Soaps and Body Wash.
  • Itching is caused due to abrasion of the skin fold. e.g. Inner thighs
  • Build up of Fluids in the area of Itching.
  • 95% and more Itching is caused in and around sexual organs due to heightened concerns of hygiene and excessive use of Soaps.

How the Ointments available Work

  • The ointments contain steroids.
  • ┬áThese steroids eat away into the cells. This is destructive process.
  • Destruction of cells in the top layers of the skin causes disappearance of the fluids from the area.
  • The very small veins in the area are damaged. That stops the excessive fluid leakage in the area from the effected area.
  • This destructive process makes that area lesser sensitive and hence reduces the Natural Itching response of scrubbing.
  • Due to reduced scrubbing lesser fluids leak from the veins.
  • Reduced sensitivity of the muscles in sexual organs cause impotency. There is usually a warning on the ointment inserts that these should not be used for long duration.
  • The cells which are destroyed by the steroids come back after some time by natural process of healing.
  • That is enough indication that the ointments do not support the natural process of healing.

Itching Cure

  • Stop using Soaps – That help maintain adequate natural oils in skin folds. So there will be no abrasion and bruising in the area.
  • Sex organs are not dirty. There is no reason to hate them.
  • Excretions are not cause of infections. So no reason to be extra conscious for hygiene.
  • Bath at least once per day with plain cold water. At about 40% temperature.
  • In case of discomfort wash at least two times during the day.

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