Skin Cancer – Black Skin

Skin Cancer – Black Skin

The research says that black skin is in response to skin cancer that can be caused due to exposure to UV rays.

This is the way research people work. Black skin is caused due to use of artificial oils, soaps and detergents. Black skin is still around and skin cancer is also around. Skin cancer is increasing. if millions of years back the people developed a protection system from skin cancer there would have been no skin cancer today.

People use oils and aromas to get relief from sun. But it worked the other way.

This week one more man reported relief from skin tanning after stopping use of soaps. he also stopped drinking tea. His response was that every one known to him is surprised to see his face now. Every one has commented on his skin tone.

Initially his response was of complete disbelief. Today he is excited like hell.

Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

Dehydration Symptoms – Increase in Urine frequency

For last 20 days my water intake (which is usually my total fluid intake) was 1-2 glasses in 24 hours. After this my lost control on my bladder. My urine frequency increased significantly. And I could not hold to it once there was even a thought of urine pressure. I had to literally run to ease off. My urine output was substantially more than my fluid intake.

So I increased my water intake to about 12 glasses of water a day for 2 days. The urine frequency increased with the increase in water. But urine output did not increase in proportion to increase in water intake.

After 2 days I started getting control on my bladder.

This happens only in the initial phase of dehydration. Even if a person gives up water for 24 hours, there is substantial increase in urine output after about 15 hours. In this phase the dehydration should be controlled. Otherwise there could be irreversible damage to the vital organs.

The reason

In case of dehydration, the cell starts giving up fluid to maintain the blood acid levels. That is why urine output is more than fluid intake. Beyond a point the dehydration causes serious damage to the tissues and cells.

This is also the reason for prostate cancer and other late age urination problems.

Calcium supplements weaken the bones

Calcium supplements weaken the bones

My father was a government employee and had the facility of CGHS. We used to get free medicines. We used to read that calcium makes the bones stronger.

Every time the doctors used to give lots of calcium tablets. The idea of being strong used to drive me crazy. I used to eat too much of calcium tablets.

By the time I was 20 year old I started having bone problems. I used to have back aches. I used to have low blood pressure. By the time I was 40 I was told that I have severe osteoporosis. I was shocked. I used to feel extreme pain in my knuckles even if there is a slight impact.

About a year ago I read that GNOME scientists have found that there is a molecule in our body which controls excretion of calcium and sodium in our urine. And they concluded that excess of sodium is too bad for our bones. In case we have excess of sodium then calcium will also be excreted. I laughed at the conclusion.

I reversed my osteoporosis by increasing my salt intake. Today I have normal bones. I have no osteoporosis.

Now when I look back, I realise the real reasons are as under –

High calcium intake caused higher then normal sodium excretion. So I had low Blood Pressure. But I never realised. I had no serious symptoms of that. When I increased my salt intake excess calcium was excreted from my body and my bones became alright.

White wash is pure calcium. We need to peel off the white wash when we need to apply the white wash again. The same way our bodies must excrete calcium before they can use the calcium for bones again. When there is build up of old calcium in the body the bones stop absorbing the calcium and there is calcification in the body affecting bones, heart, kidneys (I had kidney stones 3 years in a row) liver etc. We need to have perfect mix of calcium and water for white wash to last longer. Same is true for bones as well.

Heal Spur-Painful Conditions

Heal Spur-Painful Conditions

My school time friend had painful condition. The doctors told him that one of the blood vessels is under pressure and hence the pain. He was advised physiotherapy.

After 15 days of treatment he had no relief from pain. He continued to wriggle in pain all these days he was under treatment.

Luckily he got in touch with me after coming back from hospital. I spoke to him. He had no idea why his blood vessel is under pressure and what type of treatment could be effective.

I took 2 minutes and explained to him the reason for the pain and treatment. A brief of discussion is as under:

There is a thin layer of fibre covering all our body. With age and some other factors this layer shrinks. That causes some of the blood vessels to come under pressure. On the point of pressure the blood accumulates and then there is some leakage. Whenever the muscles in the adjoining area moves the blood clot moves around and causes pain.

The treatment involves stretching the thin layer of fibre called fascia. For this face the wall. Put both hands on wall at shoulder height. Keep one foot 6 to 9 inches away from wall. Keep second foot 3-4 inches behind the first foot. Lean against the wall keeping knee, hip and back in one straight line. That will put mild pressure on the fascia stretching a bit. Do this for 15-20 times in a day for 10-15 seconds each time.

Take care not to stretch too much. The clot should not cause bleeding in the adjoining area. Slow and study approach relieves pain in 24 to 48 hours.

After 48 hours my friend is free of all pain.

Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey

Bed Wetting Survey – Links bed wetting to other diseases / conditions –

  • Cold and Cough – This is fluid imbalance. Warm and saline water irrigation is suggested to patients. Salt is also indicated in fluid imbalance.Bed Wetting Survey
  • Sinus – The above note applies here as well.
  • Poor Eye Sight – Dry eye syndrome. Eczema has been shown to have similar problems as eye muscles. The water routines help in curing eczema in 48 hours. So it can be concluded that poor eye sight can also be improved to a large extent by bring perfect fluid balance.
  • graying of Hair – Nothing to say at this point of time.
  • High / Low Blood Pressure – Concerns fluid.
  • High / Low Blood Sugar – Concerns thirst and frequent urination (Fluids)
  • Heart diseases – Caused due to high blood pressure and blood sugar. Fluids again.
  • Stroke – Heart diseases and high blood pressure causes stroke. Fluid again.

Bed wetting could be reducing the life span by at least 20 years.

Please pass on this message to as many people as possible and encourage them to take part in the survey.

To take part in the survey click here

Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old

Bed Wetting in 17 year old – Yesterday I spoke to a person whose daughter of 17 years used to heavily wet the bed till 15 years of age. He gave various medicines for several years. But none of the medicines were of any help. I asked the gentleman whether his daughter has the following conditions –Bed Wetting in 17 year old

  • Poor eye sight
  • Respiratory problems – frequent cold and cough, sinus etc.
  • hair graying problems.
  • Kidney stones or other issues

He reported that his daughter has severe sinus and hair growing problems.

I myself was bed wetter in my younger days. I had kidney stones at 40 years for 3 years in a row. My hair were gray by thte time I was 20 year old.

I used to have severe cold and cough problem with light sinus problems when I was young.

Bed Wetting is a signal of poor hydration system of the body. The cells stay dehydrated for long periods of time. For perfect hydration the body must experience frequent dehydration coupled with frequent hydration. Either of them by themselves is bad.



Itching is due to loss of natural skin oil. Itching lotions contain steroids. Steroids reduce fluids in skin and hence are harmful and cause impotency among people.

Some more links to read on Itching.

Got serious itching after using these steroids..

do steroids cause itching’?

Topical steroids can reduce itching, but they reduce blood flow to the skin, resulting in thinning of the skin and increased susceptibility to injury.

Itch Lotions Are Topical Steroid-Free Treatments


Itching Ointments Promote Impotency

Itching Ointments Promote Impotency

We all use Itching Ointments without reading the inserts.

Do you know that Itching ointments contain steroids. That the long period use of Itching Ointments cause impotency?

Yes the ointments cause impotency. So that can not be the real cure. These ointments are not the real solutions. The body heals up against use of these ointments in most people and hence regular use is needed.


Heart Attack – Stroke – Blood Pressure

Heart Attack – Stroke – Blood Pressure

Heart Attack – Stroke – Blood Pressure

  • These are caused due to excess of fluids in the body.
  • In winters our skin becomes dry because our body stores less water (fluids).
  • In winters our body stores less water is also evident in more urine frequency.
  • The first line of treatment of High Blood pressure is diuretics which increases the urine output to control blood pressure.
  • Salt has two way responses. Initially salt causes lesser urine frequency but more urine output. Later salt acts to retain fluids.

Why we can not control the blood pressure initially by reducing our fluid intake.

Itching Treatment Natural

Itching Treatment Natural

Itching is caused due to excess of fluids in the area of itching. So the medicine treatments focus on reducing the fluids from the effected area. This is done by Antihistamine and steroids. Excess of fluids is caused due to some external impact (accident), scrubbing, bruising. Application of acidic soap and use of detergents also cause excess of fluid in that area.

But the best form of reduction of fluids is to restrict the fluid intake (restricting the fluid intake).

  • Itching treatment consists of Antihistamin or Steroids medicines.
  • Wikipedia Link  is  -
  • A variety of over-the-counter and prescription anti-itch drugs are available.
  • Some plant products have been found to be effective anti-pruritics, others not.

Non-chemical remedies include cooling, warming, soft stimulation. Cooling also reduces the fluid build up in the area. warming or heating works by killing bacteria. Heat impacts the bacteria growth and is similar to antibiotics.

Topical antipruritics in the form of creams and sprays are often available over-the-counter. Oral anti-itch drugs also exist and are usually prescription drugs. The active ingredients usually belong to the following classes:

  • Antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
  • Corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone topical cream, see topical steroid
  • Counterirritants, such as mint oil, menthol, or camphor[18]
  • Crotamiton (trade name Eurax) is an antipruritic agent available as a cream or lotion often used to treat scabies. Its mechanism of action remains unknown.
  • Local anesthetics such as benzocaine topical cream (Lanacane)