Myths about Sugar Consumption

  1. Diabetics develop gangrene. Initially it was said that gangrene is due to high blood sugar of the diabetic person. A study 3 years back claimed that gangrene can be cured only by increasing the sugar intake. But still nowhere in the world, there is recommendation concerning the minimum amount of sugar that a person with a particular condition is supposed to consume.


  1. 18 months back there was a study/ research results of the GENOME project concerning genes responsible for sugar metabolism. The research said that a person with 4 copies of the gene responsible for sugar digestion/ metabolism is 9 times more likely to be obese as compared to the person with 9 copies of the gene responsible for digestion of sugar. No recommendation came out till date concerning the minimum amount of sugar that should be consumed.


  1. It is not the amount of sugar that one consumes but the amount of sugar that his body is able to digest that matters.


  1. Inflammation is the cause of every disease.


  1. There is a list of foods that promote inflammation.


  1. This list is seems to be based on the study of some foods in sick people. In Celiac disease milk and other dairy products seems to cause inflammation, so milk is declared as inflammatory. More than 60% of the people in the world drink milk and consume other dairy products. But it does not cause chronic inflammation which can cause similar diseases on those people. Anything in excess / shortage of the requirement of the body causes inflammation. If things cannot be used for cellular metabolism completely it will cause inflammation. Even water cannot be ingested beyond a point and after that point even water causes inflammation. People who do not consume any sugar at all, will have severe inflammation. At the same time people who consume too much of sugar will also have severe inflammation.


  1. Constipation and Diarrhea are the indications of inflammation caused due to shortage or excess of water, FATs and sugar. Constipation can be relieved by increasing the sugar consumption, FATs and water. Everyone would admit that. But everyone is so scared and misinformed today that no one dares to use these. They will rush to doctors, who will give these things in the form of medicines or syrup and will not disclose the basic facts. That is nothing less than a crime.


  1. I have more than 10 years of experience with water intake and constipation. A person who drinks less water will have constipation which can be easily cured by increasing water intake. But after some time constipation returns. A person who had not been drinking enough water for a long time, compromises his capability to ingest water and hence any water after that limit will cause inflammation (read constipation here).


  1. A person who is put on cholesterol lowering drugs will have upset stomach and constipation. As a matter of practice when a person is put on cholesterol lowering drugs he is given laxatives and gas medicines. After 10-20 years constipation does not bother the person. His body gets used to the changes. But causes other ailments (read high blood sugar) because of compromised intestines. Intestines stop digesting FATs after few years and cause strokes and heart attacks.


  1. Body builders consume 1/3 of the total calorie intake in the form of carbs while preparing for body building contests. That is about 1000 plus calories. That reduces the fat considerably. The bulk of the body that they build is the result of inflammation. That causes considerable problems in the joints and is a matter of concern for most of the body builders. Excess / shortage of everything is bad.


  1. Coming to shortages. 90% of Diabetics do not consume any sugar or restrict sugar and carbs to a great extent. Recent studies say that it is harmful for the heart muscles. Diabetics suffer from cervical and sciatica pains often. Diabetics suffer from foot ulcers. As per recent Research all the brain problems (Schizophrenia, MS, other auto-immune disorders) are the result of ulceration of the nerves. The ulceration of the nerves and nerve pain is due to shortage of sugar and FATs.


  1. Over the last 30 years or so there is so much of mis-information about sugar and FATs. People have stopped consuming minimum amount of healthy amounts of sugars and FATs and the predictions are that every disease is spreading many fold and in next few years will result into more health care costs.


  1. Coming to personal experiences. My mother and father, both are aged 80 years. Both had gangrene initial phase last year (2014). Doctors opined that it will not be possible to get rid of the gangrene easily. My mother is diabetic and my father is not. In fact my father had perfect controlled blood sugar. His blood sugar will always be in the region of 80 to 100. No significant changes in blood sugar irrespective of sugar consumption. My father had sepsis, CKD stage 5, prostate initial stages, poor bladder control, hypertensive, severely constipated, on medication for epilepsy for last 20 or more years, he was diagnosed with Encephalopathy in June 2014 with permanent damages to the brain.


  1. Both my mother (who is on insulin 3 times a day for last 20 years) and my father who is not diabetic are consuming sugar (raw) every day since last 6 months. Gangrene has disappeared in both. My mother used to have severe cervical pains. That has disappeared. Both get better sleep today. Constipation of my father is gone. He is without any medication for seizures (epilepsy) for last 6 months.


  1. Besides sugar intake my father uses the water routine mentioned on the home page often. My mother who is diabetic cannot follow the water routines properly due to history of diabetes and no sugar intake for more than 30 years now.


  1. My father’s Encephalopathy is gone. His brain is functioning perfectly.


  1. In people with all these problems, wrong intake of foods etc, compromise their ability to metabolise these foods considerably. So the option for them is to take sugar and other things in very small doses. Quantities that their bodies can digest.


  1. In some people who consume high amount of sugar, FATs and water, the similar problems will be there. That can also be corrected by restricting the sugar, FAT and water intake and spreading the same over the entire day.


  1. Keep checking back for more info.

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