Cold Flu sinus

Cold Flu sinus

The following link says that there is running nose and sweating during cold and flu, so that means body is getting dehydrated. And hence we should drink more of fluids to stay hydrated.

I personally used to get cold, flu and sinus problems 3-4 times in a year. As I aged the cold, flu conditions became worse to handle. I would generally have a fever of 105, severe body ache and head ache along with sinus, cold and flu. For 7 to 15 days I would be completely grounded after a cold.

I understand that our body never does anything to cause harm to us. So if we have a running nose and sweating that means that we need to lose lot of water to get better.

Over the last 8 years I stopped getting cold, flu and sinus. The reason is that 1-2 times in a month I give up all fluids for 24 hours completely. For last 8 years I have not taken any medicine.

The most interesting part is that people who give up all fluids for 24 hours get complete relief from cold and fever within 24 hours. Why not try this. Because the link given above gives relief after few weeks of rest.

Insomnia & Depression

Insomnia & Depression

Atkin Diet was introduced about 60 years back. People often use low carb diets to reduce weight. There has been no systematic study on the side effects of atkin diet.

One of the serious side effects is Insomnia and depression. All over the world table sugar is decried over as being the worst for health, obesity and what not. This is very far away from truth.

The most important thing for Mental Health is sugar intake. And Most Important aspect of Sugar intake is Right Amount of Sugar intake.

Some Sugar Facts –

  • Sugar has 15 calories in a teaspoon.
  • Sugar effects the same portion of the brain that is effected by Drugs of Abuse.
  • In depression and other serious Mental Conditions the drugs that are given effect the same portion of the brain.
  • Sugar intake of 4-6 tea spoons will help in digestion and weight control maintenance as well as weight reduction.
  • Sugar intake should be 1/4 to 1/2 spoon at a time in one hour. Same amount after each meal. This will help in digestion.
  • The withdrawal symptoms of tea are mainly due to withdrawal of sugar. Or the withdrawal symptoms of tea can be managed by replacing tea intake with sugar intake.
  • Sugar is essential for the body.

Case I – Sports, Female, Age 45

Sleeps not more than 1 day in a month on average. Insomnia since last 30 years. Depressed most of the time.

Suggestion – 1/2 spoon of sugar every hour after 6 PM

Results – Felt like she has been drugged. Slept heavily. Due to concerns of weight gain, discontinued after few days.

Case II – Sports, Male, Age 42

Difficulty in falling asleep recently. Instead of sustained 1/2 spoon sugar, ate 1/2 kg sweets. No result.

Later he started eating sugar in moderation and his Insomnia cured.

Case III – Male, Age 30

Was taking sleeping pills, lost job due to stress and depression.

From day one started sleeping for 10 hours a day. Stopped sleeping pills from day 2 and continues to sleep well. Has been advised to eat meal within 15 minutes after getting up. Should include 10 to 20 grams of sugar on daily basis.

Hypothyroidism and other thyroid related problems cause depression. Thyroid gland controls how energy is used in the body. Energy is nothing but sugar, calories etc.

Sleep deprivation causes depression. We also say the same that sleep deprivation (insomnia) is caused due to low levels of energy in the body.

You can see that our entire web site focuses on finding the main cause of ailments. We are not into finding the cures. If one is able to find the cause then all existing scientific findings will point towards our causes and cures.

23 year old Girl

Another girl started gym for loosing weight. 20 days after joining the gym she was not able to sleep for even 1 minute for 3 days. She was almost on the verge of nervous collapse. He was advised 1 small spoon of sugar every 1 hour. Within 3 hours she was back to normal and fell into deep sleep for 12 hours. Since then she is maintaining her minimum intake of plain table sugar and she is not loosing weight faster then before. And sleeping much healthier then before.

Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

Insomnia Cure-Alcohol

According to article on  alcohol may help in inducing sleep in a person in short term. But in long run it may stop working and may cause insomnia as well as other medical conditions.

Alcohol has high level of sugar.

My experience with Insomnia is as under –

Those with insomnia have low sugar tolerance. If they consume sugar in large quantities they can not digest sugar at all. So to cure insomnia I have tried to consume very small quantities of sugar (1/4 spoon to 1/2 spoon) 6 to 10 times in a day.

That helped people falling asleep in a matter of hour. The quality of sleep induced by the above system was terrific.

I simply wonder – if the things are so simple why so many people in the world suffer from Insomnia.

I request people to help others by telling their sugar eating patterns and habits. Mention of body weight in addition to sugar consumption will help in drawing valid conclusions.


Itching Causes

Itching Causes

Itching is cause due to the following causes –

  • Use of soaps on the skin and head.
  • Bruising on the skin due to cotton towels
  • Other chemicals like use of dettol etc in bathing water
  • Wearing V Shape under weara. That has the effect of bruising on the skin. At least wear boxers on weakend days while at home or while in bed. That should provide enough of relief from itching on sustained basis.

