Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure

Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure

Kidney Renal Failure kidney failure cureKidney Renal Failure kidney failure cure





On 25.02.2017 I got a call at around 1.30 PM from a 30 year old kidney failure patient. He said that he is on dialysis for last 30 days.

During the conversation I collected the following information –

That he used to drink milk daily around 300 ml till the age of 22 at the time of going to bed. Besides he used to consume curd as well.

After that he used to drink milk 3-4 times in a week till he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

He never used to exercise. No constipation problems. He weighed around 70 kg.

He did not smoke or take any liquor. He did not eat outside. Mostly (more than 90% home cooked food).

His average water was 3 to 4 litres during summers and 1.5 litres during winters. He used to drink 2 glasses of water during meals (lunch and dinner). This water also used to ice cold.

He used to drink ice cold water during summers.

The thing that stood out was –

He never used to take sweets or sugar since he was a child. Based on this I zeroed down on following propositions of my theory –

  • Our body needs every thing in right mix. Anything in excess or shortage causes inflammation in the body.
  • Since the patient was not consuming sugar since birth there is no mechanism in this body to digest sugar. Or his sugar digestion is extremely poor.
  • That his Resting metabolic rate is very low.

My suggestions to him were –

  1. To boost his metabolism of sugar I suggested him to take 1/2 small spoon of sugar every hour or 2. Around 10 to 12 small 1/2 spoons in a day.
  2. I suggested him to walk for 5 minutes followed with rest for 10 to 15 minutes in bed. 4-5 times in the morning and 4-5 times during night before he retires to bed.
  3. That he should drink 150 to 200 ml water (room temperature) 1 hour before each meal. Total water intake to be restricted to around 600 ml in 24 hours.
  4. That he should measure his urine output in urine pot.

On 25.02.2017 the feedback from the patient was –

  1. He had no burning sensation during urination on 25.02.2017.
  2. Instead of 1 or 2 times he urinated 3 times on 25.02.2017.
  3. His urine output was 300 ml in the morning. 250 ml during afternoon and 200 ml in the evening.
  4. That he walked more than 12 times followed with bed rest.
  5. That he took sugar as suggested.
  6. That he restricted his water intake to 500 ml as suggested – 1 hour before each meal.
  7. That he felt full and energy all the day. That usually he felt tired and lethargic.

So according to me the feedback of 25.02.2017 indicated that his kidney failure will reverse in 2-3 days.

My suggestions for him in future –

Every 3rd day he should drink the water with 1/4 small spoon of salt in it. Till he develops a appetite for sugar and his body learns to handle sugar. I expect that in 2-3 days he will again start feeling lethargic and tired that will be indication that his body is not accepting sugar any more (sugar is in excess and causing inflammation in his body.

At that time his body needs to flush out all sugar metabolic waste with the help of salt.

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Whatsapp Support Group for Diseases

Whatsapp Support Group for Diseases

Whatsapp Support Group for Diseases

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Sepsis epilepsy cure

Sepsis epilepsy cure

Sepsis epilepsy cure

Earlier I shared the health conditions of my father in 2014. He had sepsis and then multiple organ failure. Doctors said that there is no possibility of this recovery and he cannot recover from semi conscious state.

But he did recover and was completely independent.

I tried finding out what worked in his recovery. Posted my thoughts about the factors which might have helped my father recover.

I shared my thoughts, but no one corrected my thoughts.

In Nov 2016 my father suffered from sepsis again. Again he was in semi conscious state for more than 15 days. Same way doctors opined that he will not survive.

I did the same thing that I did 2 and ½ years back and he recovered.

But then his improvement was taking time, as I had been trying to find the exact cause and did not give up medicines as I did in 2014.

This time I found that epilepsy medicine was the main problem which was denting his recovery efforts. I spoke to my friend doctor and took a calculated risk by cutting down his epilepsy medicine by 50% and there was perceptible positive change in 12 hours. Still it took me more than 15 days to completely stop the epilepsy medicine.

Since that day there has been consistent improvement in his health.

