Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06 – Focus today was about 12 kms a day based on the fact that I had gained about 500 gram weight as compared to yesterday.Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

Excess calorie burning caused inflammation which causes the body to save on calories during the rest periods.

Google and other Fit Data

Weight – 77.5 kg

Steps – 15000

Calories Expense – 2500

Distance covered – 12 kms.

Food Intake – 2300 calories

Water intake – 3500 ml

New Developments for today – Weight Loss Blog 2016-04-06

I weighed in 500 grams more in the morning as compared to yesterday. When the gap between calorie consumption and calories spent is huge, the body starts inflammation process, cutting down the calories that are spent during rest periods. As noted on earlier days, it is very important to keep the calorie expenditure during rest period as high as possible.

One solution is to watch the weight loss during night. For this weigh yourself just before going to bed. Go to bed almost at the same time. Weigh yourself immediately after getting up in the morning. Get up in the morning at the same time. If you plan to get up late on any day, just get up and weigh yourself at the same time.

Tabulate the weight loss during night. Watch for nights when weight loss was minimum. Look for the calorie expenditure pattern during that day. If there are sharp movements in calorie intake and expenditure, try to minimise the gap most of the time.

There is no short cut for weight loss.

Target for 300 to 400 gram weight loss every day.

Must Have

Accurate digital weighing machine. Preferably one which is accurate to 50 to 100 grams – Click here to order one.

Google Fit for measuring steps, kms, calorie and time spent walking – Click here to download Google Fit

Smart Alarm Free – Click here to Download smart alarm free

I may be making some profit on supply of weighing scale. The delivery may be delayed as well. If you prefer you can buy the same locally as well.

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