Bruising causes accumulation of fluids under the skin. That becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

In case of Itching in any part of the body –

Use prescription medicines to get complete relief.

For permanent relief stop using soaps and other chemicals. Do rub the effected area with force. be gentle.

Remember that the prescription medicines contain steroids and cause impotency if used for long periods of time.

For mild itching use boxers for few days. Wash the effected portion 2 times. Morning and Evening. Avoid prescription ointments.

Tofranil bed wetting killer medicine

Is Tofranil promoting bed wetting

Tofranil bed wetting killer medicine

Tofranil is a medicine prescribed for treating bed wetting for last 30 years or more.  link mentions that deaths have been reported due to overdose of this medicine. But it still remains FDA approved drug.

I would appreciate if some one could provide more details about year wise sales of tofranil in various countries.

The status of bed wetting among kids and adults will also be a relevant information. I guess that all these years incidence of bed wetting among kids and adults must be increasing.

The reason for above (if that is true) is that the medicine tofranil could be promoting bed wetting.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting Medicine

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – DDAVP has been approved by FDA to treat bed wetting long back. Some deaths of children have been reported from the use of this medicine. FDA made statements in the media that it will monitor the situation and issued advisories to the parents.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine
DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine

That is the funniest FDA can get to.

I would be thankful if some one could tell me the sales figures of DDAVP over years from 1990.

I guess that –

  • Since the sale of DDAVP started, every year the sale must be increasing multi fold.
  • Bed wetting among kids must be increasing
  • Bed wetting among adults must be increasing.

But I wonder who is the right authority – government or otherwise to analyse the above facts.

The main side effects of DDAVP are –

  • Headache, Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness, Nosebleeds

The medicine system has not found any cure of any of the above conditions. I have been offering perfect cure, cause, reason for the above conditions. You can see more details about Runny nose, Nasal stuffiness and nosebleed on sinus link.

DDAVP Bed Wetting killer Medicine – responsible for long term side effects and poor quality of life of such children.

Medications to Treat Bed Wetting

Medications to Treat Bed Wetting

The above link advises that the parents should not use medications to treat the bed wetting of their children.

I could not agree more to the above statement. But for a responsible web site on medicines, it is a gross statement.

Bed wetting does not happen without a cause. If bed wetting goes untreated and well in time it leads to poor eye vision, poor respiratory system, early loss of hair, cancer, poor immune system and many more health conditions.

For an organisation with huge resources, it should take more than few days to reach to these conclusions. If people are really serious of the bed wetting conditions they can force the government to come out with specific findings on the subject.

There is no reason for me to believe that bed wetting is not connected with cancer.



You can find find lot of information about why you should not take decongestants and Antihistamine Tablets. As the science makes further progress all these medicines are being banned by government sponsored agencies.

Decongestants cause dehydration by stimulating specific systems of the body. Same is done by Antihistamine tablets. But people who developed these tablets had limited knowledge about the human body, so they could not find a reasonable cure of sinus, cold and cough.

All these medicines have serious side effects. Decongestants cause high Blood pressure. All the stimulants will cause that. By stimulation dehydration is done.

Antihistamine also helps in dehydration. But neither of the dehydration systems targeted by antihistamines and decongestants are perfect and hence causes serious side effects.

Slow and steady dehydration of the body by restricting fluid intake is perfect cure of sinus and cold and cough. read earlier posts on how to achieve desired dehydration to cure sinus.


Sinus Cure

Sinus Cure

The visible symptoms of sinus are swelling, pain, inflammation and infection. In case of cold, sore throat, strep throat also swelling is there but to some extent less visible then it is in sinus.

Sinus, cold and sore throat usually happen in the following situations –

  • Change of season
  • Drinking lot of water after exercises
  • When you get up in the morning
  • After swimming
  • After having first sex
  • First Time Kissing or till it excites you
  • First time smoking etc

The reason

  • During winters our body stores less water. This is evident from loss of water from body evident from frequent urination.
  • Normally the body adjusts the water stored in the body automatically. But due to tea, coffee, soft drinks, air conditioning, heating, drinking water with meals or shortly after meals, the systems responsible for controlling the water level in the body stops working properly.
  • The same thing happens after swimming the body is heated up and cooled at the same time. If a person allows sweating after a swimming session and does not drink water or does not take a shower in cold water sore throat may not happen.
  • After having first sex, kissing, first time smoking people tend to either overeat, drink lot of water and sleep immediately so sinus or other respiratory problems start.
I used to answer on cold and cough, sinus questions on Yahoo Answers before my account was deleted
  • Lot of people in their questions mentioned that they were advised about eating ice cream to get rid of the sinus or sore throat. Yes sudden eating of the ice cream may force the body’s system to get up and start working. But that happens only in less then 10% cases. And if that does not happen the sore throat or sinus is aggravated.
  • The easier way out is to allow body to sweat for 1 or 2 hour by increasing the body temperature but not drinking water or other fluids for may be 1 hour after the thing that caused sore throat or cold and cough.