I some areas he has recovered better then he had recovered in 2014. To the best of my understanding his brain has started working much better than it was working after 2014. That is still to be seen for next few months.

If he continues to maintain the improvement in his brain functioning then epilepsy and other brain related conditions can be completely cured without any medicine.

The thing that seems to be working is –

One day my father takes saline water (1.25 grams of salt in a glass of water). 3-4 glasses of water during day time.

Next day my father takes 3-4 glasses of water without salt. In addition he takes 2.5 grams of table sugar every 1 or 2 hours.

So far there is no seizure and he is without epilepsy medicines for last 30 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Delhi mohalla clinics

Delhi mohalla clinics

Delhi mohalla clinics 

Hydration / dehydration cycles are best to improve the immune system of an individual. This is free. You do not need to pay anybody.

People have to be educated about using this free natural cure.

I personally went to civil lines office of CM to meet him and discuss with him.

I was not allowed to meet him or any senior person.

The claims of AAP that it is accessible to masses is a farce.

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Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

Anti Aging Drugs

The scientists claims of slowing down aging process is faulty.

Water is the biggest inflammatory item.

One of the group was given water alone causing inflammation.

The other group was given a drug to remove the toxins of the metabolic process. These toxins must be removed with the help of fluids in cells.

You do not need drugs to remove the cellular toxins.

Dehydration is natural detoxification process.

Hydration is the process of supplying nutrients to cells and dehydration is the process of removing the metabolic waste.

Planning hydration and dehydration cycles is the key to not only slowing down the aging process but reversing the aging process.

This drugs itself will become the biggest toxins in the due course of time. The body will fight hard to remove this drug.

It is better to read my blog rather then reading these useless scientific studies.

In the present study water giving with the drug is used up to remove the drug and thus is spent causing less inflammation. The other group of animals were giving pure water. Pure water became toxic in the absence of the drug. The other group could be tried with reduced water intake and then it will reverse the results.



How can we Control Acidity

How can we Control Acidity

How can we Control Acidity

Blood acid (Blood pH) level must be maintained within a tight range of 7.35 to 7.45.

What happens when we drink too much of fluids.

To maintain the same amount of Blood acid levels the body has to produce more of acids because of abundance of fluids in the body.

There is very good effort to list the causes of acidity at the following link – List of causes of Acidity

  1. Spicy food tops the list – Lot of people eat very spicy food specially the punjabis and villagers without getting acidity. Spices are best for a very good digestion. Google the goodness of Indian spices.
  2. Excess Fibre consumption – Every doctors prescribes lot of fibre to fight constipation, to lose weight, to maintain clean and healthy body. But it sounds some what logical. But too much fibre is too bad for health and constipation. There are other web sites which say too much fibre is too bad for health.
  3. Cancer – I should not touch this subject. Acidity causes cancer. Every ayurved doctors says that. More than half of the world is fed that acidity is the cause of cancer. Now here you have cancer as the cause of acidity.
  4. Stress – Stress and God card can be played in every situation.
  5. Irregular meals – The whole rural population eats only 2 times in a day. This irregular meals concept beats me. More than 70% of this world’s population eats only 1 or 2 times and do not suffer from acidity.
  6. Lack of sleep – This is the new stress and God. This is being included in every list these days.

Then what is the actual cause of acidity. Read whatsapp conversation with a 22 year old person who was cured in 5 days of acute acidity after taking treatment for 9 months from allopaths and homeopaths

I have helped Yoga instructor also to get rid of acidity in 48 hours. Most of the old Yoga instructors suffer from acidity. Read here – why Yoga instructors suffer from acidity

To get rid of acidity follow 3 steps to perfect health.

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

Fluid and Mineral balance in the body

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Add a spoon of salt to it.
  • Taste the water now.

If the water is salty how will you make it less salty.

You can add more water to it.

If the salt in the water is less, you will take 1/2 glass of water with the same salt to increase the salt concentration.

So you reduce or increase the salt in a mix by increasing or decreasing the water content.

It is as simple as that.

What happens in modern science or in labs, they will add some salt binding chemicals to dull the taste of salt or something very dangerous.

