Top Constipation Blogs

Top Constipation BlogsTop Constipation Blogs

Today I googled “Constipation blogs”. And found –

Top Blogs on Constipation


My review of the above blogs is as under:


There is really nothing. Constipation Cause is Life Style. What about Life Style. There is nothing scientific about this blog.


There is really nothing.


There is nothing new. Diet and exercise.


The author has not recovered fully. You can wait for her to recover fully.


Again nothing new. Exercise, avoid over using lexatives, fiber, water, too much calcium, iron, too much meat. You can avoid this blog as well.


Nothing new. Pick and chose from the entire world from exercise to yoga, water to lexatives, stress, vitamin C. Nothing new here as well. It one place it recommends carbohydrates and after 2-3 points it says avoid sugar.


It talks about walk, acupressure, liquid diet for a day after heavy eating, probiotics, peppermint tea, laxative. Same path. Different flavor.


This talks about water, fiber and lexatives and failures to cure constipation. To my mind this is of no use to anybody who really wants to understand why and how.


This talks about probiotics. It is inconclusive. It says that probiotics are useful in diarrhea but in constipation they may not be as effective. Again biased medical evidence which have never lived upto its claims for more than 10 years.


But is contradicts the claims that laxative and stool softeners are any useful.



Dare to think different.

There is abdominal cavity. We drink water from top of the abdominal cavity. The water settles to lower part of abdominal cavity. So whatever water we drink helps to generate the wave like sensations when we move. At the same time, water in lower abdominal cavity helps in slowing down the movement of food down the small and large intestines. When we dehydrate the pressure on the digestion track reduces and the food starts moving faster through the small and large intestines.

So hydration as well as dehydration both have got a role to play in constipation.

Some facts

90% of the people on this planet go to toilet after 10 to 12 hours of dehydration (during sleep).

Old persons tend to move less and hence do not dehydrate properly and hence suffer from constipation.

Pregnant Women do not move enough and drink more juices and other nutrients and hence suffer from constipation due to over hydration.

Most of the people who suffer from constipation dehydrate by drinking tea, or lemon water etc.


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