The Cure – Swelling If on average you drink 6 to 8 cups of water in 24 hours you may try the following-

  • There are 3 compartments in the body where all the fluid is stored. Most of the diseases are caused due to imbalance of fluids in these 3 compartments. Even cancer is caused due to imbalance of fluids in these compartments. Read more at –
  • The easy way to control swelling is to give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. In 24 hours there will be no significant dehydration to cause organ failure. But to be double sure one can stay indoors for 24 hours. This helps in lot of other ailments. One can do it when one is in indoors and does not have a condition. It improves the immune system. It ensures that body’s fluid control systems work properly.
  • In 24 hours the reduction in the fluids will be about 1.5 to 2 litres or about 20% to 30% of the total body fluid of a normal adult.
  • Never the swelling due to sinus or cold and cough is more than 20% to 30% of the body volume.
  • During this period of 24 hours the loss of water from the body does not reduce significantly to offset reduced water intake.
  • The reduction in loss of body water thru urine or sweating starts after 24 hours in most of people.
  • The reduction in total body fluids will help reduce swelling due to sinus.
  • Slow dehydration in air conditioned rooms will bring about perfect balance of fluids in the 3 compartments.

If you drink very less water and other fluids first drink 50 ml of water every 30 minutes for 2-3 days and then try the first option of giving up water for 24 hours.

  1. The reduced swelling will give immediate relief from pain and inflammation. It will make it much more easier to eliminate the cough thru nose without any pain.
  2. That will also improve the blood acid levels and minerals. This forces changes at the cell level as well. Blood acid levels are the first line of defense against the infections. So infection will also be taken care of.
  • So swelling gone, pain gone, cough moving out, infections taken care of. Now what remains in the body for the next change of season time. Obviously nothing.
So it has already given u long term relief from sinus. But in some cases one may get sinus during next change of season and may have to do this again. With a little practice the period of dehydration can be increased to 48 hours. That will give complete relief from chronic sinus. This will also improve the immunity of the body in general. See AIDS section for this. The 48 hours restrictions on water will remove old blue prints of the bacteria and viruses from the body and provide much needed boost to our immune system.
The reason is during change of season the body must adjust the water that is stored in the body. Due to some cell level changes the ability of the body to bring those changes is lost. But after 2-3 seasons that ability of the body will be restored and there will be complete relief from sinus.
There is one more thing that will ensure that u never get sinus or cold again in your life.
Those who drink 2-3 glasses of water in 24 hours for a long time and that too with meals, should not try the above. They should first drink 8 to 10 glasses of water for 3-4 days to improve their hydration levels of the body. After 3-4 days they can try to give up water and all other fluids for 24 hours.
Later drink 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal. No other water or liquids on 4-5 days in a week. So on these days you do not exceed 3 glasses of water in 24 hours.

On rest 2-3 days do whatever u feel like. The above works for sinus, cold, running nose, sore throat and strep throat, when the throat is hurting, All types of headache and lot of other conditions.

 It works for all digestive problems as well. The digestive problems that it cures are – IBS, constipation, stomach cramps, GERD, Acid reflux etc. Due to restrictions on length of answer I am not giving the reasons for the same.
Logically it should cure asthma as well. But one has to be more cautious while trying this out for asthma cure. One may start with 12 hour water fast period. I do not have experience on this. But the logic on which the theory is built up supports it.

Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

  •  During Summers – Give your child 6-10 servings (30 to 100 ml water as per age) of water spread evenly through out the day till going to bed.
  • During Winters – Give your child 5-7 servings of water.
  • The increased water is to be given for 3 to 7 days.
  • If the above does not cure bed wetting (This may happen due to excessive use of chocolates, cold drinks and lot of other products) or if your child is already drinking excessive water, give a pinch of salt in 4-5 serving of water per day. This will reduce the water intake on its own.
  • This should cure the Bed Wetting of child in 2-3 days.
  • Continue this for another 3-4 days to get rid of Bed Wetting permanently.
  • When your child gets rid of bed Wetting, he may continue with normal water drinking.
  • Please do not restrict the fluid intake in evening. It is important that water is given in the evening hours as well leading upto going to bed.
  • Restrict milk intake in the evening.
  • Bed Wetting will be cured in just 2 days in most of cases.
  • Bed Wetting medicines have very serious side effects. Moreover it is effective only during the period medicine is given. As soon medicine is stopped the Bed wetting starts again. See more details at –
  • People in India can leave their mobile number and email id for a call back to discuss in person.
  • People outside India write email asking for specific issues.