Either this is very sinister on the part of the scientists or on the part of pharma companies or people with academic record really loses common sense.

We need to really find out fast before this humans become extinct from earth. And if you trust me that is going to happen real fast. Read more – how close are we to become extinct

What happens in human body

  • The blood pH level is to be maintained within a tight range of 7.35 to 7.45.
  • There are lot of systems in the body which try to regulate the pH level of the blood.
  • Some of the systems are – breathing, urination, skin, perspiration, bowel movements, spitting etc.
  • Some of the organs involved are – kidney, liver, heart, brain etc.

When there is excess water / fluid intake, the body needs to produce more of acids to maintain the blood pH level in the normal range. When body keeps producing more of acids, either it loses its capacity to produce those acids in long run or loses its ability to produce some other enzymes or hormones.

That is when we get sick.

What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

What is the cause of bed wetting

The leading web site lists the causes of bed wetting –

  • The child cannot hold urine for entire night. If this is the cause then cure has to shorten the night.
  • The child does not wake up when his bladder is full. If this is the cause then cure has to be – do not allow the child to sleep through the night.
  • The child produces large amount of urine during evening and night. For this cause the bed wetting children have been suggested not to drink fluids during evening and night hours. Last 100 years have gone by without any improvement in the incidence of bed wetting.
  • The child has poor day time toilet habits. This is funniest of all.

And to top all the bed wetting is inherited. So the cure of disowning the parents is not possible.

There is still more funnier cause – poor bladder control. This cause is the reason for diabetes and hypertension which is killing 40 to 50% of the people of this world. And this is likely to go up. This is something like you have a vessel to store water at your home and it is over flowing. Now instead of turning off the tap these scientists will tell you that you have a smaller vessel and you should wait till the vessels grows and the over flowing of fluids will stop on its own.

Urine is Liquid/ consists of fluids.

So there is fluid mis-management in the body.

This should be the cause. And this should be cure.

Anything beyond this is not scientific.

Now look at some of the drugs available and own admitted performance stats of these drugs.

And these drugs have lot of side effects besides having no curative effect on bed wetting. Children have been reported to have died due to these drugs. But governments are doing nothing about such practices by pharma companies. It was shocking for FDA to issue to caution to the parents while giving these medicines to children.

There is no independent study to prove the efficacy of these drugs.

Cut short the crap.

click on for perfect fluid management of the body and get rid of the bed wetting in 48 hours.

This click will make sure your child lives a healthy and trouble free life.




Evidence Based Allopathy

Evidence Based Allopathy

Evidence Based Allopathy

There has been single blind studies, double blind studies and triple blind studies, but the best million blind study has been recently published.

You cannot miss this study.

With every increase in research funding, with every development of new drugs, with every new study getting published the diseases are increasing. People are becoming sick. The people are becoming smaller and losing strength.

There were fewer doctors, fewer gyms, fewer sports grounds, fewer of every thing 50 year back as compared to doctors, gyms, sports grounds as they are now. And there were fewer sick people.

Why cannot the blind research/ studies see this and stop the research on health.

These studies are really maddening and cause of every disease.

Please check the above link and see where the humans will be in 2035.

It is really very frightening.

Allopathy and the above study cannot co-exist.

The number of people who will be diabetic is going to increase to 45% of total population in 2035. The number of people with hypertension and heart diseases will also multiply by the year 2035.

What use is then all this research and studies are.

There is direct co-relation between increase in diseases and increase in funding of research related to health.

lifestyle diseases

lifestyle diseases

lifestyle diseases

What is life style disease/

Soda pizza and salt food is blamed in the above link.

life style diseases








If you search internet, you will find every food being blamed for poor health and increasing obesity.

The truth is that life style disease is created by pharma companies. There is no life style which can worsen health except improper fluid intake.

Honestly tell me – can you eat Pizza, drink soda or over eat salty food without increasing your water intake.

No body is working on finding the truth behind hydration.

If a person does not drink water, he will not even go any where close to these things.

People over indulge and then you get rid of excesses resort to drinking water and more of other fluids.

Let people learn the importance of perfect hydration and there will be no sick person on this earth.